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Suspense Movies to watch this September!

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Suspense movies are always so good. Not all of them make it to be critically acclaimed but, hey they are still trying. Here in this section we will be providing you with a list of movies that are not going to make it to Nationwide release but they seem to have strong storyline so give them a watch too. 

 Friday, 8th September 

#1. IT

  • Genre: Horror/Adaptation 
  • Release : Nationwide

‘It’ movie based on Stephen King novel is hitting the theater. Another movie with suspense and horror is highly anticipated and has caught many attention. The plot follows a clown known as Pennywise is terrorizing the small town in Maine. Kids who once fought the clown is called upon to help fight, which is a little bizarre cause they have no recollection of their previous fight. 


  • Genre : Suspense​/ Thriller 
  • Release : Limited 

From the screenwriters of Kingsman and The Woman in Black, another suspense movie ‘The Limehouse Golem’ follows a plot where a serial killer known by the name, ‘The Limehouse Golem’ is on loose in London leaving clues written in his victim’s blood. A seasoned detective, Inspector Kildare is assigned to investigate. With a long list of suspects, he must get help from a troubled witness to stop the murders and provide justice to his victims. 

Friday, 15th September 


  • Genre : Thriller/Horror/Drama 
  • Release : Nationwide

From the director of ‘Black Swan’ Darren Aronofsky, Mother!  yet another psychological horror movie starring Jenifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem. The plot goes around the disruption​ of a peaceful married couple caused by the uninvited mysterious couple, testing love, patience and sacrifice of the couple. 

  • Genre : Thriller/Drama
  • Release : Limited

Director Marc Fosters, All I See Is You is a story about a blind woman (Blake Lively) who lost her eyesight​ in her childhood lives in Bangkok depending solely on her husband (Jason Carlke). When she regain her eyesight after a surgery, she is noticeably changed and discovers the unseen aspects of her life and marriage. 


  • Genre : Suspense/Thrillelr/Drama
  • Release : Limited

The plot revolves around a reality show that is based on the death of it’s players on live television. When a dating show ends in violence, the host (Josh Duhamel) and his network executive (Famke Janssen) launches a spine chilling show that promises a fresh kill every week. Desperate to help support his family, an innocent janitor (Giancarlo Esposito) takes part in this deadly show. 


  • Genre : Sci-fi/Thriller 
  • Release : Limited

Frank Lerner, a government hit-men, finds himself in an automated government prison chamber after getting shot in the back. He was accused of committing a crime and is being to forced to remember the same day again and again until they find  their evidences​. As war erupts, he finds himself trapped in a computer system after being cut off and attempts desperately​ to relieve his memory to go back to love of his life and the outside world. 
Friday, 22nd September 


  • Genre : Horror/Suspense/Thriller
  • Release : Limited

As the name suggest, yes it is a movie about the dark side of the social media. Riding high in the popularity chart college student Laura’s new found popularity takes a horrible turn when she accepts a social outcast’s friend request and her life turns upside down. She is cursed and has to do everything in her will before time runs​ out. 


  • Genre : Horror/Thriller 
  • Release : Limited

Five friends who are still recovering from their last Halloween trauma when they were kidnapped by a group, Blue Skeleton who took Halloween to another level by kidnapping people. Things escalate again as they​ try to move on by facing their worst fear by visiting the haunted houses where they get sights of the Blue Skeleton again. 


  • Genre : Thriller/Drama
  • Release : Limited

Kristen Dunst stars as Theresa in this debut feature-film of award winning fashion designers​, Kate Mulleavy and Laura Mulleavy thriller movie as a young woman who suffers​ paranoia after her loss of mother to a deathly drug, her life spirals down and she take solage in a reality altering cannabinoid drug. 

Friday, 29th September 


  • Genre : Suspense/Thriller 
  • Release : Limited

 The plot follows a couple, Michael and Madison who plans to stay together for the rest of their lives, only to shatter their dreams due to Michael’s​ abusive behavior, Madison fleds with the help of her friend. Taking a new identify and falling in love again, her past comes back when Michael gets to know about her whereabouts and bring her nightmares alive back again. 


  • Genre : Thriller/Sci-fi
  • Release : Nationwide

The remake of 90’s movie starring Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev and Keifer Sutherland are a group of medical students who experiment near-death experiences to understand the life beyond death. Things get strange when they start hallucinating about their childhood sins questioning their reality. 


  • Genre : Crime/Thriller/ True Story
  • Release : Nationwide

Based on a true story about Barry Seal, a pilot turned smuggler who was recruited by CIA to gather information but became the biggest drug smuggler of  history.  Also Tom Cruise is starring as Barry Seal. So there will be a lot of actions. 


  • Genre : Thriller/Drama 
  • Release : Limited 

Two best friends Zach and Josh growing up in Upstate New York in 1960s, are separated after a traumatic incident their friendship abruptly disrupts. Each of them process the incident in their own way, until they are drawn into a spiral into violence. 


  • Genre : Thriller/Spy/ Drama
  • Release : Nationwide

Based on a true story, the plot is about a retired FBI agent, W. Mark Felt (Liam Neeson) who claims to be the famous anonymous ‘Deep Throat’ source. He was the inside source who helped the Washington Post reporters​, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein who exposed the Nixon administration’s role​ in the Watergate and it’s cover ups. 


  • Genre : Sci-fi 
  • Release : Limited

Unable to cope with his deathly disease​, and his near death Marc freezes his body in order to survive a little longer. In the future, in 2084 that is 60 years later he becomes the first cryogenically preserved​ body to be alive. He is startled by  life in  Future but his past comes back haunting him in an unexpected way. 

Hope this September is able to meet your suspense needs. Let us know in the comments which movies​ y’all going to watch. And make sure to tune back next month for a fresh list of movies to watch. 

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