ShowBox APK 5.40 for Android – Free Movies App Download

ShowBox is a free streaming application for Android that allows users to watch the latest movies and TV shows without paying for any subscription. It’s got a huge library of high definition content, and shows & movies are available for streaming in different qualities such as 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. 4K is also available for a few particular movies and TV shows. You can choose your desired video quality depending on your internet connection speed. So, in short, ShowBox makes it easy to watch your favorite jams in places where there’s no WIFi or even cellular signal. Just download it using your home network, and you can keep it on your smartphone or tablet as long as there’s sufficient storage available on the device. Movies and TV shows can be arranged according to Genre, Year, Type and IMDB rating within the application.

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Disclaimer: Before I delve deep into this post of our “useful apps” series, I’d like to leave a quick note of renunciation. ShowBox is an app that’s used to view movies & TV shows on Android devices, and is considered illegitimate for using copyrighted materials such as movies & TV shows on their platform without seeking permission from the movie studios. If you use this app to view copyrighted movies for free, the movie studios may be able to see your IP address and your viewing history, as shown in a warning on the official site. Using the ShowBox App to watch or steam copyright protected shows and movies, for which you do not have a license, is illegal and subjects you to liability for copyright infringement.

We recommend our readers to use premium streaming services for a seamless experience of media content. To find out which service is suitable for you, check out this ultimate comparison guide of the best streaming TV service of 2020: Hulu vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime

For a list of your free movie streaming on Android and iPhone platforms, check these top free movie apps 2020 article on TabbloidX Magazine. To get the latest ShowBox APK version on your Android smartphone, read on as we show you the step by step guide on how to install the latest ShowBox App on your phone. Later on, we will guide you through installing the app on other platforms such as Windows 10 PC& Mac, Fire Stick, iPhone, Roku and more. So, let’s get started then. Shall we?

ShowBox App APK 5.40 and 5.36 for Android 2020 – Latest Version

Package Namecom.tdo.showbox
Last Updated21/03/2019
RequirementsAndroid 4.2+
File Size37.9 MB
Android Q and 9 Pie SupportYes

ShowBox APK Features

  • ShowBox App 2020 is a 100% free movie streaming platform on Android
  • A library of over 12,000+ movies and 2000+ TV shows
  • In-built movie downloader
  • HD content streaming, 4K in beta
  • Music Videos (beta)
  • Personalized library to bookmark movies and shows
  • Revolutionary, yet very user-friendly UI
  • Daily updates, new movies and series are uploaded almost every day
  • Fast servers across all parts of the world (fastest in the US and UK)
  • Weekly bug fixes to address problems faced by users
  • No registration required – Install and watch straight away
  • An easy and smart search algorithm
  • Quick sorting and filtering by Genres
  • Various available video qualities – 360p to 1080p & 4K
  • Error-free and Ad free

These are all the exciting and useful features packed inside this popular Online Movies Streaming App, ShowBox. The app is getting constant updates from the developers who are working hard to get things done in the right directions. They receive feedback from thousands of users worldwide with their issues and errors.

The latest version of ShowBox App recently released by the developers with all the bug fixed and removal of the existing errors from the app requested by the users. The new ShowBox app runs smoothly and offers a whole new environment to explore the best of entertainment on an Android device.

The Showbox app is compatible with almost all types of Android Smartphones and Tablets. Fortunately, there are ways with which you can install the same Showbox app on a Windows and Mac PC systems. The app’s main purpose is to provide you with a seamless online movies streaming experience for free right from your Smartphone. You don’t need to spend your hard earned money for the movies you like, then this is the right time to download and install this app on a respective Android device.

There are a few things you need to have before actually download and install this app on an Android device. The list of prerequisites are listed below, make sure you have fulfilled the prerequisites first and then you can proceed further to download and install this app’s APK file on your Android Smartphone or Tablet device.


  • A compatible Android Smartphone or Tablet device
  • The latest version of the Showbox app
  • Compatible USB Data cable
  • Unknown Sources Option Enabled
  • The device’s battery should be charged enough

Note: Showbox is a third-party app which is violating a number of rules. Apparently, the app is an illegal one which you should probably know. Before you can install such third-party apps on your Android device, make sure that the Unknown Sources option is enabled. The following path will let you to do so.

Go to: Apps>> Settings>> Scroll Down>> Select Unknown Sources>> Enable Toggle button

Once you enable this option, you will be able to install the APK file of any such third-party apps and games to your Android device. Once you enable this option, you will not have any interruptions in between the installation process of the ShowBox app.

You are here to download and install ShowBox app on a respective Android Smartphone or Tablet device. Here, we have prepared a tutorial that will guide you about the same. Follow the steps wisely and get this app installed on your Android device now.

ShowBox APK 5.40 Newest Version Download Links:

ShowBox 5.40 APK

ShowBox 5.36 APK

ShowBox 5.35 APK

ShowBox 5.30 APK

How to Install Showbox APK on Android Phone?

ShowBox Android APK 2019


  • Step 1: Go to Settings > Security > Allow your phone install apps from Unknown sources.
  • Step 2: Download the ShowBox APK v5.36 from any trusted APK repository on the web.
  • Step 3: Open the.APK file using any file manager on your device, and tap on “Install“.
  • Step 4: That’s it. You’re done. You will now find the app sitting there on your phone’s home screen.

These are the basic steps you need to follow. The above steps are for those who are already aware of the installation process and they are known to Android and its functionality. If you are not satisfied with the above steps, then here we have elaborated them in brief. The following step by step guidelines will help the beginners who haven’t installed any APK file on their Android devices.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to have is the latest version of the ShowBox app. You can download the latest version of the ShowBox App by downloading its APK file from here.

Step 2:

Once you get the APK file of the ShowBox app, the next thing you need to do is copy or transfer this file to a respective Android device. You can use a compatible USB data cable or can transfer this app by using any file sharing application.

Step 3:

After this, go to the Apps menu from your Android device and select File Manager app from there.

Step 4:

Click the Search bar option available on the File Manager app.

Step 5:

Now, type in the name of the ShowBox app which is just transferred to the device. The device will show you the ShowBox app file.

Step 6:

Select the APK file from here and double tap on to it. You will be asked whether to install it or not. Kindly select the Install button when asked.

Step 7:

The Installation process of the ShowBox app will begin itself. It will take a few seconds of time, soon you will be greeted with a successful message on your Mobile phone’s screen.

You can launch the ShowBox app by selecting the Open button, or can launch the app from the Apps menu on your Android device.

So folks, this is how you can easily install ShowBox app’s latest version on your Android smartphone. Fortunately, you can install the same app on different platforms such as iPhone & iPad, Fire Stick, Android TV Boxes, PC, Mac and more. The installation method for each platform is different and you have to follow a set of different steps to do so.

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Since ShowBox is globally popular with millions of its active users, there comes a time when users start receiving unexpected errors while surfing the ShowBox app on their Android devices. The most common errors are listed below. We have tried to narrow down these errors and listed working solutions for that. Go ahead and follow the list of most common ShowBox error now.

Common Error: Video Not Available. Try Another Server / Server A or B is Missing

If you are seeing that Server A or B is missing in the app or getting this error “Video Not Available. Try Another Server“, just follow these steps to fix the problem:

  • This error occurs when geo-blocking of users outside US and UK is set in the parameters. So, all you have to is to download a fast Virtual Private Network like PIA or NordVPN. It also helps you to stay anonymous on the internet, and prevent getting your IP and identity traced by unknown parties.
  • Open the VPN app on your phone, and connect to a US based server.
  • Go to “Settings -> Apps -> ShowBox -> Storage” and perform “Clear Data” & “Clear Cache
  • All done. Now open the app, and you should see all the servers to stream from.
  • Enjoy unlimited free movies and shows!

If you are not familiar with the manual installation process of the ShowBox APK file and want to try out a different method for the same, then here’s an easier way to do so. You can install ShowBox app from a different marketplace. Google’s official Play Store doesn’t let you install ShowBox app as the app violates the rules and regulations. However, you can install this app directly from a different App marketplace and i.e. Aptoide.

What is Aptoide?

Aptoide is the best alternative to Google’s own Play Store. It’s an app marketplace for the devices running on an Android Operating System. Here, Users can independently run their own application stores and can download even third-party applications without any issues. The Aptoide marketplace is getting more and more popular as people are getting attracted towards its simple and easy to use interface with no bounds in installing the apps and games. Here, we will let you know about installing the ShowBox app from Aptoide Marketplace.

How to Install ShowBox app with Aptoide Marketplace on Android?

Aptoide Marketplace is an independent marketplace designed for the Android users. This marketplace offers hundreds and thousands of third-party and other official apps for free for the Android users. With a simple and easy interface, the platform is gaining more popularity. The number of its users are also increasing day by day. Here, we have prepared a step by step guidelines to install ShowBox app from the Aptoide Marketplace.

Step 1: 

The first thing you need to do here is download and installating the Aptoide Marketplace app on your Android device. Aptoide Marketplace app can be installed from its official Website to your Android device. Kindly go ahead and get it from here.

Step 2: 

Once you have installed the Aptoide app on your device, go to the apps menu and launch the Aptoide Marketplace app.

Step 3: 

You will see a Search bar thereon the homepage. Click the Search bar and type in ShowBox there. Click Enter button after that.

Step 4: 

Open the ShowBox app’s download page  from the search results.

Step 5: 

Click the Download button and Install the app on your Android device.

Step 6: 

It will take a few minutes to time, wait until the installation process is done. Soon, the ShowBox app will be installed on your Android device, and you can start enjoying unlimited entertainment through the app.

This is how you can directly install the ShowBox app from Aptoide Marketplace. This process is quite easy than installing the app from its APK file. Most people do recommend this method over the manual installation method which is quite lenghty and not suitable for the beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About ShowBox App 2020

Question 1: Is the ShowBox App Legal to use on Android devices? 

As mentioned in the Disclaimer section here, ShowBox contains Copyrighted Materials of the movies and TV Shows which are available on the platform for free. Hence, the app is not a legal one and is violating Google’s terms and conditions. Hence Google is not officially allowing this app to reside in their Play Store. Apparently, the app is not a legal one and you may be guilty of breaking down the violations of the Copyright act.

Question 2: Is the ShowBox app 100% Safe?

Of course! The ShowBox is app is 100% safe and is being used by millions of its fan around the world. The app is scanned and checked with Antivirus programs and then released for the Android devices. You can explore the app and can watch your favorite movies and TV Shows worry-free.

Question 3: Do they charge anything from the users? 

ShowBox app is completely free of cost and it doesn’t charge anything from the users. All the Movies and TV Shows with full episodes can be explored on your Android device for free. You can use this app without any restrictions for unlimited time.

Question 4: Why does the app not loading some of the available movies?

ShowBox app doesn’t carry any legal materials, the movies and TV Shows are copyrighted and there’s no any rights to use such copyrighted materials without the consent from the publisher. The app gets banned sometimes and it comes back again. The application faces many issues from the publishers and hence it may not be working for you.

Question 5: Why I’m not able to update my ShowBox app to a newer version? 

ShowBox is constantly updating with newer version. If your device has received a new version of the app, you will be able to update the app by clicking on to the Update button. The update can be seen by the user once the app is launched on the device.

Question 6: What kind of Movies listed on the ShowBox app? 

ShowBox lets you explore a number of genres of different types of Hollywood Movies. Once you launch the app, click the Three lined menu button to explore the different genres available. Explore the genres such as Action, Romance, Biography, Crime, Horror to Science Fiction, Drama etc.

Question 7: How to resolve the connection error in my ShowBox app? 

ShowBox app is constantly updating and if you are experiencing any issues or getting regular connection error while using the app, make sure you update the app to the latest version. Go ahead and get the latest and updated APK file of the ShowBox app and the issue will be resolved right away. The newly updated app comes with bug fixed and minor errors can be resolved just by updating the app.

Question 8: What else can I explore from the ShowBox app apart from Movies? 

Well, ShowBox can be considered as a one-stop entertainment platform for mobile users. Apart from watching movies, you can watch full episodes of your favourite TV Shows and other TV Series. The app also lets you listen to your favourite music for free.

Question 9: Do I have to Register myself on the ShowBox app? 

No, ShowBox app doesn’t require any registration or sign up the process from the users. After installing the app, you just need to confirm your birthdate and your age. The app will be ready to use after that.

Question 10: Can I Download Movies from the ShowBox app? 

Of course! There is an option for downloading your favorite Movies and TV Shows from the ShowBox app which you can stream out offline when there’s no Internet connectivity available. So yes, you can watch things offline through the ShowBox app as well.

Question 11: Is the app available on any other platforms? 

Uhmm Yes, ShowBox can be installed on various platforms such as iOS, Mac, Windows, Chromebook etc. The way of installing this app on other platforms is different from the Android platform.

Question 12: I’m getting “ShowBox Unfortunately Stopped” error again and again. What should I do? 

ShowBox needs to be refreshed by the user. If your Android device is throwing the same error again and again, you need to clear tehe cache memory of this app from your Android device. To do so, go to the Apps menu and select Settings option. Open the Application Manager and then select ShowBox app. Click on to the Clear Cache and Clear Data option. Once done, Reboot your device once.

Question 13: What are the ways to get the ShowBox App for Android? 

Well, there are two ways with which you can get the ShowBox app installed on your Android device. The first one is by downloading its APK file from a known website. And the second one is by installing it from the Aptoide App Store. For more information, go through the above post and you will be able to install the app from Aptoide Marketplace.

Disclaimer for this Article: This is an unofficial resource and we are not associated with any of the Showbox developers or its partners. No pirated content or any APK file has been hosted or shared on this website. We are strictly against promoting any pirated content.

All the files, if any, provided for download on the site are links we gathered from the public web while editing. We are not responsible for files shared through any links submitted by other users or shared by other sites. is in compliance with 17 U.S.C. * 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). It is our policy to respond to any infringement notices and take appropriate actions. If your copyrighted material has been posted on the site and you want this material removed, please contact us now.

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