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Top 10 Upcoming Chick Flicks for you to watch between 2018 – 2020

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Chick Flicks, also known as Saturday couch times are rather important in life just like any genre. When you’re so vexed up to watch movies of any other genre, chick flicks can help have a pleasant weekend without any obligations. The thing about chick flicks is that you can just sit and watch them for hours and hours. They are funny as fuck at the same time is too sentimental as well. Labeled for the soft-hearted people, they suit everyone given a strong storyline. Chick Flicks has the ability to melt the hears of the hunks as well, when they are stuffed with the right emotions. Right from the high school romance to the prom-going, pratfalling girls, to the tights, wearing fighters; Chick Flicks can serve anyone with ease.

Every year, tonnes and tonnes of new chick flicks come out and most of these are criticized by the audience because of their storylines. However, the same audience will sit and watch them on a Sunday evening. However, the next couple of years are going to be great for chick flicks given the frequency. Here’s a list of some best chick flicks that you can experience now!

What is a Chick flick?

Chick flick is basically a slang term used for the films that reflect romance and love. The word chick is used because these films are made mainly to cater to the female audience. They are defined as a specific genre, in which a woman plays the protagonist. Most of the films that are directed towards the women can’t be called as Chick Flicks when they are not used with any reference related to the themes and emotions of the women around relationships. Sometimes, these films are not just based on relationships but are based on lifestyles and the bonds between the parent and the children. Throughout the history, most of the chick flicks are released during the Valentine’s Day. The guy equivalent for Chick Flicks are ‘guy-cry’ films and they refer to the male audience.

List of top 10 Chick Flicks to wait for:

#1 Wine Country (2019):

Image result for wine country movie

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are known for their incredible chemistry in all the films that they have acted. Netflix is going to bring them together once again with the new Wine Country soon. As the title says, this movie has a story of a group of friends who get together for celebration the 50th birthday of a lead character. Chick flicks and 50th birthday, you might think? But what’s better than seeing older people have fun like there’s no tomorrow. The plot of the movie has not been revealed yet and this says that Netflix is bringing some brilliant things to us. Amy Poehler is going to direct the movie and the hunch says that this film is going to be a laughter riot. While it might not be as explicit as ‘Sex in the City’, but the senior women will unveil a humorous storytelling inclusive of all their lives and loves. Ain’t it a fun to watch?

#2 Second Act (2018):

Image result for second act movie

This December, we are going to witness the wit and grit of Jennifer Lopez. I always wondered how this woman who is in her 40’s manages to steal hears of the audience like a youngster. JLo is going to play the role of an old mother who is unsatisfied with her life. In order to make ends meet out of her low wages, she along with her friends get into a firm and convinces the personnel that she is an accountant. However, the plot takes a turn when she is confronted with the responsibilities that a senior accountant should actually carry. Directed by Peter Segal, she will be in turmoil not knowing how to deal with the job duties and will land in awkward situations. While superhero films became a norm in this decade, this film is going to be a relief with a simple plot and casual laughs.

#3 Bridget Jones’ Diary 4 (2020):

Image result for bridget jones diary

The trilogy has already acquired more fame than we thought it would. With this fourth installation of the series, Renee Zellweger is going to get back with her iconic role. A blond with low self-esteem, she gets body shamed as a 32-year-old. Her journey from a self-loathing woman to a resplendent beaming with confidence; this movie is going to redefine the women in the Hollywood. Sharon Maguire wanted to produce Bridget Jones for years and as a result, she is bringing it back to the screen and it will sweep the screens in two years. The movie has been promised to fit the time frame of all the years while exploring the insecurities of women. It has a compelling story which will be bestowed on the fans. Through generations, Bridget Jones’ Diary has acquired immense love from women of all generations and therefore, the filmmakers have decided to take up this challenge of making a new installation which finds a right balance of the lead character’s spirit!

#4 Legally Blonde 3 (2020):

Related image

Reese Witherspoon’s has announced this film in the beginning months of this year and the announcement has already created hype. Reese has given us the fake, klutzy and highly dramatic Elle Woods who have managed to make us laugh while creating an empowering story as well. Her narrative of transforming from an eye candy to an independent woman made us believe that we are strong at heart. Legally Blonde 3, the third film of the Legally Blonde series is going to hit the screens in 202. While Elle’s transformation made us close to her, her trainwreck personality is something that we could relate to. Therefore, it will be a delight to see how she is fluctuating between her dualism and how she will be able to come back as a fighter while keeping her original spirit intact.

#5 Charlie’s Angels Reboot (2019):

Image result for Charlie’s Angels Reboot

The screens blazed when these hot and sizzling women fought crime with the Charlie’s Angels. As a 90’s kid, it’s not a wonder if you’re in awe with the Charlie’s Angels and it is indeed a wonder if you are not. The franchise is going to expand because of the fame that it has been carrying also that it has sexualization of leads, which is why it has made money worth the budget or even more. Coming to the news of the Reboot version, Sony is trying to revamp this movie with bigger names including Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart, and Ella Balinska. Elizabeth Banks is directing this film, admitting that she is trying hard to keep the relation and balance right. Kristen Stewart is known her for her static face and therefore, the cast will do justice to the resonating plot. With the writing being held by Carlos Bernard and Narcos tagged Doug Miro, this movie is going to reach heights.

#6 Barbie (2020):

Image result for barbie movie margot robbie

Amy Schumer was originally associated with this project, but due to some glitches, she left the project during the writing stage. Rumors have that her scheduling did not match with the writing of the film. As a result, Margot Robbie is going to replace her for the lead role in this most anticipated tale of the decade. Barbie has been one of the children’s and woman’s favorite for decades. It has been brought into life by Sony Pictures with the storyline similar to ‘The Enchanted’. The titular character is thrown out of the native land where there are too many confrontations with normal people. This doll is going to have misadventures that put her out of harmony but assured with laughs. The film is going to have many characters with the potential of impressing toddlers to grandmoms.

#7 Mean Girls Reboot (In Dev):

Related image

Mean Girls is probably one of those movies which none in the Chick Flick world actually hate. Be it the plot, the characters or Regina George, this movie is a sheer bliss to the community. A rendition of mean girls is going to come back in the form of Mean Girls Reboot along with Instagram, Facebook, and smartphones in the picture. Imagine the mess! While this later decade is going to be a perfect time to bring this cult classic back, we have a hope in the horizon about this film. Mean Girls fans have been begging for a sequel since the time it came when Tina Fey has been heading the project. When she has announced about this adaptation, people through the world went nuts as it received the positive reaction from all over the world. Most of the cast became old but still are showing interest in their roles. However, if there is a new storyline, the audience thought that the girls should be millennials who know stuff about social media rather than likes of Rachel McAdams. The setting should also give a narration to the millennial culture involving internet shaming, body image standards, an influence of social media on teens. While there is no much news about the writing or the cast, the film has accumulated a lot of interest in the teens.

#8 The Devil Wears Prada Sequel (Rumored):

Image result for The Devil Wears Prada Sequel

Having a Devil as a boss is one of the most disgusting things that can happen in life. Having her torment you and haunt you with inappropriate demands at inappropriate times is nothing but a nightmare. While things get tougher from time to time, we have seen how Andrea Sachs has played Anne Hatheway in the notable, ‘Devil Wears Prada’. This film sequel is rumored to be in development where we see a young intern being tortured by a woman on daily basis. However, the spirit of the movies lies in the woman not giving up but rather getting back with never giving up attitude not only to impress the boss but also show her who has the upper hand. While no one has shown any confession about the film’s product, Emily and Anne who acted as assistants to Miranda Presley, played by Meryl Streep as her diabolic and emotionless self. They have shown some excitement when they are asked about this sequel. This movie, in synchronization with today is going to set new standards in the women empowerment which is why we should give it a second chance.

#9 Mary Queen Of Scots (2018):

Image result for Mary Queen Of Scots movie

A gritty entry in the list, this is one of dark chick flicks that you can watch. Unlike the other light hearting movies, if you’re someone who would love to watch dark comedy; this movie is for you. The interesting part about this movie is that it is not just dark but is a chick flick, making it a rare combination. It emanates with manipulation, backstabbing and immense power. The plot of this movie deals with lives of two powerful women following Mary, the Queen of Scott. Their powers are used to maneuver the Queen of England who sets the backdrop for the movie. Elizabeth and Mary then come face to face in order to adapt the story of ‘Queen of Scots – The true life of Mary Stuart’ in an interesting way. This movie is a political drama set back in 1500, where the royal descendants are not only lecherous but they go against each other to claim the ‘Throne of England’. This film is one of the interesting watches for powerful performances where both the roles played in strength and power.

#10 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Remake (2019):

Related image

Reading the name itself will take you to the iconic moment when Audrey Hepburn has looked into the Tiffany store. Breakfast at Tiffany is one of the most interesting stories that I have seen in decades where Tiffany fluctuates in and out of her conscience that leads her life. This movie has been released almost around 56 years back but still manages to hold a special place in our hearts. Therefore, the remake of this movie in today’s context is refreshing. Nick Cassavetes, who has directed ‘Notebook’ is going to breathe into this film while bringing a new style and shade to the Hepburn’s career. While this film is going to be a poem full of mischief and love, this film is narrated by a slender girl with a radiant smile and iconic glasses; bringing a transition to the millennia with the right ingredients.

Having said that, here’s a list of top 10 Chick flick classics that are going to hit the bigger screens, in a couple of years. While you’re in for the treat, keep a check on the dates in order to get the maximum fun out of them.



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