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List of top 10 Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Movies that inspired him!

List of top 10 Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Movies that inspired him!
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Christopher Nolan. The name itself creates a buzz across the world, with him being one of the most acclaimed directors in the world. All of his films are known for being spread in different genres. Right from his first film, he has beautifully managed to create a unique identity for him where his films are known to contain intricate plots. When a particular movie is known as the work of the Nolan, the entire world looks deeply into it, in order to find the beauty of the plot. This made him an intellectual director who has a vision in each of his movies. The way he writes complicated stories blended with a right amount of emotions, even when they are based on the comic books is simply impeccable.

Every director, however, starts from the scratch where he gets inspired by a couple of movies that moved him. When Nolan first made the short film Doodlebug, followed by his first film ‘Following’, he was inspired by a wide range of films. It is evident that he has taken inspiration from a large scale of directors from the way how he shifts from one genre to the other. It has been exactly one year since Dunkirk got released and people are highly excited about Christopher Nolan’s next movie. So, here’s a List of top 10 Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Movies that inspired him!

Top 10 Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Movies:

#1 2001: A Space Odyssey (1967):

It is clearly visible that 2001: A Space Odyssey is the most obvious example for his famous space film, ‘Interstellar’. Just like others, it is only obvious that he had been inspired by the film and its elements. Right from the structure of the narration to every tiny element in the film, Nolan was spellbound when he has first seen the film. He said in an interview that he knew that this film will have a larger influence on all of his films and will be the hallmark of his life. However, the impact of this film and Kubrick are clearly visible even in the superhero series that he has made. It proves that Kubrick has managed to create a unique vision in Nolan.

#2 Blade Runner (1982):

If we look at Nolan’s films, we see that each of the films belongs to a different genre. The common element that ties all of the films together is the idea that most of them are neo-noir. When looked into the roots behind this concept, it came to the light that our ‘Dark Knight’ creator is highly influenced by ‘Blade Runner’. The usage of visuals, sets and especially the music had a long lasting impression on him that he commended Ridley Scott for creating a different vision in him. We can see his exact creation of such worlds in his films ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Gotham City’. The iconic soundtracks by Hans Zimmer made the environments even more real, just the way Blade Runner did.

#3 The Spy Who Loved Me (1977):

Christopher Nolan fell in love with Bond, before he started making movies. This is why, his love for the classic, ‘‘Ón Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ has been documented. However, this film of Roger Moore’s has impacted him on a whole other level that it incorporated a lot of real-world elements in the fiction world. This is why he has successfully managed to create the Dark Knight trilogy based on the comics, by adding some real-human elements to the superhero genre. Boy, did we know how he has succeeded in making Batman, our most favorite superhero? Also, just another element that has highly inspired him from this movie is the amazing stunts that came out as cutting edge in his films latter. All these cool elements made things extraordinarily beautiful for him.

#4 Lawrence Of Arabia (1962):

An epic historical drama of 1962, this movie is based on the life of T.E Lawrence. It is nominated for 10 Oscars in 1963 at the 35th Academy Awards and has won around 7 in total. When Nolan talks about this film apart from the images, direction, and the exemplary celluloid; he talks about the power of the film which influenced people of the next generation. According to him, it is his most favorite film and has everything that can be offered to the audience for the best cinematic experience. He says that this movie is one of those movies that he wants to create and stands as a landmark for someone who wants to master the art of filmmaking. Maybe one day, when he makes an epic film like it; we can see Nolan’s tribute of being a fan.

#5 The Thin Red Line (1998):

An American war film, this one is written and directed back n 1998. Terrence Malick, one of those complex filmmakers that the industry has seen has written this movie based on the novel with the same name, written by James Jones. The movie is a fiction based on the Battle of Mount Austen. Now, you see where Dunkirk is coming from, right? This battle is known to be a part of the famous Guadalcanal Campaign in the Pacific Theater of World War II. It is known to portray the lives of the soldiers who belonged to the C company, especially the first Battalion of the 25th Division. This is another film which has affirmed his belief in Cinema and according to him, it is a story that can be told better in the film than in the book. This film has hypnotized him on a level that he has literally translated many elements into his ‘Interstellar’ especially the dialogues and the imagery of the film. Inspired by Malick, Nolan might not seem as philosophical as Malick, but he has larger ideas that he has interpreted in the film.

#6 Koyaanisqatsi (1982):

Koyaanisqatsi, also known as Life Out of Balance is an experimental film that is directed by Godfrey Reggio in 1982. The music of this film is composed by Philip Glass, reinforced with the cinematography by Ron Fricke. The film mainly consists of time-lapse and slow motion that it contains footage of prominent landscapes of the United States of America. The visual tone of the movie contains a narration which is not verbal or vocalized. It has a tone which is set by the juxtaposition of music and images. Nolan favoring his choice is indeed highly inspiring but it is clear why it has made an impact on him. The different elements of the cinema are spread in a way that it displays the elusive power of the cinema. Nolan has shown the composition of sound and shots in the purest form to express in his movies, inspired by this film.

#7 All Quiet On The Western Front (1930):

All Quiet on the Western Front, a novel written by Erich Maria Remarque, talks about the topic of a German veteran belonging in World War I. It is based on the novel written by Erich Maria Remarque that describes the fear, stress and the agony of the German soldiers’ including the detachment they have for the civilian life as well. Again, a war drama, Nolan has gotten his inspiration of the Dunkirk from this film where he makes a point that the soldiers should take pride in just staying alive, if not fighting. All Quiet On The Western Front is one of the definite mentions when people talk about the great war films that were ever made. The beauty of the films lies in the way it has put people in the front and not the combat. This film displays the emotions of the soldiers as ‘people’. Dunkirk has been made into a film with a blend of the new and old elements based on this film, that enriched its quality.

#8 Star Wars (1977):

People might find it extremely difficult to trust that that something like Star Wars has managed to leave an impression on the infamous director like Nolan who doesn’t believe in traditional films. But when he’s asked about his opinion on the classic, he said that it had a huge impact on him because of the revolution that it has brought into the picture. The spectacular visions and the grandness in the sets have left Nolan speechless where he started thinking how was it even possible for the director to come up with something so incredible and extravagant. While there are no references to the film, it has laid a foundation to all the blockbusters by Nolan and therefore George Lucas is one of the reasons behind Nolan’s thought process.

#9 Paprika (2006):

Nolan has never admitted that this film has influenced him in any of his interviews, but it is clear that his ‘Inception’ is highly inspired by this Japanese cult classic. One can easily correlate the elements between Paprika and Inception with an ease. No, we are not just talking about the narrative similarities, but the whole process of editing. The way that the dreams have the ability to influence us is clearly shown in both the films and therefore, Nolan is evidently inspired by this film and if you haven’t watched it already, you definitely should.

#10 The Right Stuff (1983):

Again, another film that has influenced Nolan so much; it has quite an impact on the infamous ‘Interstellar’. This film by Philip Kaufman has managed to not only indulge some scientific and emotional interests in Nolan but taught him how to blend both of them, equally. This is why Interstellar has been one of the best Sci-Fi films because of the human element it has. Other than that, there are a lot of visual patterns we can see in both and also the parallel narratives that we can clearly talk about. It is said that the film has been screened to the cast and crew of Interstellar before they started the shoot.


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