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What is Bandersnatch? Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Review on Netflix!

What is Bandersnatch? Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Review on Netflix!
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What is Bandersnatch?

A Bandersnatch is initially a fictional figure that has appeared in a novel written by Lewis Carroll back in 1872. With all the hype it has been getting in the Netflix new movie, of the Black Mirror series, people are curious about knowing what exactly it is. The initial works of Bandersnatch did not describe the outlook of it in great details. In the poem, ‘The Hunting of the Shark’, it had snapping jaws and a longer neck making it look like a monster. So why did Netflix/Black Mirror guys’ name the new movie Bandersnatch?

Bandersnatch Book by Jerome F Davies:

After watching the movie made by Black Mirror series, the fans are in search of Aberdeen City libraries in order to get the Bandersnatch book that appeared in the movie. The plot reveals that the protagonist is making a video game based on the Bandersnatch book with the same name, written by Jerome F Davies. This news has taken the internet by storm and people started searching for this book only to know that this book is fictional. This fictional drama has been started on Channel 4 and has been taken by Netflix after the incredible hype it got. Written by Charlie Brooker, all the episodes of the series have some dystopian plots that can bring chills down your spine. The unique selling point of the new episode Bandersnatch is that it is new age storytelling. Just like a video game, it allows the users to view the story based on the options they make. The episode is known to have five different endings with the longest path of 5 hours.

Adventure Books and Movies:

The idea of choosing your own adventure is based on the adventure books that became popular in the 1980s. The readers can choose what a character can do and then turn to the relevant page in order to see what has happened. Bandersnatch has the same concept of choosing your own adventure though there is no existence of such a book. The reason why people are so drawn to Bandersnatch is that it is an interactive shell that captures the gaming industry of the contemporary world and blends it with the media streaming platform to make it exciting for people to explore. As a science fiction film, it is a project that reflects the technology of decades in the making.

Bandersnatch – New Age Storytelling:

The art of storytelling is changing and movie viewing will never be the same after watching the online experimental episode that Netflix has released in Bandersnatch. This movie is not only hyper experimental but it has got the key ‘choose the adventure’ element that makes you feel that you are both playing a video game and as well as watching a movie. The Black Mirror show is known for highlighting the horrors of the technology in all of the episodes. It has become a big hit among contemporary fans because of the same reason. However, Unlike the previous season, the black mirror took the game and leveled it up by launching the movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in order to satiate the expanding fan base.

Bandersnatch is all about creating a unique ‘never seen before’ event that gives its viewers the control to change the plot, subplot, passwords, music, food and of course the ending. It introduces a new way to experience the movie while giving you multiple paths and multiple endings. The film feels like a maze of plot and subplots leading us to various scenes with many versions. Like a maze of plots, it also gives you the chance to interact with the characters and in return, the protagonist reciprocates diligently. After watching Bandersnatch, you are destined to question your own sanity because you are not sure if you are making decisions on your own or being controlled by someone else.

Bandersnatch is a creative masterpiece of our generation and undoubtedly one of the most talked about experiments in modern cinema viewing. Unlike a usual movie which tells a linear story a sometimes a non-linear one, Bandersnatch is full of paths that you will keep walking in. Delving deeper into the audience, it gives you the power to select scenes, go back to another timeline, move into some parallel universe and all sorts of things that you would actually desire. You are totally in charge of this movie which was definitely made to shock the audience. There are some magical movements that would make you feel as if you’re the creator. The interesting thing about Bandersnatch is that it never ends. It will take you on the ride of your life and it is euphoric to watch the things are actually being controlled by you.

Bandersnatch – Power of Choice:

From the power of choosing the breakfast for the protagonist choosing your favorite album, Bandersnatch will immerse you in its universe. Now, what if Bandersnatch experiment becomes a reality in movie theatres? What if you can control the scenes in the movie and everyone gets to watch whatever they desire? What if customized movie viewing becomes a reality? Netflix created the space which previously only existed in video games and children books. It is a big leap taken which will consequently open up many other dimensions in the filmmaking space. The movie is creating major room for discussions, worldwide. It is generating a huge buzz among the citizens and presently ruling the world of memes. Bandersnatch being the first in the genre of interactive movies will go down in history as one of the bravest items to change the movie viewing, altogether.

Bandersnatch follows the life of a young programmer named Stephen, who is very obsessed about making an interactive video game based on the novel with the same name. The book belongs to his mother who, he is not sure whether has read the book or not. In order to make this video game happen, Stefan wants to work with the real British video game company, titled Imagine Software. Imagine software is a real video making company, which tried to build the Bandersnatch game back in the 80s and has gone bankrupt because of it. Netflix will not go bankrupt because Bandersnatch is indeed a fun experience which is a juxtaposition of fantasy and horror. It might turn dark at few places but it will give you an illusion of free will making you feel that you are making the choices.

Even the people who are not very interested in video games can get into the spirit of the plot because of the characters. Netflix has designed the movie in a way that after making the choices, you will be directed to the plot within 10 seconds. Some choices in Bandersnatch are very minor like when the dad asks what you want for breakfast. On the other hand, some choices are extremely major where you decide whether Stephen will live or die, whether he will not fight or run, whether he will kill his dad or not. All of these decisions will take you on a different path, where you will reach the conclusion that might end abruptly. You also have the option of exploring all the paths and see if they have turned out in a different way after ending in one. This the most brilliant stroke because most of us are very curious about what’s lying in the other paths and Netflix has taught of it in again a brilliant way.

Bandersnatch – Illusion of Free will:

The audience is given the illusion of free will as we can make you choices provided at intervals. But, this illusion will not last forever as things start to unveil. Towards the end, it becomes clear that Netflix seeks you to make choices in the way that it wants. Sometimes, it even will tell the viewers that it’s a wrong choice and that you have to take another choice. But for an edition of its first kind, a maze structure is a great start. In this movie, some paths are very short and thin while ending abruptly where you’ll get a review for the game. On the other hand, some paths are long where you will be asked to go back and take a different turn so that you can have a different ending. The other paths will take you all the way to the maze while keeping you in the loop so that you can see all the alternate endings. This might be frustrating to some of the audience, while it can get completely enthralling to others. Bandersnatch has a balance between the interactive control and the vision of the creator which is why it turned out to be impressive. Even as the first foray in the interactive filmmaking medium, Netflix has taken the challenge well and created a new window that we have not known before. Bandersnatch is everything that you can hope for and place the cash on because somewhere in the future, the race of the film technology will start an interactive medium is one of many that you will not want to lose focus on. Overall, Bandersnatch is an astonishing view that you don’t want to miss.

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