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Why Green Book won Best Picture Oscars 2019?

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Green Book has clearly won the Best Picture – 91st Academy Awards, 2019 as the night ended. The way it has won the award has shown that the Academy is changing while it is retreating to comfort the familiar people. Oscars is one of the biggest award competition that people look forward to, so that numerous awards are given to women and as well as people of color while neglecting films that are acclaimed throughout. Green Book is nothing but a safest choice that the Academy has made, but however it is highly enjoyable at the same time a not so impactful movie. This is why it is evident that the Academy has decided to support the over racism in the name of abolishing racism in the first place. Green Book has been a movie that the Academy has tried to reward in various forms in numerous terms while taking us back to 1947. The whole aim of the movie is to create the anti-semitism awareness and is adapted on Gentleman’s Agreement, the movie that has already won three Oscars. This 1947 movie has a premise where the journalist pretends to be Jewish to check if people are going to treat him in the worst way possible.



This perspective of the movie is not just to bury the Green Book, but retrospecting it while respecting it for not being as bad as some of the nominees that has happened this year. The process involved in choosing the Best Picture by the Academy is not simple. It has many broad consensus picks rather than just rewarding the most daring and repulsive movies. Therefore, it is clear that Green Book doesn’t have the ability to beat the challenging movies and is just a blandest winner since 2006 or 2011 when the Best Picture has been awarded to Crash or The Artist, respectively. I have seen far more worse movies like Green Book. As mentioned however, I have seen worse nominees than the winning one, but let’s see how the Academy acts. We have Roma, right in the plate with everything stitched so beautifully. Then we have Black Panther, but I guess Academy doesn’t want the superhero films to win. We have BlacKkKlansman which is also right there. Then what’s this concept of confirming to the over familiar idea that we have to beat the bigotry and keep making safe choices so that everyone in the world will not raise a single world. Good grace?



At a level, Green Book is a movie about how small work should the Hollywood liberals do in order to be listed as the best movie that’s out there. Through the season, it has seemed like the actors kept associating with Green Book while inoculating them from the criticism of the movie especially from a white centric point. They have tried to prompt and bring the audience from the political as well as the racial spectrum. There are only a couple of non-white people that are in the movie corner from the day it has been started i.e Octavia Spencer, the executive producer of the film who is a black woman. Apart from that, is the most recognized person Mahershala Ali, who has already won Oscar before once for the Best Supporting Actor and now has won it again.An easier answer that is given to the popularity of Green Book is that, the white folks have let the hook off and felt responsible for the crushing impact of the systematic racism which is existence for decades. I think it is true that the racism is existing but in the genre of movies like Driving Miss Daisy where the black people are good-hearted, saint like and teach prejudice to white people, Green Book has nothing new to offer except inviting people to embrace each other.

Another interesting thing about films of this type is that all of them are rooted in 1950s and 1960s, even when we are travelling fast ahead in the civil rights era. According to most of the people who have watched Gentleman’s Agreement, it is not at all a great film. It is just a contemporary tale which has established the base for other racist movies to follow the steps. Movies like Green Book have been relegating racism to its existence while making it a bigger problem to even accept and deal with. You can also see why abolition of racism seems alluring to the white people.The idea of Green Book being extremely congratulatory is easier for the white folks. The people of other color therefore who have loved Green Book are not limited and to few, it is just a movie which should be supported at the award shows so that they can be considered as good human beings. These type of people and critics are scattered through the industry while increasing the diversity of the Academy membership. Despite all the things that are happening, I believe that an Academy will always be the Academy at the heart even when things are changing and that it will always be a sucker for good films.



This is why it is important to interpret the win of Green Book, because of the surrounding parameters. It is a movie which situates all the problems that kept happening in the past and when it reaches the time to solve it, it won’t look through this problem via the broader lens. It doesn’t have any effort that is made to suggest the dangers of power imbalances or that it is not morally or ethically right to support oppression. It suggests that the prejudice is a one-one relationship which it is, at times but that’s not all. Racism shall be viewed in a bigger context and a solution shall be given to it which would have made the picture better than it already is. If the director has tried to represent collective psychology with individual psychology, he has failed to display it properly because there ain’t a frame in the movie where I felt that it is condemning racism in the purest form.

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