Top 20 Korean Drama on Netflix to watch!

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Everyone is turning towards Netflix for its vast choice of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. Not all the viewers today are aware of the recently released videos and Netflix is a great platform where one can get hold of all the newest videos. The portal just contains everything coming from the horrifying dramas, the enthralling criminal investigations, the never-ending family conflicts to the feverish romance as well. With globalization getting intense day by day, the K-Pop is getting popular with the stronger wave. Korean Dramas are always popular for their extreme cuteness and idyllic stories. It is a truth if we say that the makers of K drama are indeed gifted. There are many popular K dramas that one can find before the Hallyu era even began such as Winter Sonata, Playful Kiss, and Boys Before Flowers. These dramas are known for picking the attention of the audience over the world.

With the era of Netflix being here, it is providing the best Korean drama without overlooking the industry. It has everything from Dream High to the latest Meteor Garden for you to watch. The range that the platform has adapted include Playful Kiss to the Strong Woman Do Bong-soon. Therefore, here’s a list of Top 20 Korean Drama on Netflix to watch! that you should definitely not miss.

Top 20 Korean Drama on Netflix to watch!

#1 Meteor Garden (2018):

This 2018 remake of the predominant Taiwanese 2001 Meteor Garden has been released on Netflix in July. While the first six episodes of the show are made available on 13th July, rest of the episodes are being released two at a time, in a day. According to sources, there are around 44 episodes in the series. Following the same plot as the original, Meteor Garden 2018 gives us a new set of characters as F4. F4, being the famous four in the university are confronted by Dong Shancai, the tomboy. The reason why this show has received 8.6/10 on IMDB is that of its adaption of the characters. While you can’t help but smirk at the lead Doaming Si; this new adaption will make you fall in love with him because he’s nothing but an extremely cute-annoying-brat boyfriend that anyone can have. It is a drama series, which is being loved by teenagers as well as adults. This new rendition is great in each aspect including story, script and even the platform.

#2 Heaven’s Garden (2011):

Revolving around the non-busy streets in a city, this drama shows us to nature, the traditions and as well as the culture of the region. This show is great if you have decided to watch it with your family because it reflects all the broken family relationships, the forgiveness and as well as extremely great performances. This movie has picturesque settings, beauty in every frame and as well carefully embedded characters on every page. A good family show as it is for tears and laughs, this movie puts ethics and emotions before the conventional conflicts that the teenage dramas usually contain. The plot contains a woman who marries someone without the consent of her parents. Later, when her husband is sent to prison; she had to take her daughters and return home in order to gain their forgiveness.

#3 Sassy Go Go (2015):

If you’re looking for one of those super cute high school dramas, then Sassy Go Go is the one for you. Set in the backdrop of a highly competitive school; it has many characters which are misfit and offbeat when compared to the main crowd of the school. Unlike the rich, smart and cool students; these bunches are not eager to study but are eager to dance as if their life is dependant on it. Even though typical, the one thing that keeps the storyline apart from the other dramas is the new age conflict it has. Our story of the series thus manages to bridge the gap between the different groups and ultimately brings them together. A determined and kindhearted heroine manages to sweep his heart away but what goes, in the end, is the unexpected ending. The characters and the narratives in this drama carries a heart so full of all the emotions. Slow at times, it has the ability to catch all the memories with a steady progression in the motion.

#4 Immortal Classic (2012):

The Korean cuisine is known for its exquisite dishes. We all know how much the whole world loves spicy pork ribs. That being said, this movie entirely rotates around the culinary world. Two families who are well known and well acclaimed in the culinary world are pitched against each other for the best title. Obsessed with their passion for cooking, they are set on the tasty battlefield where they face each other with a variety of exuberant dishes. The drama contains revenge, rivalry and as well corruption on equal amounts. However, on the other hand, it manages to bring water into your mouth because of the food that is being prepared. The secret recipes of both the families which are meant to be protected make the drama even more thrilling and exciting. Immortal Classic is a drama full of solid performances and it will entertain you with its unique plot right from the start to the end without a doubt.

#5 Playful Kiss (2010):

Playful Kiss is a wonderful romantic comedy that revolves around Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni. The lead of the plot is a dumb girl who crushes on the most handsome and the smartest guy in her school. When her house gets destroyed in an accident, he moves into his crush’s home to realize that their fathers are friends. The drama further takes you into their relationship through high school, home, college and beyond college where they get married. A little charming drama as it is, the movie has had a great following in the community. Originally, the movie has been made on the manga and therefore, has a tinge of feel about it. The main reason behind the drama being successful is because the girl who does poorly in education gets extremely determined about her career in order to mee the expectations of her crush. While there are few misogynist points about the drama, it makes you happy knowing that love makes people better than what they really are. On the top, this drama is quirky and can bring you wider smiles.

#6 One more time (2016):

For all the fantasy buffs who are extremely eager about watching a romantic drama, this one is explicitly made for you. While this is not everyone’s cup of tea, it sure is a treat for the viewers who are looking for some thrillers. If you’re one of those Opera lovers who love to watch shows like Groundhog Day; then this Korean drama is just made to match up your taste. The plot is of great content that t just fits into your glove. The series stars Yoon So-hee, the infinite member of the band followed by Kim Myung Soo; as an indie band singer. Struck in a loop, he awakens to the same day again and again where he has to save his girlfriend and bring his band to light. Hence the name, one more time is justified through it.

#7 Strong Woman Bong Soon (2017):

As the name suggests, Strong Woman Bong Soon is a series about a woman who has an immense physical strength. As a result, she becomes a bodyguard for living to the eccentric heir. The plot takes a turn when there is a love triangle between the heir, the woman and her longtime friend who now became a police detective. Even though the plot sounds like a thriller, it is a romantic comedy which has elements of crime here and there. The couple will leave you in the air with all the cheesy moments that you will fall in love with them entirely episode after episode. The chemistry between the main lead is the reason why you will want to watch this series. While the strong woman is immensely tiny and cute, the heir is so endearing and he brings out all the humor in her.

#8 Can we get Married? (2012):

It is clearly evident from the title, that this show is about marriage. One can, therefore, guess all the typical elements that this plot contains. With marriage being the central theme of the series, this drama provides you with a lot of romantic scenes blended with comedy and conflict. The series contains a total of 20 episodes and all of them are carefully developed to showcase the behavior of the family. One of the main reasons why people started loving this show is because it shows the complications involved with family and love. The plot revolves around an imposing mother who wants to marry her two daughters off to wealthy grooms. The older sister somehow ends up marrying a doctor, while the younger man is so persistent in marrying an ordinary man by putting her mother in peril. The track between the younger daughter and the ordinary young man is impeccable.

#9 A Love so Beautiful (2017):

A Love so Beautiful is one of the cutest dramas that we can find in this era. It doesn’t contain any obnoxious characters and every character is sketched to stay in the white zone. The story of this series is similar to Playful Kiss (Itazura na Kiss’). The difference between both of them is that the male lead in this show is not a total douchebag like Baek Sung Jo. He has feelings for the female lead but at times, his uninterest dominates it. Halfway through the show, you will find that he has a soft corner for the female lead from the start and the female lead in this show has a backbone, unlike Oh Ha Ni. The plot of the story starts with Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi; who know each other since they are kids. While their parents are friends, Xiao Xi develops feelings for Jiang Chen and starts pursuing him harder every day. While Jiang Chen is cold and brilliant, Xiao Xi is warm and dumb. Now, you can guess where this show is headed.

#10 White Knights (2016):

Most of the people across the world, know this series by the title ‘White Knights’, while the original title gets translated to ‘Night Light’. Now now, this series doesn’t contain the Night King or his so-called Whites anyway. Within the series, we are propelled into the drama where power and money become goals for everyone. All the characters in the show are shown to be tactical and aspiring in order to possess the materialistic grandness. In this world of severe corruption, we see a lot of greed faced by three characters from the beginning to the end. The characters include a coldhearted woman who wants wealth and power in order to establish herself. Her ex-lover whom she betrayed for money, who is a wealthy and free-spirited man. A hire who wants to get rid of poverty and enter into the wealthy background. While all of them have the same ambition, they are shown to cross paths in complicated settings.

#11 Something in the Rain (2018):

Also titled as ‘Pretty Noona who buys me Food’; this is one of a show that revolves around the taboo topic. Not exactly a conventional brother-sister relationship it holds, this series takes us on the journey of Yoon Jin-ah and Jun-hui. A 30-year old single woman who works as a manager for a Coffee Company still lives with her parents finding it impossible to find a man who loves her. Most of the nights, she drinks her troubles with her bestie, Gyeong-Seon. On a particular day, she runs into Jun-hui, the younger brother of Gyeong Seon who comes back to home after studying abroad. Jun-hui eventually ends up working in the same building as his Noona. While they start getting close to each other, things turn with love developing between them which they have to hide from everyone around them.

#12 Last (2015):

As the title says, the plot of the movie is about a last chance that a person gets in his life. It contains the story of a fund manager, whose life gets upside down when he takes a risk. The financial deal that he’s involved in goes undeniably wrong putting his life at the stake. Losing all the money, he is now in the danger where he’s forced to live in the underground areas of Seoul. However, his urge to get his normal life back keeps him up and as a result, he gets adamant about the reason which triggered the failure of the deal. As the plot proceeds, he gets to know that he has to face the hierarchal system of Seoul which is full of rules and also the streets in order to surface in his life. The series has greatly layered characters, exciting violence, enticing thrill and even romance powdered on the top. This show can be binge-watched given its ability to keep you curious.

#13 City Hunter (2011):

A fast-moving show as it is, City Hunter is probably one of the most watched shows in the world. The show has its roots based in the conflict between father and son but it has all the action that you will ever need. The major attraction of the show is the male lead who has the most beautiful eyes that any K-drama actor has ever got. The action in this movie is full of martial arts, cloak and dagger and even gunfights that will be introduced to you in the first episode itself. It also has a lot of thriller elements where the war between good and bad is pretty obvious. The relationships between the characters are drawn in a rigid way that there is a lot of suspense and action blended with extremely real emotions. Based on the manga, the story is about Lee Yoon Sung, a 28-year-old whose life is based on action. Being the only survivor of the attack that killed his father and 20 men; he is only raised to get revenge on those politicians who killed his father.

#14 Man to Man (2017):

In case if you’re looking for a show which is of James Bond type and which contains immense action, then you have come to the right place. Weaved with an intricate storyline, this series is full of romance and humor that balances the action and drama. In one word, this movie has everything under the world that can satisfy the taste of each person. It is well written, well executed and has great scenes throughout. It narrates the story of a secret agent who later becomes the bodyguard of an extremely moody celebrity in order to pursue his undercover missions. Are you a fan of inevitable Bromance? This show is up for you and will make you run around with a lot of love in your eyes. If you ask, what makes the show more than what it already is? Well, it’s the outstanding cast and the beautifully cinematographed action scenes that you do not want to miss.

#15 Oh My Venus (2015):

Oh My Venus is the story of a lawyer named Kang Joo Eun who is smart. While she was young, she was smart but because of the academic pressure, she ends up gaining a lot of weight over the years. I’m Woo Sik, her boyfriend of 15 years dumps her for Oh Soo Jin because she has gained weight. Insulted by it, Joo Eun meets her trainer, Kim Young Ho in order to get back at her ex-boyfriend and also to get in shape with her two friends Joon Sung and Ji Woong. An extremely pleasant watch as it is, the first half of the series is brilliantly executed. You will love watching this show if you’re someone who is not looking for revolutionary content but happy with the smoother storyline. The main couple Joo Eun and Young Ho; being strong and nonsensical will keep you elated. But if you’re looking for something for Boys before Flowers or Meteor Garden, this show might not be very appealing to you.

#16 Who are you? (2013):

Who are You? is a spine-tingling drama that gives you all the thrills that you’re looking for. A Sci-Fi melodrama as it is, it is filled with emotions and therefore has been declared as one of the compelling Korean drams of all time. The story of the series is a bit similar to Master Sun, but the underlying theme of a woman is interesting. Being shot at an incident where her colleague died, this woman wakes up from the coma after six years and can see ghosts. The cops and the detectives make the main people in the show. The acting of the lead is sensational that it gives you a hard time to decide which male lead, you should favor. It’s like plucking the flower; “I’ll take Taec! I’ll take Jae-wook! I’ll take Taec! I’ll take Jae-wook!”. Each time a character is on the screen, they will take everything that is needed for them to shine. Therefore, the show is full of spectacular performances which you wouldn’t want to miss.

#17 Black (2017):

A crime show as it is, this show has a lot of fantasy, suspense, supernatural and gore elements spread all over it. All of them together make the show greater than what it already is. The romance is written in a subtle way that it keeps the show cute and going. A complex thriller, as it is written; the plot keeps a curiosity hidden in you throughout that you will want to binge watch this. While you might miss out on a lot of details at first, you will realize their importance as the show moves on. The twists are exemplary in a way that you can’t find them in any of the K-dramas ever. The performances stand out and the serial murders, the girl who can see death and the possessive detective make you bite your teeth at times. Gripping in every frame, this is a feast for thriller suckers.

#18 Hello, My Twenties! (2016):

This series has two titles, Hello My Twenties! and Age of Youth. While the former sounds quirky and fun, the latter sounds a lot melancholic than it should. However, both of them justify the title given where the characters have to deal with a murder that happened. In both the cases, this show is a lot less like what the poster shows to you and has a lot of surprising elements throughout the episodes. The plot follows the lives of five youngsters who are living in a house. They were initially delighted in being a group who doesn’t have a lot of reason to interact with each other. However, these girls have to deal with a lot of age problems, disappointing boyfriends where they confront a murder. The father of the girl who got murdered holds them responsible for the death and wants to hunt them down to kill them and the plot takes a hike from there.

#19 Stranger (2017):

This Crime drama is a perfect watch for people who are into investigations, murders and thriller content. Titled as ‘Forest of Secrets’, this series contains consistent characters that have three-dimensional characteristics. They effortlessly manage to move the plot forward like the rest of the world. The success of this series is not just confined to its South Korea because of the potential it had. The whole nation followed this story of a cold-hearted prosecutor and warm-hearted investigator who had to team up in order to solve the murders in the corrupted world.

#20 Descendants of The Sun (2016):

This romantic drama is full of plot lines that will confuse you at points. The main theme of the series is a love story between two extremely polar individuals who are entwined in a list of major coincidences. A hit in South Korea, this show has helped the economy and the culture of the country and as a result, has won many awards in Asia. It is even translated into many languages and is remade in some. This fantasy has a lot of adventures and misadventures that make the plot exciting where the two characters are shown in different paths only to merge into one. A love between a sergeant and the soldier, this is something you should definitely watch.

That being said, all of the Korean Dramas on this list ‘Top 20 Korean Drama on Netflix to watch!’ are a treat to watch and you can spend some quality time watching them on the weekend. What are you waiting for?

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