15 Best Sex Comedies Streaming on Netflix – Movies like American Pie

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Sex comedies are like the forbidden fruits that you will get if you have crossed 18. They are fun to watch, entertaining and at times even vulgar, they can set your mood right. Comedy is a genre which seems to extremely easy but is difficult when it comes to implementation. Comedy comes in various forms, including the family comedies (the ones which can be watched with a lot of people around), sports comedies (the ones that are practical yet funny), romantic comedies (everyone needs a fairy tale full of fun to watch with the partner). The most explicit genre of the comedies are the sex comedies that are not approved by everyone but are watched by everyone. They can make people frown but what we should know about them is that everyone secretly enjoys them.If you have a longer weekend and if you want to watch something funnier, lighter and erotic; a good sex comedy is what you need. Sex comedies are not always about sex alone but are also chronicles full of friendships, love, insecurities, complexities, first times, intercourse and heartbreaks. They contain every emotion which can make roll on the floor laughing to cry. We have made a list of good Sex Comedies on Netflix to watch even with a raunchy flavour.

List of 15 Best Sex Comedies on Netflix:

#1 American Pie 2 (2001):

American Pie is a franchise that is said to establish the sex comedy genre in Hollywood. The first installment of the franchise contains sex crazed teenagers who are extremely desperate to get laid. The second installment follows the same story with five different people Jim, Finch, Kevin, Stiffler and Oz who rents a summer lake house at Lake Michigan to relive their old memories. Taking break from their routine lives, they go there in order to party and as well as get laid.  Things, however don’t go as planned when they begin their antics especially when Finch finds out that he will have one more moment with Stiffler’s mom. Oz who is in a long-distance relationship have to learn how to sustain it without discarding it. Jim, as always ends up being in trouble where he uses super glue instead of a lube. Towards the end, all of them learn about relationships when Michelle makes an entry into the film and arranges a meeting with Nadia, his high school crush.

#2 American Pie: The Naked Mile (2006):

This is the fourth installment of the series and it tells the detailed story of Erik Stiffler. Stiffler being a geek fears that he will be the only person in the family who will be graduated from the high school with his virginity in the tact. After being despaired by the pressure from all of his friends, he wants to take a step and prove his worth. The Stiffler Clan is also very eager to know about his celibacy status and therefore all of them together decide to participate in the naked mile. The Naked mile is a nothing but a naked run that happens across the campus. After completing the adventure of running nude and learning some life lessons in the way, Erik finally realizes the legacy of his family. It is his decision whether to accept the legacy as a wild and insane person or live his life as a normal person.

#3 Dirty Girl (2010):

If you’re looking for a promiscuously dirty movie, Dirty Girl is definitely the one you are looking for! It tells the story of a sleazy teenager, Danielle who ends up in the special education because of a lot of things. Her remedial classes are planned around her behavior involved in mischevious activities and also her poor grades. Due to all of these conditions, she is considered as a bold yet dirty student. In the remedial education, she meets Clarke, a social misfit and an introvert who is completely opposite to her. AS two of them start getting to know each other, they will realize that they have the same interest in boys. As a result, they become best friends and eventually Danielle pretends to be his girlfriend before his parents. Being on the extremities of the outcast spectrum, they have a dream to leave the town soon. One day both of them go for a road trip in order to find Danielle’s dad who has walked out of home long back. Apart from just a sex comedy, the film also has many underlying issues that surround the teenage characters. One of the characters reflects the bunch that wants to grow out of the childhood issues while the other wants to stand for himself even if it means throwing people under anything.

#4 American Wedding (2003):

The third part of the American Pie series again, this film revolves around the story of Jim and Michelle. In the second part, Jim meets Michelle at the Lake house. All of the friends in the gang seem to be so ahead of the school and they are also changed in their lives. However, the relationship between Michelle and Jim doesn’t seem changed which is why both of them decide to get married. All of the people from the high school gather for their wedding. Stiffler, a friend of Jim from the group is someone who will now miss out on the opportunity to throw the craziest bachelor party ever. If you have seen the previous movies, you will know about his plans, the outcomes and the antics which turn things upside down.

#5 Swingers (1996):

This film is probably one of the most ancient movies that you have watched and is of course one of the best Sex Comedies ever made. The film starts Jon Favreau in the role of Mike, a comedian and a struggling actor. He travels to Las Vegas in order to give heads to Trent, his friend who realizes that Mike is in extremely bad condition because of his relationship. This breakup has a great toil on him that his life gets upside down. The group of friends along with Trent decide to bring Mile back by hitting some adult nightspots throughout the Vegas. While Trent is someone who is looking to get laid, it becomes evident that Mike is looking for something serious and that accepting his past and moving on is the only way to get what he seeks.

#6 American Pie (1999):

This list will not be complete without listing all the movies of the American Pie franchise because what’s better comedy than them? The first film is about four friends as mentioned Jim, Finch, Oz and Kevin who wants to lose their virginity. They realize that it is not an easy thing as they thought that it would eventually happen. In order to turn the things, they make a pact where all of them pledge to lose their respective virginity during the prom. This movie has the journey of these 4 teenagers to the point how each of them will finally get laid. While one of them tries singing in order to impress girls, one spreads rumors, one tries to convince his lover and one of them fails to get laid. The journey of things turning nasty as they want to score will make them learn new things in their lives.

#7 Lady-Like (2017):

Another film about social misfits, it has a lead who is loud mouthed, funny, bold and extremely arrogant. Allie, in her world struggles to meddle in the university with the BFF Kort while trying to dodge all the life problems as things get in the way because of her extreme sense of humor. Lady Like is definitely a ladies’ watch and will thrill all the women who is watching it. The story proceeds as Allie helps her best friend to get a boyfriend and regrets doing it later as she gets left out in the cold and isolation. The couple will hit it off and this is when Allie is forced to introspect herself while becoming distant from the best friend. Facing major atrocities in the life will turn her into an adult with many self-dependent challenges.

#8 Sleeping with Other People (2015):

Jake and Lainey are NewYorkers, who struggle to maintain a major relationship. Being college mates who spent a single night together, they will meet each other only after twelve years. After meeting once more, they realize that they are dealing with the same psychological problem of being serial cheaters. Even when they are in relation with someone, they would love to cheat because of the pleasure that they acquire from it. As they get closer, it becomes hard for them to mingle because of their situation getting stuck between being practical and being romantic. This movie has set a controversy for all the romantic cliché and romantic music, it stands out for portraying the wet, sexual and raw performances while exploring the real problems.

#9 Staten Island Summer (2015):

Project X has started setting standards high for the movies that revolve around parties and events. If you’re looking for a similar film which has fun and it alone written all over it, you’re in the right place. Superbad is one such derivative film that has the sexiest and funniest jokes that you’ll ever find in the world. The writing is so good that you will not help but fall in love with it. It is a story of a young lifeguard who wants to leave the town. Before he leaves, the second one wants to throw a summery party for him as the former tries to hook up with the babysitter.

#10 The Late Bloomer (2016):

For all the people who have just hit puberty, this movie is a must watch. It is that time of your life where you have to put all of your Pokemon cards and realize that there is a lot of life more than that. Puberty is the stage of transformation where you change from being a child to being an adult one. But what if it hits you extremely late? What if you’re a late boomer who have hit it at the age of 30? Johnny Simmons has a tumor in his pituitary gland which he gets removed at the age of 30 and as a result he is prone to puberty for almost 3 weeks. Oozing with sexual energy, Simmons finds a new place in this world where his emotions make him realize new things in the world.

#11 Zack and Mini Make a Porno (2008):

As the title suggests, the lead characters in this film gets stuck in making a porno. Zach and Miri, played by Seth Rogen & Elizabeth Banks are friends since their first grade. Growing up, they have jobs which can’t fulfil their bills. In order to get out of the financial crisis, Zack comes up with this idea of making a porn movie so that they can earn money. Things get extremely complicated when Zach and Miri who have agreed on not having sex in their lives start falling for each other. During their childhood they make a collective decision of not to ruin their friendship but with the sex, they will start having an emotional connection hoping that each of them will retaliate to other’s actions. The film takes us on the journey whether they would unite or get separated because of the mess?

#12 Billy Madison (1995):

Billy Madison is an interesting movie that we have witnessed in the 90s decade because of the funny story line that it has. What makes the movie even more interesting is the presence of Adam Sandler as the main lead. Adam is an uneducated, spoilt and a laid back rich kid of Bryan Madison, a big tycoon in the hospitality industry. Because of all the wealth he has, he spends his days just by slacking off in the property, drinks beers, reads erotic magazines, chills by the pool. Bryan eventually realizes that Billy is not at all worthy to take control of his business and decides to give the power to Eric Gordon, whom Billy hates. In order to prove the worth, Billy has to take up the challenge of completing 12 grades while attending each grade for around two weeks. The movie contains a lot of sex jokes, studying discipline, his misery and a lot of funny situations that will make you laugh so hard that your tears roll down the cheeks.

#13 Van Wilder (2002):

Van Wilder is a cool living legend who is extremely popular and has lived the college life for a longer period. Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool hero plays the Van Wilder role as a student who is in college for a period of 7 years because of his habit of throwing parties, preaching his legacy, organizing various fundraisers. All of these activities will keep him retained in the college where he won’t pass. His cover is blown when his father comes to know that he is still in the college and therefore, decides to cut off his fee. Van then tries to get a livelihood so that he can pay for the college. But things get worse when Gwen Pearson decides to shed the layers of his legacy to people and expose him in the public. Another interesting character in the film that you find is Taj, a transfer student who wants to learn muff diving from Van, the king of this college jungle.

#14 Premature (2014):

What if you are stuck in an endless time loop and the same day gets repeated over and over and over and over again? What would you do to come out of it? Unless you’re someone who is on a mission to rescue the world from the alien worlds. Rob Crabbe, a high school teenager is awkward but discovers that he is reliving the same day again when something wrong happens. On that day, he somehow makes out with the prettiest girl in his class. He wants to change this day and decipher the amusing mystery behind this time loop. During this change in events, he touches the breasts, smokes weed in the bus, roams around the entire school while riding the golf cart. The irony is whether he would be able to break this loop or if there’s a deeper meaning for this time loop?

#15 She’s Out of My League (2010):

Kirk is a nice guy but do we like nice guys? What is that we have to say about the nice guys, usually? Do they finish earlier? Not in this movie though. Kirk is an introverted guy who gets criticized largely for his nature. But he surprises his surroundings, family and friends and even his ex-girlfriend, when he dates Molly, the drop-dead beauty. She is not only just gorgeous but a 10, according to the beauty ratings. In the start, he makes a fool of himself when he stains his own pants while making out but then he decides to turn all the things the other way with his friends. He goes through various sessions of manscaping and becomes the man that Molly wants.

That being said, all of these films listed above are funnier to the core that you will feel nothing but lighter once you are done watching them.

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