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Top 10 Beautiful Animated Movies of All Time

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Welcome back to another Top 10 List, In this list we will look at some of the most, critically acclaimed, popular among masses animated films of all time. Most people take animated films for granted, like they are only for kids and other stuffs. But hey, there are lot of Anime films which are  extremely good that has even made the adults shed a tear. So, both adults and kids can have really good time watching anime movies. Period! So below is a list of 10 most ‘Beautiful Animated Movies of all Time‘.

#10. Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Voice Cast: Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg

Hotel Transylvania, is an animated horror comedy film, which tells the story of the Great Count Dracula and his life with his daughter Mavis, after the death of his wife. Sworn to protect his only daughter from human, Dracula builds a hotel called ‘Hotel Transylvania‘, a safe haven for all the monsters out there in the world. Dracula invites all the famous monsters to celebrate Mavis’s 118th birthday at his hotel. Dracula as promised to Mavis, is very happy when Mavis’s first encounter with human went horribly wrong, and she promises never to leave her father’s side. But when an ordinary backpacker, Jonathan stumble upon the ‘Hotel of monsters’, Dracula’s world turn upside down and he must do everything in his power to get rid of this human who pose a threat to his daughter and his beloved hotel. I love this movie so much, the love between the father-daughter duo and Dracula’s hilarious attempts to get rid of the human makes this a wholesome beautiful family movie.

#9. Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Director: John Stevenson

Voice Cast: Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu

Kung Fu Panda, is an American animated action comedy, set in ancient China, and tells the story of Po, a carefree, reckless Panda, who aims to be a Kung Fu master. He accidentally get selected as the ‘Dragon Warrior’, and set out on a life changing journey with the ‘Furious Five’- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey to destroy an evil Kung Fu warrior, the snow leopard, Tai Lung who swore revenge on his homeland, the ‘Valley of Peace’.

#8. The Lion King (1994)

Director: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff

Voice Cast: James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Jones, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella

The Lion King, is an American epic musical film, the film tells the story of a young lion, Simba the rightful heir of the Pride Lands. When Uncle Scar kills Simba’s father, Mufasa the King of Pride Lands, Simba is forced to flee as his uncle manipulated Simba in thinking as he is the sole responsible for his father’s death. As the rightful heir fled to the forest, Scar takes the throne and begins his evil reign. Simba makes friendship with two similar outcast Timon and Pumbaa and live his life care freely in the forest away from the kingdom. When Simba grows up, he is advised by his friends to return to his kingdom and challeng Scar and get his throne back from his evil Uncle. The was both critical and commercial success winning two Academy Awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song with “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” by Elton John and Tim Rice.

#7. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Director: Henry Selick

Voice Cast: Chris Sarandon, Catherine O’Hara, William Hickey

The Nightmare Before Christmas, is a dark comedy fantasy film, centering around Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween and his life in Halloweentown. Bored of  the same Halloween routine, Jack is desperate to break the routine. Upon stumbling on ‘Christmas Town’ Jack is stunned. He get obsessed with celebrating Christmas and brings the new idea of Christmas to his hometown which results in disastrous consequences which include kidnapping Santa Claus. With Santa Claus gone, will there be any  Christmas? Will the citizens of Halloweentown like the new celebration idea? Give it a watch! Also this was the first animated film to get an Academy Award Nomination for Best Visual Effects.

#6. Toy Story (1995)

Director: John Lasseter

Voice Cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Morris, Erik von Detten

In this comdey adventure film, set in an anthropomorphic world, the film revovles around two toys, Woody, a cowboy doll and Buzz, an astronaut figure toy. Woody is the favourite toy of Andy. But Woody gets scared that soon he will be replaced by the Buzz Lightyear, a new toy, Andy got for his birthday. To remain as the only favourite toy to Andy, Woody plans to get rid of Buzz. Soon both Woody and Buzz compete for Andy’s attention and are accidentally separated from the other toys and Andy. They must put aside their battle and work together in an attempt to get home safe!

#5. Spirited Away (2001)

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Voice Cast: Miyu Irino, Rumi Hiragi, Mari Natsuki

The film centers around 10-year-old Chihiro and her parents who stumbles upon an abandoned amusement park on the way to their new home. The park seems abandoned but Chihiro quickly realized that the park is not what it looks like and they have entered the spirit world. Soon her parents are turned into pigs by an evil witch Yubaba, as she always does with trespassers. Chihiro meets a mysterious boy, Haku who is also a captive like Chihiro and offer her help. Haku tells Chihiro that she must get a job, and is forced to take up a job at Yubaba’s bathhouse to free herself and her parents from the curse of Yubaba and return to the human world. The film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film at the 75th Academy Awards.

#4. Ratatouille (2007)

Director: Brad Bird

Voice Cast: Patton Oswalt, Lou Romano, Ian Holm, Peter O’Toole

This film is an American animated comedy film, that tells the story of a rat, Remy, an aspiring chef and his story to having his own restuarant. Remy dreams of becoming a chef not knowing that people will never eat the food made by him. During an extermination, Remy is separated from his family and meets a garbage boy, Linguini working for a renowned restaurant in Paris. Remy soon finds his dreams coming true. Soon he forms an alliance with the garbage boy, who is promoted to chef when Remy helped him cook soup. Now Remy helps Linguini everyday in his kitchen by giving him signals by pulling his hair. Can Linguini hide Remy forever? What happens when food critic Ego, came to know about this unlikely chef? Will Remy’s dream of becoming a chef come true? Don’t miss this fun, heart warming film.

#3. WALL-E (2008)

Director: Andrew Stanton

Voice Cast: Ben Burt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin

From the director of Finding Nemo, WALL-E is an American animated science fiction film, that centers around two robots, Wall-E and EVE. The film is set in a distant future where Earth is uninhabitable and covered in garbage. WALL-E a robot trash compactors is left behind on Earth to clean up the garbage. WALL-E does his job and his company is only his pet cockroach. One day, another sleek Robot EVE visits Earth for scanning purpose and WALL-E falls in love with her. WALL-E befriends EVE and gave her a plant seedling which ensures that Earth can be habitable again. But the autopilot gains control and tries to get rid of the last seedling which forces WALL-E, EVE and some other robots to get back the seedling and save Earth. The film won an Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature Film of the Year.

#2. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Director: Isao Takahata

Voice Cast: Ayano Shiraishi, Tsutomu Tatsumi

Grave of the Fireflies, is a Japanese animated war drama film, based on the 1967 semi-autobiographical short story of the same name by Akiyuki Nosaka. The film is set in the city of Kobe, Japan during the World War II. The film tells the story two siblings, Seita and Setsuko who are separated from their parents during the bombings in Kobe. They are orphaned and lives with their aunt who soon started resenting them as the war took toll on rations. The film shows the heartrending struggle of both siblings for survival after leaving their aunt’s place, with hunger and danger looming over their head, they find solace in the lights of the fireflies. Deemed as one of the best war films of all time, this film will surely change your mentality to war and their after effects.

#1. Finding Nemo (2003)

Director: Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich

Voice Cast: Alexander Gould, Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres

In this underwater world animated film, showcasing the beautiful marine world, the films follows the father-son duo adventure of Nemo, a clown fish and his father Marlin. Nemo is separated from his parents in the Great Barrier Reef and got caught by a diver. Nemo now stays in a fish tank with other fishes in a dentist’s office in Sydney. Marlin accompanied by a friendly but forgetful blue regal tang sets on a journey from Great Barrier Reef to the dentist office to rescue his son. His son, Nemo, on the other hand has a few tricks up his sleeves too and together with the other fishes plans to break out from the fish tank and return home safely. The film won an Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature Film. You will definitely enjoy this underwater adventure film.


Hope you like the list. Stay Tuned for more movie updates. Till then Happy Watching!!

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