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Best 7 Virtual Reality Films Streaming on Netflix to Watch!

Best 7 Virtual Reality Films Streaming on Netflix to Watch!
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Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most modern technologies that has taken the internet by storm. It is something way more than just a visual gimmick which enables the gamers to enter into a new world altogether. In fact, the VR origins have nothing to do with the gaming because it is usually introduced to differentiate the reality with the illusion.

The idiosyncratic French playwright Antonin Artaud first conceptualised the idea that illusion didn’t have to be different from reality, an idea that would shape the core tenets of VR in the years to come. It was Morton Heiig’s ‘Experience Theatre’ realised through the ‘Sensorama’ in the 1950s that would be the first to engage all the human senses in an effective manner.

The Virtual reality has been taken to other level and the precursors of the technology is being materialized through the works of Ivan Sutherland, Bob Sproull and Douglas Engelbart. With time to time, VR’s usage is being increased in giant toy accessories, flight simulation, aeronautics and in case studies like ‘Power Glove’ by Mattel. Atari has been the first company to inset VR into the games so that the gaming world can be elevated to an entirely new level. The prominence in the gaming has been fuelled by the invention of Oculus VR just for $2 billion back in 2014. During the same month, Sony has come up with a new VR initiative titled as “Project Morpheus”. Project Morpheus has later turned to be the PlayStation VR, another console that has virtual reality enabled it. The gamers who already own playstation and the ones who are familiar with it has started seeing it as just another component and the success turned blatant. But when we compare PSVR to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it is still affordable to the VR phenomenon point and has widespread innovation and accessibility. The price point of the VR set allows the quality to stay the same. The PlayStation franchise has went on developing new and innovative games in order to make it real.

Since the introduction of the VR in the films, the cinema industry has turned out to be more appealing. The previous couple years has given us interesting virtual reality movies that has managed to indulge the viewer into the visual. If you are one of those people who think that IMAX and 3-D movies are unparalleled, you are in for an amusing treat. Here’s a list of Best Virtual Reality Movies for you to watch.

List of Best Virtual Reality Films to Watch:

#1 Trainspotting:

Trainspotting was released back in 1996 but not it has been re-released with the embedded virtual reality, as it is adapted with respect to the 20th century on the Netflix. Trainspotting has been ranked as the 10th best film in the Top 100 British films, according to the British Film Institute. This film follows the stories of heroin junkies, that live in and around Edinburgh. There has been a highly realistic portrayal of the highs, lows, ups and downs, trips, withdrawal symptoms that makes this movie a must-see. The protagonist of this movie is a dysfunctional human being who wants to stay sober in order to look at a new perspective of the film. Danny Boyle, the director of the film wants it to be one of the beat films as it says things about hell, purgatory and beyond.

#2 Jungle Book:

We can literally lose count if we try counting the number of times Jungle Book has been remade. The first time it was made, back in 1967, people got awestruck by the film and it is again remade and released in 2016, by the Disney studios. The CGI and the live action of the film convey us the tale of Mowgli as he is raised in the jungle with the wolf family. Sher Khan, the tiger is the antagonist who wants to kill the man kid posing him as a threat to the animal kingdom living in the jungle. In order to protect himself, Mowgli goes on the various small scale and large scale adventures with various animals. His journey starts as he wants to find his true purpose and Disney’s purpose of recreating the film in order to project advanced live action. This VR movie can also be viewed either on Netflix or through selected IMAX AMC locations in the United States.

#3 11:57:

As the title says, this is a unique movie that will give you the ultimate viewing experience. This film is known for its 360 degree horror storyline, as it is created by Sid Lee. The director has attempted to put the viewer in the primary role to give a sure thriller. The movie is released back in 2014, and is said to be viewed with Oculus Rift that is connected to any computer or smart device. The movie makers have also given the option of downloading it, by making it available at a URL The Vice has claimed that the movie is so rich which is why Facebook did not think twice to pay $2 billion for it.

#4 Zootopia:

Zootopia is a kid friendly movie which revolves around the lives of the animals, as it is released way back in 2016. The film is the 5th highest grosser in the list of animated films that are ever made.  Disney has made this cute movie about the Zootopia city in the form of a 3D computer animated cop film full of comedy. Walt Disney Studios has not only produced the film but also released it as its 55th feature film, directed by Rich Moore and Byron Howard. The story of this film follows the life of Judy Hopps, the police offer as he fights the con artists Finnick and Nick Wilde. Available on Netflix, it can be viewed with virtual reality.

#5 Black Hawk Down:

Black Hawk Down is indeed an incredible film which brings military into reality while incorporating virtual illusion. Ridley Scott is a director who is known for unique storylines and he has dedicated this film to fulfil the vision that the actors had to get trained with special forces in order to fulfil their roles. This movie revolves around a military mission for capturing Mohammed Farrah Aidid only to witness the mission going wrong. The reason why the title is given is because there are two different Black Hawk helicopters that crash while following through the story of Rangers squad standing behind the enemies. The original release happened back in 2001 while the virtual reality has been found on Netflix recently.

#6 Fantasia 2000:

A really older film made by Disney, Fantasia is a 1941 movie which is known for its iconing weaving. Disney has decided to remake it in 2000 to bring the new and delighted scenes. The Disney original has reinvented the masterpiece as a show so that they can add scenes periodically, over the film. When this plan did not work out, they have decided to redo the film by adding a lot of elements to the original that happened in 2000 using new innovations. Together, all of these elements have given a pleasant experience both on visual and audible terms. There are many epic scenes including ‘Pines of Rome’ in the film as they depict the whales which appeared even more stunning through the virtual reality. Find it on Netflix, now.

#7 Enter the Void:

Enter the Void is another intriguing Netflix original that came onto the platform, in 2009. If you observe carefully or ask people who are equipped with the knowledge of virtual reality, they will tell you that this is one of the best VR films that are made. Because of Gaspar Noe, the producer; this film has a hallucinogenic show that appears every now and then. The film is also filmed in the first man perspective as it combines the perspective and the virtual reality together to deliver the outstanding experience. The movie narrates the story of a drug dealer, living in Tokyo who is murdered and betrayed in a drug deal that has gone bad. The soul of the dealer, however, is observed in various things as drug deals go on.

That being said, here’s a list of the best 7 Virtual Reality Films that you can keep you hooked even years after watching it. All you have to do is open Netflix, browse through the films, find the one that sets your mood and watch it on a marathon with your virtual reality headset right away.

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