Why Captain Marvel Punches the Old Lady? – Captain Marvel Strengths and Weaknesses

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Marvel has managed to release the first trailer of Captain Marvel to awe people. With the tagline that says, “Higher, Farther and Faster”; this first glimpse has enhanced the pulse of the audience by giving the fans, everything they have expected. While most of them have speculations about Brie Larson, being Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel; her eyes in the trailer has managed to give all of them, a solid answer. According to MCU, the movie is set in the 1990s which is why most parts of the trailer offer us shots of the Marvel institutions. As a Marvel fan, the most exciting part of the trailer is the glimpses of young Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and young Nick Fury (Mother Fucker, Samuel L. Jackson). CGI has managed to apply the youth serum on these faces. We also got a glimpse of Jude Law, whose character is not yet known and is expected to be the villain. Apart from him, we also saw Minn-Erva, a member of Starforce.

Captain Marvel – Introduction:

Captain Marvel is an upcoming superhero film of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The reason why it has got such a huge popularity is that it is the first female based Marvel super film and also after the release of Avengers: Infinity War; it is probably the only film that can build a hope in the audience about the universe. The film is produced by Marvel Studios while being distributed to Walt Disney Studios. It is the 21st film of the universe, written and directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden. The screenplay of the movie has been done by a huge team including Nicole Perlman, Liz Flahive, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Meg LeFauve, and Carly Mensch. After learning about Brie Larson, starring in the title role; I was not very convinced. I had this image of a molested mother who wanted to protect her kid in ‘Room’. But, the trailer has given me more than what I expected.

The Marvel has told us that Captain Marvel will be seen fighting on the earth, after the intergalactic fight between two alien planets. The trailer confirms the same. It narrates to us the story of Carol and Earth, who are caught in the middle of a galactic war between the Kree and the Skrulls. Therefore, you will be finding more connective tissues in the movie. Carol, according to Fury will be shown as a renegade soldier who happens to be in an accident. As a result, she will be suffering from amnesia without being able to recall her own identity or who is supposed to be. While we have to wait till 9th March 2019; the movie can fill all the blanks if we watch the trailer. Marvel has dropped some major clues about the original story of Carol along with a few comic book references. While it is easy to think about, writing a story which can interlink her with all the Avengers will be extremely difficult for the Marvel studious which is why it is worth the time and effort.

Marvel Studios have begun the development of the film, back in 2013 and ever since they have been working on it. The film is officially announced in 2014, to be the first female superhero movie. When you have seen the movie, the first thing that you notice is that Captain Marvel is absolute savage. One of the most awesome moments in Captain Marvel is when she has hit the old lady on the bus. While it was shocking to even watch, the gray hair meemaw seems to be a hit, evil. Carol’s fist meets her face, creating a blatant humor. This sucker punch seems something that all the Marvel superheroes are super good at. I guess, Carol seems something beyond the exterior appearance, including the audience. This old lady seems to be a Skrull, an alien race who has the ability to shape shift.

Skrulls are known to have the power of spying and infiltrating people onto their enemies. So, there is a high possibility that the old lady is a Skrull. The other possibility is that maybe one who is looking like Carol is a Skrull who loves to punch old ladies around. We never know! The shot, however, tells us that Carol can destroy Skrulls, which is important for Nick Fury. Marvel, however, did not show us the aim behind the Villain/Skrulls who fight in the movie. However, their enemies are known to Kree; with whom Carol shares a bond. There is one extremely brief scene that we can see in the trailer where a Skrull body is examined. Nick Fury along with the other two characters are shown in their younger ages. It is an absolute delight to watch young Samuel Jackson in the show!

Powers of Captain Marvel:

In all the comic books, we see Carol Danvers being granted powers like flying, super strength. This character shares similarities with Superman of DC universe. However, it is shown that she receives all of these powers because of the explosion of a Kree device. While there are no rules that the movie should follow, there are a couple of things happening in this arc that we haven’t seen in the comic books. Whether it’s the past, the present or the future; there are scenes in the trailer which might get reflected the origin story of Carol. Therefore, it is sure that we are in for many amazing things.

As a NASA officer, Carol is known for various investigations made by Skrulls, Kree in order to infiltrate the Kennedy Space Center. She is also responsible for disrupting the American space program. In the midst of the battle between Mar-Vell and Yon-Rog, she gets confronted with the Psych-Magnitron, a device which could turn imaginations into reality. Carol has always envied the powers of Mar-Vell and as a result, the machine gets responded by re-writing her DNA. In this process, she turns into a Kree-human hybrid, acquiring powers that are similar to Mar-Vell. After this, she is referred to as Ms. Marvel and she also fought along with Mar-Vell to heal the world.

Her career has been cut short when Rogue, the Evil Mutant of Brotherhood attacks her and drains her from all her memories and as well as powers. There are numerous sequences that we can see in the trailer where she is shown as someone who doesn’t remember who she is. It takes years for Carol to recover from her ordeal but she finally gets up from her hibernation and achieves her dream. She manages to explore the space and travels far away from the Earth. During this period, she becomes cosmically powered as she goes by the name, Binary. The Binary powers get faded over the time leaving her with her amusing abilities. Carol, then returns to Earth and wants to join the Avengers. Years later, after the disappearance of Mar-Vell. She becomes Captain Marvel to tribute her mentor. Her prominence grows exponentially and is now, the most popular leader in the world.

Carol Danvers is known to be in an excellent shape before she transformed herself by the machine. After being reflected it, she was pushed to the human fitness form with the new DNA. Her powers include stamina, strength, durability, flight, and agility; bringing immunity even towards dangerous poisons and toxins. Carol also is known for her seventh sense which gave her precognitive flashes of future. The power that has been manifested gets faded away on the larger context. During her time as a binary, Carol has a connection to the while hole which has allowed her to generate gravity, radiation which allows her to travel in space without any spacesuit.

The majority of the powers are lost but she still has the ability to absorb energy, fire blasts in her hands. If Carol is exposed to any form of energy, her powers will have the power to reemerge. The weakness of Carol Danvers is Michael Rossi. Not only her mentor, her lover; he worked with Ghazi Rashid, a terrorist who has tortured and tormented Carol during a mission. Rossi also admitted that he has been grooming Carol in order to be his mole for the Air Force operations. He also betrayed her and delivered to Rashid, because of Norman Osborn. After being enhanced with his own powers, Carol managed to attack him. Captain Marvel has foes like Ronan, Yon-Rogg, the Supreme Intelligence, Doctor Eve and Doctor Minerva (Most of them are from the Kree origin). Shi’ar and Deathbird have been a nemesis for Carol, while M.O.D.O.K, Moonstone, and Mystique has been sharing a long history with her. When Carol was abducted, Marcus (Son of Immortus)) has struck Carol with his sense of love and manipulated her, into loving him after abducting her. Carol also has many reasons to hate Rogue. Before joining X-Men, Rogue drains Carol of her everything. Therefore, our stance towards her gets softened. During the war of Avengers with X-Men, Carol comes across Rogue and can never forgive him for turning her into something else.

The link between Captain Marvel and Avengers Infinity War:

It’s during her espionage, Carol makes friends with Nick Fury, Wolverine and Ben Grim. She then aligns herself with the agent even when they are on the opposite sides. After adopting her Ms. Marvel identity, she becomes friends with the Spider Woman, Wonder Man and as well as Jessica Jones. Carol is also an inspiration for the current Ms. Marvel, played by Kamala Khan. When Carol is in charge of the Operation, she mentors Spider-Girl while working with Machine Man. Carol joins the Starjammers, the Ultimates, A-Force and Guardians of Galaxy while forging relations. At a point, Carol also shares a romantic relationship with James Rhodes till his death. Recently, Carol acts as a commander of the Alpha Flight with three members and Abigail Brand.

In the comic books, Avengers have saved the universe on the multiple occasions. In 2015, Carol has teamed with the Black Panther and other superheroes acting as the Ultimates. Ultimates, a team is tasked with cosmic threats. The outfit of Captain Marvel is designed in the lab to take Thanos on. There are plenty of comics that are precedent for the Carol Danvers, facing towards the end of the Infinity War. Marvel has been coy about Captain Marvel with this movie. The trailer sets the table for the backstory, as a woman who is in Air Force but is then a spirited away to the alien civilization. Based on the comic character that has appeared first in 1968, the story follows Carol Danvers, as she is one of the most powerful heroes on the Earth caught in the galactic war between races. The film is set in 1990, where ‘Captain Marvel’ is a new-adventure film from a previous period of MCU altogether.

The movie has been set in 1990 where Carol Danvers is in the middle of the conflict. Therefore, she has to avoid all the potholes and therefore her absence till now is a bit complex to happen. However, the real difficulty lies in linking the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her story. According to the comics, she is known to show up on the Earth in the ’90s, where people will be constantly asking her where she is and what she has been doing. The Chitauri invasion is, however, yet to be decided to be shown in the movie or not. An interesting thing about the movie is that you won’t see her resetting the events of the Infinity War. According to Todd VanDerWerff; all the new films like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 have primarily isolated stories just like Captain Marvel. Therefore, at some point, you will see this pattern holding between the events. We all are anxious to see how she is going to turn the events upside down and fight Thanos.

That being said, Captain Marvel is one of the most interesting films that you will witness in the next year as it not only sets the base for the Avengers Finale but also introduces too many new characters of the Marvel Universe that we haven’t known existed.

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