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Top 10 Genius Movies You Must Watch!

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Genius equals to freak. Get ready to feel dumb by these genius movies that will blow your mind and make you feel miserable Big Time. Sorry, can’t help it. Giggles!

#10 LUCY (2014)

Director : Lucc Besson

Cast : Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman.

Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) living in Taiwan, is tricked by her boyfriend to work for Mr Jang, a Korean Gangster. A highly synthetic drug is forcefully sewn into her abdomen for smuggling. Unfortunately, the bag of drug breaks causing a substantial amount of drug slipping into her body. As a result she was capable of using her brain to ‘the fullest capacity’ also disintegrating her body at the same time. She teams up with Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) and his colleagues on her way to pass all the knowledge she has acquired. 

#9 Limitless (2011)

Director : Neil Burger 

Cast : Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish

Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper), a struggling writer is introduced to a smart drug NZT-48 which makes​ him use his brain to the fullest. He completes his unfinished book in just a day​. But the effect of the drug doesn’t​ last long. So he started abusing it on daily basis. He also tries his luck in stock market and succeed. But as he was living his high life he attracts many negativity into his life. 


Director : Guy Ritchie 

Cast : Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams

Private detective Sherlock Holmes ( Robert Downey Jr) and his partner Dr. John Watson (Jude Law) helps to arrest Lord Blackwood who murdered five women. Lord Blackwood is sentenced to death by hanging. But Holmes soon realize that Lord Blackwood is not dead and is planning something sinister, sets to bring him down with his intellectual, witty ways. 

#7  Rain Man (1988)

Director : Barry Levinson 

Cast : Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman

Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) after his father’s death discovers that all his million dollar estate was given to his older brother Raymond Babbitt (Dustin Hoffman), who lives in a mental hospital. Charlie who is in desperate need of money takes Dustin with him only to demand half the estate in his return. When he is denied, both of them go on a road trip where Charlie gets to know his brother who is very smart in calculation. Charlie makes enough money by using his​ brother’s intelligence in Black Jack and take him back to the hospital. Charlie is offered money to stay away from his brother, but he denies and reassure that he wants to have a happy relationship with his brother.

#6 JOBS (2013)

Director : Joshua Michael Stern

Cast : Ashton Kutcher , Josh Gad 

This movie portrays the early life of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak played by Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad. Their incredible journey from making simple computers to founding the Apple Inc. 


Director : Gus Van Sant 

Cast : Ben Affleck , Matt Damon

Will Hunting (Matt Damon), a 20 year old, who works as a janitor but is a genius boy. He gets into a fight where he is charged and sent to jail. Professor Lambeau who is impressed by Will’s intelligence, offers him to be his student to cut jail time and also participate in therapy sessions. Will reluctantly accepts but is hard to crack. Professor Lambeau calls his friend Dr. Sean Maguire, who challenges​ Will and helps him open up. He finds love but send her away saying he was abused when he was a child. Dr. Sean confronts him. Will takes up a job arranged by Lambeau only to turn it down, to reconcile with his ex girlfriend. 


Director : Ron Howard 

Cast : Russel Crowe , Ed Harris

John Nash (Russell Crowe) , a genius mathematian who felt pressured to publish his own idea, met with an amazing idea in a bar with his friends. He was called by Pentagon to crack codes​ of the enemies. He was very much interested in his job for cracking down enemy codes but developed a mental state where he felt he was followed around. 

#3 PRIMER (2004)

Director : Shane Carruth 

Cast : Shane Carruth, David Sullivan

Two Engineers​ Aaron and Abe accidentally discovers time traveling technique. Both of them go into the future and collect information of stock markets​ which they use back in present to acquire money. But troubles begin and they try to go back in time to prevent the launch but in turn get mixed up between the present and future selves. 


Director : Jodie Foster 

Cast : Jodie Foster, Adam Hann-Bryd

Fred Tate ( Adam Hann-Bryd), a 7 year old genius, raised by his single mother Dede Tate (Jodie Foster). He was a freak and had no friends. He was invited to a gifted school but his mother opposed that he live a normal life. Later she accepted the offer, Fred got along with the kids and went on to study in quatum physics in a university. 

#1 PI (1998) 

Director : Darren Arnofsky

Cast : Sean Gullette, Mark Margolis

Max Cohen (Sean Gullette), is a brilliant mathematician who is obsessed with numbers. He lives alone in a small apartment in Chinatown, and is always into his self made super advanced​ computer, Euclid. He developed severe headaches and paranoia. One day he found a mysterious number and couldn’t carry out his work as the computer crashed. He told about his discovery to his mentor Mark Margolis who warned him to stay away from that number.  After several tries he finally knew​ the mysterious number but soon finds himself between greedy stock markets who were willing to give any price to use that number. 

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