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Passengers Ending Explained – Different Perspective

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‘Passengers’ has gained attention from all over the world because of its two lead actors, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Released in 2017, the movie has high expectations from people as soon as it is announced. Most of the people are excited to see the two actors working together, creating a unique space. As expected, the movie did good at the box office, but still could not beat the recently released ‘La La Land’.

According to the makers, the film has made three times the net worth that has been invested in it. While it did not manage to take the box office over, it sure did give a fortune to the procedures who invested in it. Despite the success, there are a few reasons why the film hasn’t been a success. Be it the reliance on the two leads, a weakly stitched narrative, the poor character development; the movie performed more than what it can. Therefore, I have decided to unravel the film and list out the mysteries that brought it a bit down.

The Plot:

The plot of the movie is set in a spaceship which is set to Odyssey, a colonial planet. This movie has taken the reference of Odyssey from the ‘A Spaceship to Odyssey’ literally. In this journey, the inhabitants are basically asleep with the journey time outliving them. However, out of all, Jim awakens and gets extremely confused about his place in the spaceship. After a lot of skepticism, Jim discovers the elements of the spaceship and decides to use them for his own benefit. As Aristotle said in his political paradigm, “Man is a social animal”. Jim finds himself lonely and wants a companion for himself which is why he starts browsing through the zeroes and options. Out of nowhere, he finds Aurora; a beautiful woman who is also asleep. Jim wakes her up deliberately in order to keep himself, company.

His attempts start easier but after finding that it is not easy to wake her up, he starts with the details. At last, he malfunctions the incubator and as a result, she wakes up. Jim, as a result, pretends that there is nothing wrong with him. Aurora, believing his narrative decides to spend time with him. Amidst the events, Arthur appears in the screen imitating the bartender in the ‘Shining’ as the semblance of human life in the entire spaceship apart from those. Over the period, it gets revealed that Arthur is not just a human, but a humanoid; who is half android and half human. As the only two human beings on the ship, Jim and Aurora start falling for each other on spending a lot of time together.

The Stake:

Gus eventually reveals to the couple that none of the inhabitants are supposed to wake up before the destination. He also says that it takes around 120 years for the members to take the trip and reach the planet, including all of the members. However, Gus, after going through the systems realize that there are technical concerns about the ship. The concerns can be transformed into the critical faults in the system, consuming the life of people on the board. Gus, who could not sustain the conditions at home gives his card to the couple by placing the responsibility of repairing the ship in their hands.

The couple knows that all the lives on the ship are at stake and it is their responsibility to save them. Jim’s waking up is also accounted because of a major breach that happened when the ship collided with the meteor before two years. Just like in all the movies of this type, the technical issue can only be physically handled and one of the main characters should be doing it. The task, however, will put him/her at risk. Despite the protests of Aurora, Jim decides that he should be the one who has to sacrifice his life in order to let people die. Heroically, he gets out of the ship and manages to save the lives.

Aurora later retrieves Jim’s body from the space and stabilizes it. She uses the Autodoc method and starts the resuscitation process. After frantic efforts of Aurora, she manages to bring Jim from the dead and all of them reunite. During their encounter with Autodoc, both of them discover that it can be used as a hibernation pod to accommodate a person. The narrative jumps to almost 88 years later, as the crew along with the passengers waking up, based on the schedule. In the ship, they discover a house with flora and fauna with a book filled with memories. The book belongs to Aurora which reveals that the two have spent the rest of their lives together without letting any of them die.

The Ending:

The ending of ‘Passengers’ will not excite you or neither it has any surprising elements to take you by hear. The ending gives you the two characters who dramatically chose love over their life and opt to die. This movie has a similar ending with Titanic only with the heroine choosing the life over love, unlike this dramatic climax. The ending failed to set the fireworks ablaze. The mid part where Jim has woken up from the sleep will rub you off the fantasy. Also, there are some theories of the movie in which why Jim is the only person who has been awakened instead of any other passenger.

While few of the reject that it is just an arbitrary thing, others come up with a hypothesis that says why Jim has been selected carefully by Avalon. His motive is to save the passengers from destruction and save the ship. Jim, being a mechanic by profession and a dead human being considered that he has got the ticket for Homestead with this movie. His job profile and his proficiency match the description to avert the danger. According to the plot, the ship is met with the collision way before from when Jim has woken up. Therefore, theories say that Avalon has chosen to wake Jim out of the blue, for a specific reason of being the superhero who saves all.

During the initial stages of the movie, Preston is shown having fun on the ship all alone because of the lack of the internet. Therefore, according to this; there is no internet available on the ship. If that’s the case, how did Jim access the data of Aurora before waking her up? How did he come to know what books she wrote and what food she likes! It is shown that the ship stores larger and larger chunks of data on every passenger to depict how all of them are chosen spots because of their backgrounds.

Each person on this ship has a role in keeping the ship sustainable, which is why all of them are important either in smaller parts or in bigger parts. This utopian concept of the movie is hidden throughout the movie making the directors take proper heed of. Sending signals to earth would take thousands and thousands of years and therefore, the ship had to be imperative with the condition that it just is! Throughout the movie, there are only around three people who wake up from their scheduled sleep from their respective pods. The three people include Gus, Aurora, and Jim. While Aurora has been woken by Jim personally, Gus is awakened because of a disturbance that happens in their sleep.

It turns out that the answers to these questions are not just random but they constitute a huge set of answers altogether. Gus, who is also the captain of the ship with his card can access all the parts of the ship that no passengers are allowed into. There are few restricted areas of the ship that Jim and Aurora can’t access on their own so by the death of Jim, they are given this ability to go to these restricted areas. If they have failed to rescue the ship, the entire ship would have been destroyed with the human remains for the next generation. The evidence, therefore, suggests that there is a larger play than the one at hand.

The Cast:

The climax of the movie reaffirms the theme which has been sparked in the plot. There are many little moments that you can come across in this film that the characters share, bringing a soul to the movie by giving a lot of shade to it. Chris Patt can be said to single-handedly anchor the movie with the antics and the routine. Arora character, on the other hand, is full of many emotions that solidifies the companionship between male and female from ancient times. This might seem a little myopic in thought, but it is the main reason why Jim has to waken Aurora up, Without any of use of human faculty, the ship itself wakes two people up; both Gus and Jim. They also would have had a stint as soon as he woke up, this scene is also a bigger debate among the audience between the technology vs human beings.

The only reason why humans lose objectivity and embrace subjectivity is that of the emotions. Machines, as we know won’t let themselves through the feelings and the emotions. If that is the case, Avalon would have perfectly survived without being dead. Without craft, technology and machines are entirely worthless. In a way, they share a relationship which allows them to both flourish and sustain. If you know the movie Alien, the harrowing science fiction has set the benchmark for other movies of the same genre. The interface between technology and humans has been beautifully explored through the artificial technology.

Order #937 of this movie have ensured the ship safety as well as the people on it, other than the scientist. But, there is no way that we can know about these things, as it remains a mystery which can not be solved. The ending has brought a legacy of Jim and Aurora; which can be carried forth with huge potential. The makers of the film haven’t said their intentions clearly. The visuals at the end are indicative that Jim and Aurora has a life, together. Without any sign of the ship, the people assumed that they have died in the relationship. The souvenir of life in this film is shown to be the love that they share. Aurora leaves a diary full of memories and the incidents that happened between them. Apart from that, we are also shown that the pair has come up with a habitat and has bred trees, plants, and birds. Together, they have given the passengers; the concept of civilization that can be taken to Homestead II.

In the Infirmary, Jim (CHRIS PRATT) and Aurora (JENNIFER LAWRENCE) realize they have limited options in Columbia Pictures’ PASSENGERS.

The Perspective:

People who woke up after years are in extreme awe of this creation that they don’t want to get their hands beyond this new discovery. The sun shines brightly through the lush, the habitat while the screen is covered with black and muffles. Towards the end, I kept thinking how the story could have been if it is told from Aurora’s point of view, highlighted by Lawrence’s acting. The storyline would have made a whole world apart difference and ‘Passengers; would have been a mark for the storytelling. She is confused and is shifting gears, frantically as a part of normalcy. During her search, she comes upon Jim’s character who is nothing but a stranger. Aurora eventually falls in love with this strange man, while lingering through the shadows. However, she tries to keep an eye on him and after a year, they come together lacing the screenplay with intimate scenes.

The idea of exploring ‘Passengers’ in this format is initially talked by two infamous critics, Chris Stuckman, and Doug Walker. Their analyses have proved that taking another perspective would have done wonders with the same storyline by adding a lot of intrigue and depth to the film. Altogether, Passengers is a decent watch and one of a kind movie that you don’t want to miss. It is appalling, thrilling and equally dramatic by providing you with all the ingredients in the right place.



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