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Things to know about Fifty Shades Freed – Watch it now!

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Long before the film is even released, EL James has come up with the Fifty Shades of Grey, which has turned out to an international phenomenon. It has sold millions of copies, throughout the world which turned the book into a movie. The movie adaption franchise has made billions of dollars at the box office already and this week, the third installment in the series has hit the theatres during the Valentine’s Day. The new film appears sexier than the previous films as it takes a dark turn that puts Christian and Anastasia Grey in danger as they celebrate their wedding. That being said, here’s something that you need to know about the Fifty Shades Freed movie that got released on February 9th.

  • The last installment of the series: Dakota Johnson, who led the previous films as Anastasia that this third installment is the final movie in the series just like the books. However, the franchise has other books that are written explaining Christian’s perspective but the movie house are not adapting these books. Fifty Shades of Freed will follow Ana and Christian as a newly married couple who have been idyllic but then will get disrupted by the disgruntled boss. Christian, on the other hand, will give you new things from the past and the couple will be confronted with unexpected pregnancy which turns their life, upside down.
  • The film has been shot consecutively with Fifty Shades of Darker back in Vancouver: Last year, the second series of the film; Fifty Shades of Darker has been released. If you have watched the film, you would know that the film is entirely shot in Nice, Columbia, and Vancouver. However, Some of the scenes are shot on the Saint-Jean where Christian and Ana celebrated their luxurious and lavish honeymoon. If you’re a reader they will remember that Ana has taken Christian to Europe for their honeymoon and it’s Ana’s first journey across the pond.
  • Jamie Dornan reveals the filming of sex scenes, how they are filmed and why they are filmed: Fifty Shades series is known to have adult and explicit scenes which made the film predominant. Among the audience base, the large percentage of the audience who have come to watch the place are the ones who are enthusiastic about the adult content. However, the things in this film are not as sexier as the last film. The actor has worn a big bag which covers the genitals and which have been used by someone else in some other film, but boy did he appear so exotic.

“On the first movie, I thought there’d be — and there was — a selection of [bags] for me, and I picked one. And I thought I’d take them out of the packets, they’d be brand new. They’ll have that brand new smell. And then I sort of picked one that I liked the look of and the shape of, and then I picked it up and in the seam, it said, ‘inmate number three.’ It was sewed in.”

  • Dornan is a part of the soundtrack cover: Fans will be surprised by the full display of Dornan’s musical talents. The new rendition of the soundtrack of Paul McCartney’s song is sung by Dornan. By listening to this song, you will know that Dornan is indeed a good singer and he actually sang more than a little on the sets. Additional to the cover, there are many new songs that are added in the album including the songs of Rita Ora, Liam Payne, Sia and even Hailee Steinfeld.
  • Many new members are cast on the screen: Luke Grimes along with Rita Ora has been cast to play Christian’s brother and sister respectively. Kim Basinger is back in the game to play Elena Lincoln, Christian’s former girlfriend. Arielle Kebbel plays the role of Gia Matteo, an architect Christian hires to build their new house and who causes the tension among the Greys. Additionally, we have Brant Daughterty, the bodyguard; Jack Hyde, Ana’s stalker; Bob Adams, Ana’s Stepfather along with Tyler Hoechlin who plays Boyce Fox.
  • The reviews are critical: That being said; the reviews by the critics are harsh on this film. But, if you search online you can find a wide range of mixed reviews. For example, the Indiewire says that the Fifty Shades as a series has turned out into a comedy which makes this ridiculous thing a fun. The film doesn’t deliver what the fans are expecting but instead manages to show the drama between the family.

That being said if you’re one of those people who would want to watch the film despite what the reviews says, this film is not so bad. It contains everything the book has and makes it interesting if you’re a person who can watch the film without action.

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