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8 Great President Movies of All Time with Formulaic Plots!

8 Great President Movies of All Time with Formulaic Plots!
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Resuscitating/imitating a real figure can get tricky. It is not easy to portray the real-life character on the screen especially if the person is still alive. Even with the initial glitches of getting the character right, it gets easier once you evolve the script and become equipped with the person. You will be revealed of the burden of riveting with the film. Presidents have a way of making history in the cinema. Presidents are one of those people who have an exclusive special place in the cinema history.

Right from William McKinley, who was notably the first president of the United States in 1897, many presidents have taken the reign and has stood as the satirized aspirations for the American films which managed to grace the screen. While the House of Cards is undoubted, the best black political comedy series I have witnessed in my life, there are some really great President Movies that are inspired from real life. Therefore, here is a list of great president movies that you can find on various browsing platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime.

List of Great President Movies:

#1 Lincoln (2012):

Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the greatest actors that has ever lived and this statement involved Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey or Robert De Niro. His performance in the latest movie, Lincoln will speak about how great he is! Now that we are clear about his excellent acting skills, this biopic made on Abraham Lincoln reflects the raconteurs of Speilberg as he tries to explain the struggle of Lincoln through slavery. Tony Kushner along with Day-Lewis has managed to resuscitate the details of the Lincoln and his life as he turned out to be the greatest president of America. The presentation of the movie focuses on the flaws and shortcomings of the pristine president while giving us a glimpse into his personal life. Burdened with the mankind, Lincoln from his youth walks like an aged man while having the brevity of a teenager. He is a political genius that none of us will claim not to be, and his life has remained unhinged for decades. Kushner has somehow managed to change the defensive script to a provocative script by retelling all the historic moments during Lincoln’s era. The uncanny domiciliation of Lincoln is why this film is one of the greatest President Movies in the cinema universe.

#2 All the President’s Men (1976):

This film is one of the most harrowing President Movies in the history of mankind. It is not well researched and investigated throughout in order to attain the accuracy. The brilliance of the film lies in luring the hidden parts of the political scandal that happened in 1972. A mystery of the political history, this film starts the two iconic actors of the film industry. The film is picked up in 1972 when a journalist breaks into the democratic office with the determination of getting hold of the accounts. Bob Woodward is then forced to join with Carl Bernstein, in order to issue the sanctity of the offices held by Lincoln. However, because of the research; the movie has an exhaustive script which is strengthened in meticulous because of the craftsmanship involved. Together, it manages to get a grip on the reality which never strays.

#3 All the Way (2016):

The murder of JFK is indeed a surprising element and is a great story to tell. It has opened doors for Lyndon B. Johnson in order to take the reign on the country when it is left in utter distraught. While JFK is one of the favorite presidents of people, Lyndon mainly focused on maintaining his power and worked on being elected all over again. The role of Lyndon B. Johnson is played by Bryan Cranston in a stunning way that none of you would for a second think that he’s not the actual Lyndon B. Johnson. Apart from that, if you’re a Walter White fan; you’re in for an exuberant experience on watching this film. It has the ability to hold the attention of rewarding enrichment to movie buffs.

#4 Dr. Strangelove (1964):

Again, a film full of Kubrick’s magic and understanding; it is hard to not get attracted by this film. The unbridled genius of all time has managed to make this film influentially as it reflected his art in the movie. This film is brilliant as well as extremely distinctive when compared to other films. ‘Dr. Strangelove’ is released in 1964, where the US has gripped the paranoia motion and the mass hysteria of the nuclear war. The doomsday of the political era has been used as a satirization tool for this evocative film of Kubrick. This film has managed to give a new definition to the same genre movies by bringing altruistic representation of the cinema. The film contains a fleet of around B-54 planes are intended in this film to go against the Soviet Union under the instructions of the 823rd base commanding officer. The fleet is ordered to perform nuclear bombings in the particular regions despite the intention of effectuating the exchange. As a result, Muffley along with the United States army face a war which is supposed to eliminate the world peace while withering the countries. Using names like King Kong, Jack Ripper; the nuclear missiles are carried out like a rodeo into the Soviet Union. The reason why you will be bound to this movie is that Kubrick displayed his excellence as a writer in this movie. His usage of metaphors will tell you his greatness of being a filmmaker.

#5 JFK (1991):

For anyone who is interested in knowing the life of JFK, this film is a perfect fit. The movie has a proper structure which imitates the lift of JFK in every aspect. It covers all the infamous events of his life in accordance with the tumultuous past of the country. Deluded as a tempered child, the movie has a mild-mannered display of John Kennedy and how his behavior has taken a toll on his life. The assassination of him is also displayed in a rather inconvenient way, followed by the conspiracy theories that has set America to unrest. The entire nation gets materialized by mass paranoia which is beautifully described in this movie. Amidst these situations, Jim Garrison playing the role of an investigator tries to search for the truth while keeping his calm when he is confronted with dark secrets of the political world. A professional film as it is, it is led by Kevin Costner’s stellar performance.

#6  The Butler (2013):

The title itself speaks for how different the movie will be when compared with the other typical Political Movies on the list. Lee Daniels, the constant inspiration for many aspiring directors in the industry is known for his detailed work and The Butler is one of them. Through this film, he has managed to shed his foray into the social-political genre. The film contains a rather complex narrative which attributes to the cast, the emotions which highlight the lows of the film while it displays the period of the 60’s. America, while it is in the initial stage of the civil moment is shown through the perspective of Cecil Gaines, a butler for 8 years at the White House. Through his tenure, presidents have come and go but he managed to anchor the metamorphosis of the country while being at the house. Forrest Whittaker has elevated to the script to a level that you will regret not watching this movie.

#7 The Ides of March (2011):

The directorial talent of George Clooney has been displayed in this movie. According to history, all the debts are settled on 15th March and Clooney has managed to carve out a breathtaking drama out of it. Like all the other campaigns, Clooney has shown us a fair share of ups and downs in the movie. As the plot goes, Mike Morris gets you involved in the scandal which withers his chance of becoming the president. Stephen Myers is the only campaign manager who can either break/maker career while he pursues. While all the managers are not like Eli Gold, Myers have got worse people. He has been a representative of all the low mankind derivates which is why he loathes himself in ruthlessness, ambition, and selfishness. Together, his character brings the best out of him as Ryan Gosling punches us with his performance. A riveting experience, ‘The Ides of March’ is one of those movies that you should not be missing.

#8 The American President (1995):

The American President’ is a movie which introduced us to the charm of Annette Benning and made us fall in love with it. This film has all the benefits that are required for a romance-drama to get into the eyes of the audience. It has a subtle context which is not overplayed. On the other hand, the romance and the chemistry of the leads are not underplayed either. Sydney, an outspoken advisor manages to catch the eye of Andrew Shephard, the president in the White House. Even after being reluctant at first, Sydney manages to accept the invitation of Andrew and the whole thing sparks their romance to an energetic level. Benning and Douglas have turned to the legs of the film which had a formulaic plot.

Go through this list of biggest President Movies and have fun, this weekend!

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