Top 12 Serial Killer Movies Streaming on Netflix

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Serial Killer movies are the best thrillers that I have ever watched. Not only are they interesting but they have a unique perspective in storytelling. They include facts and narratives that make them popular. Despite the popularities, the main characters in these movies are extremely vile. The number one reason behind their popularity is because they are full of darker and deeper stories that connected to some element inside us. This is why we get both entertained and relieved when we watch these shows. At times, we feel better that we are not as crude as them. The mystery behind the mindset of serial killers has been an interesting topic for mankind to discuss given the fascinated stories. Why would anyone kill someone who did not harm them? Well, we never know.

The murders and the incidents of serial killer stories are great to watch which is another reason why it is the most searched word on Netflix. If you’re one of those people who is looking for some real serial killer flicks, well you have come to the right place. We have chosen the best serial killer movies that ever existed and filtered them out to give you the most suitable ones on the carousel. From seasonal monsters to innocuous murderers, this genre has compelling stories with inexplicable characters. They cover a wide range of list with insatiable mutilations, stabs, blood and gore. Here’s the list of top 12 Serial Killers Movies to watch!

List of Top 12 Serial Killer Movies to Watch:

#1 The Silence of the Lambs (1991):

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Anthony Hopkins is still my favorite Hannibal Lecter given how he acted in the Silence of the Lambs. With the horrifying mouth mask, his stare has the ability to rip you naked and persuade you to suicide. There are too many peripheral weapons that are used by this serial killer as he’s on the hunting spree. What makes his character stand out is that he’s also a psychiatrist, labeled as Dr. Hannibal Lecter. With an appetite for flesh, Hannibal Lecter confronts a detective, Clarice, played by Jodie Foster is in charge of all the psychological tendencies and is curious to explore the personality of Hannibal Lecter. However, on a confrontation, he charges into her with all the tendencies while diving deep into her personality making a link that binds them. Clarice uses her expertise to hunt Buffalo Jack, a serial killer who is on the run which leads us to a suspenseful climax. No wonder that you will find yourself falling in love with Antony Hopkins, it is only obvious that you just have a messed up shade in you.

#2 I Saw The Devil (2010):

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‘A serial killer/rapist’s worst nightmare’ is an idle title for this movie, if we have told it in layman’s terms. This story will indeed make you sympathetic about the villain. But, this killer has brought in on himself by messing with the wrong man. I saw the devil is an interesting movie where you see a serial killer taking on the murderer’s wife. Cliche? Well, No! You will be wrong if you try to judge this film before even watching it. I saw the Devil is not just any pretentious movie but one with no remorse at all. It doesn’t wait for the audience to come into terms with it. The line between forgiveness and revenge are clearly shown in the picture as the narrative moves forward to the avalanche of violence transcending the old age concept of having both villain and hero in the story and them exchanging the roles.

#3 Se7en (1995):

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David Fincher has been one of the most intellectual directors that Hollywood has ever seen. Also, he is not a stranger to bring some creepiest characters on the screen and this includes the Manhunters as well. All of his movies are not for character thesis given how they work. Netflix has fought to get this masterpiece to lurk in its dark corner to get people’s attention. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman leads the show while Fincher paints the picture of this serial killer, played by Kevin Spacey. This is one of few movies where you can see Kevin Spacey acting beyond his excellence. In the end, you will get startled with the blood smeared clothes as he walks to the quarters and shouts as a cry, ‘Detectiveee!’ The plot follows a sadistic game where the murderer keeps entertaining himself by using the detectives to succumb to his shenanigan.

#4 Righteous Kill (2008):

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Years after the God Father, we see the two best actors of Hollywood team up again. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino acted together for this drama while one would accept a lot of thrill, suspense, action; it does fit all of the expectations. Righteous Kill is a narrative that has been built on the killer who leaves poetry in each of his murder which is why the name. The murderer in this film is nicknamed as the ‘Poetry Boy’ for his abilities. Another unique thing about this movie is that it just doesn’t revolve around serial killing but also the crimes. The serial killer in this film is a vigilante until there’s a twist at the end which is revealed later to suit the title. Touted widely as a suspense thriller, the audience can just predict the narrative however the climax will enthrall you. While people call it generic and dumb, it is a drama worth watching.

#5 Creep 2 (2017):

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Creep is a cult thriller which is presented to us in the form of a found footage. This film has craziness that can be flaunted for years. Just like Creep, it brings the story of Aaron, which is played by Mark Duplass. As a serial killer, he admits of his murders and hires a cinematographer in order to film all his killings that happen in 24 hours. Aaron keeps playing with her with all the pre-murder elements like games and scares, which is why each moment is scarier than the previous. Creep 2 is brought to us by Blumhous pictures who are known for their works with horror series like Paranormal Activity and Insidious.

#6 I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016):

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A teenage boy is inclined towards the mass murder because of his killing instincts. He believes that he’s a serial killer because of his mindset and inside him, he is this lead in the thriller and his story is going to be great. However, he is born in a mortician family, this is when John realizes that he doesn’t have the empathy which is why there are many nascent serial killer tendencies in him. He then starts on a checklist where he sets some rules which can keep him away from committing other crimes. Favoring his behavioral tendencies, we see him being quick in sleuth when a really crazed killer starts lurking in the town while murdering people. This makes him a detective who can share the empathy with the serial killer as our Will Graham shares with Hannibal Lecter. Highly inspired by Dexter, the series; this movie has many things that can quench the thirst of blood thirst of many synapses.

#7 All Good Things (2010):

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This movie might not be a match to the serial killer genre but with the portentous nature it has got, it still holds a justifiable entry. The film revolves around the lecherous and crazy manipulative who just wants to be rich and stay rich. On the top of that, he’s also a crip who does things for fun. All Good Things is a film which has Ryan Gosling as the lead and an unsettling man with a clouded past. This movie is based on the real life of Robert Durst, the son of a big shot New York real estate agent. The film tells you uncanny and unfiltered experiences from people who are facing him, bundled with suspicious disappearances and murders that did not get solved. Ryan Gosling has succeeded in portraying th)e submissive son in this remarkable film which is worth all your time.

#8 The Factory (2012):

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Mike Fletcher, plays the role of John Cusack, an investigator who gets obsessed with a murdered prostitute. Not only her murder amuses her but also her past and the way she has lived. Her body has been cut and is hidden inside a freezer by a serial killer. During an argumentative evening at home with his daughter who sneaks out to meet her guy, she gets kidnapped by the same serial killer whom Mike has been trying to locate for years now. An intense investigation starts about the daughter’s disappearance in the cold and secluded streets of New York City where Mike and this unnamed serial killer are pitted to kill each other. Although this theme has been shown us before, it manages to trick us with an engaging suspense because the steps of the serial killer are new, here.

#9 Thorne: Scaredycat (2010):

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Thorne: Scaredycat is a UK based funny drama that has a teen drama kind of title. However, the story is captivating as much as it is interpreted. The movie stars Thorne, as the leader who is a detective and a scared man because he has his own funny way of investigating murders. A new case comes to his table which is about two women being murdered in hours apart, in two different ways. However, after adequate investigation, Thorne arrives at a conclusion that the two murders are related to the serial killings that happened a few months ago and that this is the work of a serial killer. However, these murders appear to be from a new recruit who is working with this killer. This film is intense with a lot of grit and intellect showed by the lead.

#10 Saw (2004):

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James Van has a household when it comes to taking the horror/thriller movies. The saw is one of the most fucked up series that I have watched in my life that watching it has left me speechless for almost many weeks. Having had his take on the slasher movies, Van is more known for films like conjuring now. Well, who wouldn’t know them? Saw has spawned him from his fans when he was new to the industry. This series has been on the top of the charts for the convoluted style it has. All the humans in this movie are victimized by an old man suffering from cancer, who calls himself as the Jigsaw. Every day people are confronted with their worst fears in this series where Jigsaw’s sadistic games which include hiding a key in the handcuff behind the eyeball socket and asking them to get it before the timer is out. Saw has sequels, which were received particularly well by people all over the world because of its unique reputation and a chilling grasp.

#11 The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011):

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Throwing the audience into a family who doesn’t have terms with the lost member that disappeared a few decades back, this movie is a compelling murder mystery with an incredibly attractive storyline. Again, written by David Fincher. The story is of a disreputed journalist and a lonely tomboy research fellow who together has to confront the mystery while coping up with each other. Rooney Mara excels in performing as the slender tattoed girl who keeps to herself during the film except for the time when he’s fucking the journalist. This movie is adapted from the book and is made into a better film.

#12 Basic Instinct (1992):

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Which according to you is the most erotic posture to have become an iconic symbol of sexuality in world cinema? The answer would begin on the legs of Sharon Stone from “Basic Instinct’. Playing a manipulative author whose characters she has to kill (literally), becomes the titular performer in this slow, sensual murder mystery. Sharon stone becomes the true ‘kryptonite for men’ weakening them from knee upwards as she gracefully carries the film with unwavering charisma and resonates with ‘irresistible feminine charm’.


That being said, this is a list of top 12 Serial Killer movies that you can find on Netflix! Watch and have fun.



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