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Top 10 Netflix Anime, streaming full of Zit and Zeal!

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Netflix is one of the most amusing streaming portals of the world. In the past two years, the portal is being active with its own originals, best movies as well as new TV series’. They are investing a lot to get the best movies and series on the platform and increase their audience base. One more interesting thing about Netflix is that it evidently is streaming content from all over the world, despite the genre and even the language. That being said, Netflix is coming up with the best anime in order to compete with other streaming channels and here’s a list of top 10 Netflix Anime. Have a look!

List of best Netflix Anime you should not miss:

#1 Castlevania (2017):

Listed as the top anime in the list, Castlevania is a vampire based anime. The plot of the anime is about Vlad Dracula who wants to invade the world and make it, his. He declares a major war on Wallachia after the countrymen have burnt his wife, alive. They accuse her of witchcraft and bans her from the country, as a whole. His army contains decimating monsters, humans, and zombies who are powerful. In order to prevent this, Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades (A hunter and a hybrid) come up with different tricks and tips. If you have seen The Vampire Diaries, this anime is very similar to it.

2. Mob Psycho 100 (2016):

This mange is one of a kind, created by ONE publication. If you have heard of ‘One Punch Man’ which has gained global prominence, this anime is released by the same publications and therefore, shares a similar pattern in the story and as well as the narration. This series also contains Saitama, the lad of One Punch Man. He suddenly acquires physical prowess and gains god-like strength, which is even powerful than his single punch that we see in the former. The plot also covers the life of Shigeo Kageyama as he tries to control his powers through his psychic powers. This anime is extremely entertaining, funny and is full of endeavors.

#3 Megalo Box (2018):

Step into the advanced boxing world where the behavioral patterns of the boxers are observed thoroughly. The fighters in this anime use not the original hands, but mechanized hands in order to box. Junk Dog, the underdog fights in the background in order to earn a living. His life, however, changes when the champion of the boxing defeats him after stepping into the ring. Humiliated by the defeat, he trains himself to get into the tournament with the ambition of beating Megalo Box. This anime is full of science fiction and fights, making it a blend of thrill, drama and as well as action.

#4 Little Witch Academia (2017):

Little Witch Academia is one of the cutest anime I have ever seen. It has a plot which is much similar to ‘Harry Potter’ and therefore can be considered as an anime full of magic. The story is about Atsugo Kagari, a young girl excited to get into the school without knowing that her mother has also studied in the same school. According to her, she is a ‘muggle’ with no background but has a heart full of determination. Soon, she finds out that the academy is full of challenges with people who hate her. Therefore, she has to strive in order to survive and tell people that magic is indeed the most beautiful thing that anyone can witness.

#5 Violet Evergarden (2017):

Violet Evergarden is the most beautiful anime of the anime history. I have never seen an anime which is so visually alluring. Every scene in this anime sketched enormously with a lot of detail. The concept of the anime is also interesting because it contains a Doll, called Violet. Being an auto-memory doll, it stores all the war memories in which it participated. The doll loses her hands in the war which gets replaced by new ones using prosthetics. She now acts as a ghostwriter for publications where she tries to bend in the society as a regular human facing all the complexities.

#6 Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (2011):

This anime speaks about the lives of two girls Sayaka Miki and Madoka Kaname. Both of them are shown to have an extremely ordinary life until they are encountered with a familiar feline. This creature gives a proposition to them where one of their wishes can be fulfilled if they become magic girls with powers in order to achieve the goals. But, things are not as easy as they seem. Homura, a transfer student warns them about it but it becomes too late for them to not accept this offer. Soon after they have accepted the offer, things seem cool only until everything gets upside down and they want to give the offer back. The reluctant and evil cat, however, will stand against their normalcy and makes things difficult for them.

#7 Kill la Kill (2013):

Ryuuko, a young woman becomes extremely devastated by the murder of his father. She suspects that her father is not just murdered but is killed with an ulterior motive. She pledges to seek revenge for his father’s death by finding the killer. In order to find the killer, she only has one clue which is a scissor blade. Things take a turn when her search takes her to a school, ruled by Satsuki, the president. She then starts providing clothes and attires to the underlings to gain superpowers. Ryuuki, after losing a fight against Satsuki discovers that she has a special power called Kamui which makes her even more powerful. Her new abilities will help her in surviving the academy.

#8 Gurren Lagann (2007):

If you’re an adventure lover, this anime will not disappoint you at any cost. Gurren Lagann is an extraordinary anime with a plot that revolves around a hidden city. It introduces us to Kamina and Simon, who live there. According to them, the earth’s surface is nothing but a fable. The plot twist comes in the form of a relic where they find an armor which helps them defend their own city from the humans of the surface. A vigorous battle takes place in the sky with the plain view sparking the interest when the kids decide to explore the surface.

#9 Devilman: Crybaby (2018):

This anime is about devils who possess the humans and live in them as guests. The living human hosts become slaves to these devils until unless they are strong-willed. In case if any human is strong, he/she can control the devil and use it for his/her own good. Akira Fudou, a crybaby guy gets requested by his friend to uncover some of the devils. Eventually, their journey leads them to Sabbath and things get out of control when Sabbath creates a rampage. In order to control it and save his friend, Akira becomes a host to the devil and the journey goes on with him gaining the ability to control it.

#10 Your Lie in April (2014):

Kousei Arima is a talented pianist, who is prodigious. His life becomes still when his mother is dead. He loses his artistic touch and he couldn’t bear hearing to the piano as it brings all the memories of her. He becomes unable to play the piano and as a result, starts living a normal life with his friends. When he meets Kaori, the violinist; his life changes and he gets the inspiration to play the piano. This anime is one of the interesting finds on Netflix.

That’s all Folks! Get set and start your marathon, already.

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