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Venom Review – This Super villain Tom Hardy has Rambunctious Energy

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Tom Hardy isn’t known for comedy, but this strongly physical performance has a rambunctious energy — it’s as if Looney Tunes’ Tasmanian Devil came to life.

Comic book films have pretty much become the stereotype, given the movies made by DC and Marvel. Therefore, the makers started exploring a new genre by exploiting various elements and creating hybrids. As the Punisher came out, we are pretty much now, adjusted to the fact that the heroes don’t always have to be white. The makers of Tom Hardy’s venom shared the similar ideology and therefore added dark temperament and horror elements to the film in order to give it a new rhythm. Venom has a wonderfully grooved performance by Tom Hardy, who is basically an investigative reporter. However, while he’s on the mission of investigating a controversial firm, he gets invaded by an alien parasite. This takes the viewer to the acclimatization of the supervillain origin filled with quirky designs and wilful elements of impudence putting the film into a relief.

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The story of Venom has a quirky design, a willful display of impudence and few flaws which together put the film into a relief. Venom is a 2018 superhero movie, based on the Marvel comics which have been released with the same name. The reason why Venom has got hype is that it holds an association with Columbia Pictures and Sony, together while starring Tom Hardy. According to the sources, it is supposed to to be the first venture of Sony’s Marvel Universe, in association with Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is going to be made by Ruben Fleischer, with Scott Rosenberg, Kelly Marcel and Jeff Pinkner writing the screenplay for it. Along with Tom Hardy, there is some interesting cast like Eddie Brock, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Reid Scott and Scott Haze in the picture. Brock, played by Tom Hardy in this film gains superpowers after being bound by an alien symbiote where the species invade the earth.

Sony has started to develop this film back in 2007 when the Spider-Man 3 has come into the picture. This character has made debut with this film and after many iterations that happened last year, they decided to create a new film in order to introduce this character in full. According to Marvel, they want to create a new shared universe and therefore, are eager to build backgrounds for every film lately. Sony, interested to excel has possessed the film rights while sharing the Spider-Man: Homecoming world, set in MCU. After a deal between the Marvel Studios and Sony; both Pinkner and Rosenberg were set to write while Hardy and Fleischer joined them in 2017.

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Sony is has released the Marvel adventure on the 3rd of October while it released the movie on 5th of October in the US. It is because of Hardy, the movie is expected to gain certain visibility with the novelty of superheroes in the picture. This is one of the very few times Tom Hardy has experienced with the bay guy-good guy image. According to the comic books, Venom is the nemesis of Spider-Man but this film doesn’t contain him. There are few masked men in both summers and the spring at the multiplex and the introduction of Venom after Ant-Man and The Wasp gave this proposition a major advantage without any competition. However, it still failed to gain the image that it is supposed to gain.

The film is set in San Fransisco and stars Tom Hardy, as the lead. As Eddie, a hard-nosed reporter; he is hell-bent on exposing an Elon-Musk type billionaire and his businesses. Carlton, played by Riz Ahmed is an entrepreneur who is a suspect because of his business practices. However, because of stepping out of the boundaries; Eddie gets fired and Anne, his fiancee dumps him because of his obsession with this entrepreneur. Because of the series of the events, he hits the rock bottom when he gets into contact with the symbiote which was brought to earth by Carlton for his own good. The alien gets attached to Eddie, transforming him into a beast called Venom. Ruben Fleischer has previously made Zombieland where he had shared a fair juxtaposition of both horror and comedy. It is a known factor that the Disney’s films of Marvel boast a comedy vibe, while Fox’s films of Marvel are known for its R-rated action while Sony’s film of Marvel tried to split the difference but only failed to do it.

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In the start, the movie goes in a smoother manner where you think that Fleischer is succeeding in what he’s showing. Thanks to Hardy who has been able to pull off roles like Bronson to The Revenant with an ease. He is not even afraid to play risky and out of the box characters and it is a bliss that we have gotten him in Hollywood. Like Eddie, he starts being a detective who is very concerned about the niceties of the society while pursuing an interesting story. When the beast takes over, Hardy turns into a convulsing beast and a reluctant host; playing hard to justify this dual character. We all know that Hard is not known for his comedy, but because of the humor inscribe in the movie, it is a pleasure to watch the serious actor go unhinged at times, in the movie. Hardy tries to give his everything in order to bring this shenanigan out with an ease by rousing the chase sequences while setting the action pieces here and there.

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While talking about the supporting cast, Ahmed disappoints you every now and then as the tech villain but there are few moments where you will crack up because of the writing. There are plenty of humorous moments between Eddie and his ex, while Williams did not have much to do with the story. The screenplay of the movie has been written in a way to find clever ways to gimmick the invasion of Eddie where he had to battle in order to form a truce with the beast and him. However, despite all these elements; the plot of the movie is not gripping. As a result, Fleischer tried to luxuriate the film with anarchic moves and generic scares. Venom, as a result, turned out to be an exercise in attitude that tested the polite plot of the comic book. While Deadpool succeded to be the antisocial hero, Venom is still the ravenous mouth monster with pointy teeth and ugly eyes. Eddie’s ability to curb this monster did not stand out and it is bad that there is not much behind the snarl of the film.

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