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Top 20 Romantic Movies that will make your Heart Melt!

Top 20 Romantic Movies that will make your Heart Melt!
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Romance is what we love for, we breath for and we usually want in lives. Everything we do in life is only valid only to be loved a bit more than we already are. This week, we have decided to come up with the list of top romantic movies that you might want to watch in life and shed tears together. As a result, today we have a made a list that contains the romantic films so that you can pick one and watch it with your loved ones. From classical stories to cheesy rom-com to tragic endings, we have enlisted the best. These Romantic Movies are filled with intrinsic emotions and are available either on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu!

List of Top 20 Romantic Movies you shall not miss:

#1 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004):

This film can be included in lists that come with so many labels. It is probably one of the best films that is made and therefore, is also included in the Top 100 films of Alltime as well. It is regarded as the greatest love film that is made in the century and has garnered the cult status. In my life, I see a wide range of people sharing the quotes from this film on daily basis and I can only imagine why. The story of this film narrates a non-linear story of Joel and Clementine. It can also be said as one of the films which has set the trend of non-linear story telling in the current world. The two leads of the film have totally different personalities and are shown to travel from Montauk to reach the Rockville Centre. Their relationship is weird with many turned out events. At the beginning, the pair is shown to get attracted to each other and start their relationship on the train. As the movie unfurls, we will realize that they were dating each other before two years. Clementine, who had a trouble with their relationship decides to remove all her memories that are associated with Joel and he reciprocates as well. The process that they are undergoing works in reverse where the bitter memories will be deleted first and then the most lovable ones. Joel and Clementine however remember that their first meeting was in Montauk towards the end which is why they meet again in the same train. In the present day, they want to give their relationship one more try when Joel insists. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a realistic, a mind-bending and amazing tale which will not give the viewers any choice than to like it, even when you try so hard to dislike it.

#2 In the Mood For Love (2000):

‘In the Mood For Love’ is a romantic film of the 2000 era. This film proves why Korean Industry is capable of making good films. Mood For Love is the greatest story that has been told because of the complications that it involves. This film can be a poetry, a short story, a novel or we series. The content of the film is so strong that it is filled with soulful music, exquisite emotions, captivating images and beautiful screenplay. The two characters who go through the allure and fear of falling for each other go through a lot that one can even predict. The tale has sheer pain of being incomplete while depicting love in its most vulnerable state. It reveals all the vulnerabilities in a relationship while showing how helpless that people can get before love. In the Mood For Love is an understated film, which has a simple storyline but has the maximum impact after the view. Wong Kar Wai has made a beautiful film that lasts with the audience for months even after watching it. An interesting thing about the film is that he has made the film without completing the history. This again proves that most of the great arts in the history are accidents and you can count this film as one among them.

#3 Before Sunset (2004):

esse and Celine are by far the most beautiful couples that I have ever witnessed in the history of Cinema. Before Sunset is a sequel to Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise, its predecessor in the terms of story line, characters and personification. The film explores the connecting between two strangers and what the bond usually means to them. After 9 years of their first meeting, Jesse and Celine are shown as characters who have changed a lot. Jesse comes to Paris in order to promote his book which is written on their first meeting when they have shared some intimate moments while roaming around the town. Celine, an environmentalist happens to visit this same bookstore and meets Jesse. For the second time, the two strangers meet together and get attracted to each other and end up meeting each other. However, they have the time limit even this time where one has to leave because of the flight. What is going to happen this time is the main theme of the film. The beauty of this story is that they don’t get compelled to stay just because they like the other. Will they realize that the destiny is trying to keep them together and that love indeed works in a wide range of mysterious ways.

#4 Lost in Translation (2003):

Starring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray in the main roles, this film shows how we can find love in the strangest and unexpected places especially when you’re not looking for it. Charlotte, played by Scarlett Johansson goes on a vacation with her photographer husband and realizes that her life is extremely dull and boring. In Tokyo, she realizes that she has to spice her life up in order to make it interesting. She then meets Bob, an actor who comes to Tokyo for shooting an ad. Bob is also shown as an individual who is in search of the uneventful life. When Charlotte and Bob meet, we don’t see any sparks flying or any butterflies fluttering. But when they keep on meeting, they share immense love and respect for each other. Far from home, these lost people find a piece of their hearts in the other.

#5 The Graduate (1967):

If you’re looking for a sleazy romantic movie to watch instead of some serious movie, this one is for you. A thing I want to convey before proceeding with this movie is that it won’t fit well with the younger audience but it has the ability to entertain all kinds of audience irrespective of age because of the subtle humour that it contains. The film conveys the story of Benjamin Braddock, a graduate who doesn’t have any specific aim in life. He has rich parents and therefore is not sure what to do in life. He, then gets seduced by the wife of the father’s friend. After resisting for so long, he gives in but then meets her daughter to fall in love with her. At this phase, there is nothing in the world that is more fucked up than Benjamin’s life. Talking about the condition of Benjamin, he is sexually attracted to Robinson but manages to form an emotional bond with the daughter and they run away just before the marriage. Spending few days they realize that they have screwed up because of the darkness of the life making it worth living for.

#6 Lootera:

Lootera is one of the most well-made film which uses the intimate details, the periodic setting but does not exploit the mindsets of the audiences like any other film. It does what a cinema is supposed to do while narrating a tale that starts as “Once upon a time”. The film has four magical words that promise us the romance, the adventure, the drama, and the fantasy. Even if it starts like just any other Disney fairytale, it takes the immediate escape by bringing all the complications. We are whisked away by all the humdrum of the film. Like an alert, our imagination will perk the ears and begin with an ordinary story which later flourishes the two main leads. It is by far one of the most beautiful movies that I have watched. Vikramaditya Motwane has done a mind-blowing job in understanding the direction well that he has adapted the ‘O Henry – Leaf’ that has been written around a hundred years before and brings the beauty to it with a modern romantic touch.

#7 Brokeback Mountain (2005):

A Brilliant story, this film is unconventional because it speaks the tale of two men unlike the heterosexual relationships. However, this is one of the beautiful tales because of the performances that are given by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. If you’re wondering about other movies of Heath Ledger after watching The Dark Knight, I guess this one should be on the top of the list. This movie manages to plant many existential questions in the people brains while going through the consequences of loving someone against the society rules. Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar are two lads who fight at first but then fall in love in a year of their meeting. They get dismissed by the owner of the ranch because of this, the couple then starts facing the realities while acting normal before their wives. Once in a while, they escape from the falsity that they are living in and start embracing each other. This film is futuristic and deserves a huge applause just for the attempt and it also melts your heart, if you’re not a homophobic.

#8 Cold War (2018):

Difficulty is the test that love can ever face. In times of trouble, love either dies a poor death or lives with the finest glory. The story of Cold War is one such love story and it is said that the director has adapted the screenplay from the real-life story of his parents. Pawel Pawlikowski, has made the film about two different lovers who has tried to keep the relationship alive even when it is doomed from the beginning. Set in the era of Cold War, Wiktor, the music director has been trying to find a new voice in order to dazzle world. In an audition, he comes across Zula who has a sweet and yet mysterious voice. Smitten by her talent, Wiktor pursues both the love and the lover in a journey which has a political background.

#9 The Notebook (2004):

A rich girl falls in love with a guy who everyone believes that is not suitable for her. The love between them turns inevitable because of the beauty they share. As the saying “If two people are meant to be together, it will always happen’, both of them try and overcome all the obstacles even if it means building stories on an everyday basis. The actors who have given the brightest performances make us feel as if the film is not just a story. This romance tale then flashes to an old man who is reading his youth story when he falls in love with an Alzheimer’s patient, who is his wife. The Notebook is one of the most beautiful stories that has been spread around both young and old people while teaching them to cherish love when it is there, irrespective of age.

#10 Bombay (1995):

When Mani Ratnam, the famous Indian director wants to make a statement, he does it on the communal situation which is existing in the country. Years back, he has decided to write a tale that favors inter-religion relationships when they are not even there. He won’t go signing the memorandum but instead wraps up the characters that flaunt love in the odd situations. Bombay is one such beautiful tale and a riveting film that is based on Hindu Muslim marriage. The film is filled with bloody riots, frenzied backdrops and is wrapped with many commercial elements. However, the film is filled with inevitable love and never-giving-up bond. The two characters love with silence, glances and by looking into each other’s eyes with evocative portrayals while being stuck in a whirlpool which is beyond their control. However, they do not give up!

#11 A Walk to Remember (2002):

This story belongs to a troubled boy and a sorted girl. They start having feelings for each other in their first meet and we can find that there is something that is present between them. Its her Leukemia however which stops her from proceeding because she’s too scared about her disease. The film tells that some people are not meant to be with each other, even when they can be matched for a lifetime. They only get together in order to heal each other and to make each other a better person. Towards the end, the one who has been left alone misses the situation which owes them a lot to the person who is dead.

#12 The Proposal (2009):

A Pushy female boss wants to use her young assistant so that she can retain her Visa. She enslaves him for more than three years. In order to avoid her deportation, she wants to marry him and therefore proposes him by offering him a free promotion. She is not only a control freak but also is extremely selfish when it comes to such situations. This tale is a calculated tale full of give and take and within a duration, you will realize that the couple is in love. The movie has the ability to make you stiff the forehead at few scenes, but the magic it has while the lady struggles between her heart and mind will make you love it.

#13 Her (2013):

Theodore is a lonely man living who has been recently divorced. He comes across an OS1 that has been invented and advertised as the best artificial intelligence operating system in the world. After going through its features, he decides to purchase it. The operating system is named as Samantha, the voice behind his OS and within no time, he gets drawn to it. They start spending time and eventually, Theodore gets close to it and ends up falling in love with it. It is through this journey, he will go on a self-discovery filled with joy, speculation, possession, and heartbreak. Joaquin delivers his finest performance as Theodore making all of us relate to him, as we earn for love in the life.

#14 Brooklyn (2015):

Brooklyn is a movie that has the most simple premise in terms of originality and reality. It is a story that comes off as an achievement and also touches the audience because of the emotional dissonance it has. Rendering with intensity, the experience you will get in watching this movie will not be any less than discovering a goldmine or a gem. The movie has a universality which is why it has been spread to corners of the world. It beautifully displays the pain of the immigrants in a realistic way. There is not a single frame in the movie where you would feel that it is Irish because of the theme and people who have left home will definitely feel related to this movie on all aspects.

#15 La La Land (2016):

La La Land is the major example which shows how a musical should look like. It clearly shows the trick of making successful music without holding on the bars. If you have time, you can as well explore all Damien Chazelle’s movies just to know how he does everything so beautifully. He ensures that La La Land tells us a story where all of us fall in love with someone but fail to keep them in life because of the timing and destiny. This is why La La Land is the best musical that has been made after Cabaret. It is also repleted with interested dance numbers, eye poppers, and mesmerizing metaphors along with the emotional context that the movie has. Another thing that the film shows is that the success of a person can not only be a best friend but also the worst enemy as far as we can recall.

#16 Amelie (2001):

Amelie is a shy waitress who works in the Montmartre cafe with a different personality. As an introvert, she has very few numbers of people in her life. On her journey, she returns her childhood treasure to the former occupant of the apartment that she is living in. She sees that it had made him happy and therefore decides to go on a mission to make people happy. In the meantime, she meets a quirky guy who collects all the photobooth pictures. Before knowing, Amelie realizes that it is important to have her own initiative through which she can reach others. The journey and the chemistry they share in this platonic tale will make you tear up at moments in awe.

#17 500 Days of Summer (2009):

When a man falls in love with the woman, their life gets complicated even when they want to keep it really simple. Especially when you come across a woman who doesn’t believe in the true love, the guy goes on an immaculate journey which puts him through thick and thin. As we proceed into the story, we get questioned about our idea of love and how it has been fed to us as the sweetest thing since we even knew. The film is capable of taking us into a mental battle and prompting us to choose sides between practical love vs romantic love (between the guy and the girl). This movie, however, has few instances that are taken from the past and are shown in a non-chronological narrative pointing how you can neither make someone fall in love nor you can make them fall out of love.

#18 Punch-Drunk Love (2002):

Barry Egan, as a young man hates his life and hates himself. As a result, he decides on living a solitary life where he has to hide his outbursts and panic attacks that occur when he’s frustrated. These attacks turn him violent beyond control. He, however, meets Lena Leonard, his sister’s friend and learns that he is attracted to him. It is because of her dominant personality where he makes all the first moves. Lena, through their relation, succeeds in getting Barry out of the shell without giving up on him. Their relationship and the new life that he shares with Lena gets threatened by Georgia, whom he used to meet in order to get rid of the loneliness.

#19 Blue is the Warmest Color (2013):

If we look at the movie at the heart, Blue is the Warmest Color is not only a painful love story but it also beautiful because of the emotions filled in it. It is not just any love story that we see across, because it is about anxieties, fear, the heartbreak that is involved when the person we loved part ways with us. While the film has all the ability and the construction to be a heterosexual story between a boy and a girl, the director has decided to show the homosexual love story with a better route which made many hearts that could not come out of the shell ache.

# 20 The Painted Veil (2007):

I will never understand in my life why this movie is so underrated. It is the best movie that I have found in my life which has explored all the aspects of the relationship. The director has written a screenplay which is as raw as you can see when it comes to the relationships. This film is tender, undiluted yet so mature that you will not be able to understand what you’re seeing for a while. It puts you in a dilemma where you have to choose between the two flawed characters only to come to a conclusion that no one in this world is perfect, neither them nor you. This film has a repetitive value which can break your heart into pieces.

That being said, these are the best romantic movies that you can watch in your lifetime where you will laugh, have fluttering butterflies in the stomach, cry and be sad beyond your ability. Have a marathon, this weekend! Don’t stop till you realize the importance and the eternity of the love.

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