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Top 5 Upcoming Gary Oldman Movies that you must Watch!

Top 5 Upcoming Gary Oldman Movies that you must Watch!
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Gary Oldman is an ancient filmmaker and an English actor who has performed in the theatres. He is also a part of television, film and as well as theatres. Known for the acting style, the versatility and also the plot selection; Oldman is considered as one of the greatest actors in the generation. He has begun acting back in 1979 while doing the theatre plays and has made his earlier performance in the movies back in Remembrance, in 1982 and also in Meantime, back in 1983. He continued his stage career as a lead where he performed at the Royal court, as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company with credits that included ‘Cabaret’ back in 1979.

There are other movies like ‘The Massacre at Paris’ in 1980, ‘Saved’ in 1983, ‘Entertaining Mr. Sloane’ in 1983, ‘The Hamlet’ in 1987 and also ‘The Country Wife’ is in 1987. Her portrayal of Joe Orton and Sid Vicious are projected in an interesting way especially in the films ‘Prick Up Your Ears’ in 1987and ‘Sid and Nancy’ in 1986. Respectively, he has earned him an acclaim that went with him for years and years. He also has gained domestic recognition as a football leader in ‘The Firm’, back in 1989. He also played the title roles in Rosencrantz in ‘Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead back in 1990. It is till JFK, he got an immense popularity as Lee Harvey Oswald in 1991 and as Count Dracula in ‘Dracula’, 1992. He also experienced antagonist roles like ‘True Romance’ in 1993, ‘Air Force One’ in 1997, ‘The 5th Element’ in 1997 and also ‘The Contender’ in 2000. Norman Stansfield, the current DEA agent that he played in ‘Leon: The Professional’ back in 1994 is also ranked as one of the greatest villains and cinemas. He also got an acclaimed reading of Ludwig Van Beethoven in the film named ‘Immortal Beloved’ in 1994.

To the young world, Gary Oldman is known as ‘Sirius Black’ given his Harry Potter series. He has excelled and won hearts as the prodigious God Father who leaves us disheartened with his death. He also played the role of ‘James Gordon’ in the Batman Trilogy as well where he bonds immensely well with Batman. He also plays the role of Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2, which got released back in 2011. Recently, he has played the role of George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which also got released in 2011. He played the role of a human leader in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, back in 2014 and the role of Winston Churchill in ‘The Darkest Hour’ back in 2017; which finally got him the Academy Award for Best Actor.

In addition to the film, he also has written and directed ‘Nil by Mouth’ back in 1997. He has been featured in the film, ‘Fallen Angels’, ‘Friends’ and even ‘Travey Takes On’. He has appeared in various music videos of David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Guns N’ Roses and dubbed for Viktor Reznov in Call of Duty. Among other accolades, he also won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, Screens Actors Guild Award, Critics’ Choice Awards, BAFTA Awards, and other nominations for both Palme d’Or and Emmy Awards as well. The Empire readers have voted him as the recipient of the Empire Icon Award. Therefore, at this point, given the death of Alan Rickman; people are very curious about Gary Oldman Upcoming Films.

#1 The Woman in the Window (2019):

The Woman in the Window is a thriller film which is being directed by Joe Wright and is believed to have an exemptional screenplay. The movie is written by Tracy Letts while starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore in main roles supported by Brain Tyree Henry, Anthony Mackie, and Wyatt Russell. The film is scheduled to release on October 4th, under the supervision of 20th century Fox.

#2 The Laundromat (TBA):

Gary Oldman is also known to be the start of The Laundromat. This is a Steven Soderbergh film which is a drama that revolves around the scandal of Panama Papers. The script of the movie is written by Scott Z. Burns, which is based on the book ‘Secrecy World: Inside the Panama Papers Investigation” written by Jake Bernstein. The book talks about Global Elite and Money Networks. It is a revelation story full of documents and realms from the Panama based firm, known as Mossack Fonseca. All of these leaks are subjected around an anonymous whistleblower with very embarrassing details on money, investment and various trails from the politicians across the world. It is meant to evade the taxes, starring Antonio Banderas and Meryl Streep as well.

#3 Killers Anonymous (2019):

Gary Oldman who has recently won Oscar is acting with Jessica Alba who is now picturing in ‘LA Finest’, the upcoming television series. Both of them will share the screen in this thriller titled as ‘Killerrs Anonymous’, produced by Goldfinch Studious. The cast also includes Sam Hazeldine, Tommy Flanagan, Rhyon Nicole Brown, Tim Mclnnerny, Elizabeth Morris, Michael Socha, MyAnna Buring, Elliot James Langridge, Isabelle Allen, and Elizabeth Morris. The film is shot in many locations in London and Martin Owen will handle the direction department. Based on the script written by Owen, Seth Johnson, and Elizabeth Morris; the film will be produced for Kristy Bell and Goldfinch.

#4 Flying Horse (TBA):

Gary Oldman is also expected to star and direct in Flying Horse, which is a fact-based story. The story revolves around a photographer who helps him in developing the motion picture which has dark moments in it. The script of this movie is also written by Gary Oldman. Flying Horse captures the essence of the story with Edward Muybridge, the photographer who is considered as one of the true fathers of the moving imagery. Coming to the story, Muybridge is a successful photographer back in 1872 who gets confronted by the former Californian governor in order to capture a horse in the motion. His life then gets exploded when he discovers that Flora, his wife is having an affair with the dapper critic, Major Harry Larkyns. His story then turns into a full-fledged story of murder, romance and as well as justice. He kills his wife, his wife’s lover and then gets acquitted on the grounds of homicide.

#5 The Bayou (TBA):

Garry Oldman will also be joining Joey King and as well as Dylan O’Brien in their next venture. This Maze Runner star is all excited about sharing the screen with Gary. It is the first time that Gary Oldman has signed a movie after winning Oscar especially given how he has amusingly performed in ‘The Darkest Hour’. The movie is produced and sold by Millennium Media where O’Brien will be playing the role of a hitman who wants to save the life of a teenage girl from being sold in the ring of human trafficking. The script comes from a Point Break where everything is spoken to us in direct without any interruptions. Natalie Burn and Rob Van Norden are producing the film together.

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