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Top 5 Paranormal Movies Streaming on Netflix that will Scare You!

Top 5 Paranormal Movies Streaming on Netflix that will Scare You!
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It is no doubt that Halloween is the spookiest part of the year but that does not mean it’s the time of the year where you can watch the different kind of horror films. Horror films are that one particular genre of films that everybody likes irrespective of the taste. There is no such thing as a bad horror movie because even the worst horror movie has something to scare you. There are few movies which fail to pull the genre off but did you notice that all the best and outstanding horror movies are usually based on the ‘paranormal’ sub-genre.

The paranormal movies can take your feet and sweep you under the bed as you get scared because they are actually based on the true events. For example, if you take ‘The Conjuring’ undoubtedly has the most intriguing story line, indulging characters and especially an exclusive bunch of jump scares that we needed, but if there is one thing that has been chilling us down is the fact that all the horror incidents are actually happening to a family.

Even if the movies are not based on the real events, they try to portray all the incidents in a way that the audience believe that it is happening. They either recreate the characters, events or show us the first-person perspective of the film while converting it into a documentary that is made on real life people. The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle and The Nun are the same kind of movies even though when some of them merely appear as amateur documentaries made by amateur people. ‘Grave Encounters’ or ‘The Blair Witch Project’ are examples of such films. The crazy horror film fan inside you must be wanting something more than just a vague adaption or a wannabe documentary and that’s why we are here for you. There are some movies that documented the situations where people go to various haunted locations and sights and use Ouija Boards in order to interact with the spirits. While we don’t have the hardihood to do such stuff we love to see some of it.

Here’s a safe way for you to experience the paranormal watching experience by going through the documentaries. Documentaries bring people very closer to the reality. If you’re someone who is extremely enthralled about paranormal activities, are scared to go and experience them and want to watch a marathon of horror realities, of the true events. We have taken the effort of taking some really good documentaries that are streaming on Netflix including the BBC paranormal visuals. Have a look!

List of Top 5 Paranormal Movies Streaming on Netflix:

#1 Hostage to the Devil (2016):

This documentary is based on the infamous incident “Hostage to the Devil”, that is described in the book with the same name, written by Father Malachi Martin. This book has acquired immense fame among the audience for its unpredictability. This incident narrates the story where the Father turns into an exorcist for a kid who is possessed by an extremely evil spirit. In order to execute the exorcism, the father locks himself with the child for several hours trying to free the spirit of the child. But the truth is that the Devil keeps both of them under its hostage. This book is horrifying in the narrative and led higher expectations for people when it is being turned into visual. Most of times we don’t expect the film to be on par with the actual book, but this one will surpass all of the expectations while scaring the hell out of you.

This movie misses the controversial and powerful side of the priest like other films. It also will not talk about the revelations, the past theories in the field of paranormal world. It doesn’t reflect on his private life as well while adding a lot of value to his role. Now the whole thing comes down to the point where you can watch it through the eye of a skeptic or look into the loops of the story. The film has many religious references as well and therefore it is important for you to take all without questioning about anything so much.

#2 Killer Legends (2014):

Every town has its tale of urban legends. Its interesting how all the schools that we have known and we have studies are basically built on the graveyards. Or are they? Some of the legends that go around are stupid. While some of them can be dismissed very easily, some of them are utterly unbelievable but still have an origin story that is actually scary.  It is upto you to decide if you want to dismiss the story immediately or believe that it is greater than the legend. The documentary does an interesting thing as it investigates the urban legends that are going around while dwelling into the origin of these legends. It is an extremely enjoyable documentary but you will be needing a strong heart for this graphic with grim stories.

#3 Dark Tourists (2018):

TLC has been a favorite channel of people because of its programs that feature the tourists who keep visiting the beautiful and exotic destinations that make people fall love in tourism. Most of the shows that I have seen on TLC make me want to pack the bags and travel throughout the world. David Farrier, the journalist has a major fetish for places that are extremely creepy. His desire to travel to the haunted places might not inspire you to go visit them but can scare you to a point where you will get scared to even stay inside your own home alone. His expedition consists of all the dangerous places including death worshipping rooms, haunted jungles, atomic pools of radiation and cities with vampires. This TV series of documentary format is not for faint hearted people as it contains many violent images which can haunt you. But if you’re looking for something very unique in this genre, this Netflix docu-series is everything you want.

#4 The Devil and the Father Amorth (2017):

This is a film made on Paranormal activities where an incident of an Italian woman is shown. She is shown possessed by the Satan on a whole of nine times in her life. All the times, she gets exorcised by Father Amorth and when he does it for the ninth time, things get extremely scarier. The thing that frightens you the most in this documentary is that this lady keeps on talking in most strange voices with the debate that keeps on going about the truth that’s causing these events. The movie has wide range of questions that keep popping up about the human sanity and the religious ethics. With this movie I have noticed that the common thing that lies among the documentaries is that most of the atheists and people with various religious beliefs downrate the horror movies based on their truths. But the purpose of the films is for sheer entertainment and they are not titled towards the personal beliefs. As a viewer, it is important for you to watch this film without getting offended so that you will find it scary and get jumpscares.

#5 The Nightmare (2015):

We can openly say that you have not known true horror if you have not experienced sleep paralysis ever. I still remember the first time that I have experienced sleep paralysis. I just laid on the bed with wide eyes but my body is completely rigid with the inability to move. I could feel a huge heaviness on me and that there’s someone with me in the room. I could even hear a lot of sounds from the ceiling as if someone is scratching it. It made me think that my house is haunted. ‘The Nightmare’ is a documentary full of such stories about real people. The scary thing about these experiences are that some of them are not real, and are purely carved out of the imagination. Watching it has made me think how a person’s imagination can take us to places where not the most scariest horror film can take us. This is also one of the reasons why we love Stephen King and his novels as he leaves a lot of scope for our imagination. The only flaw that I have found in this documentary is that they don’t explain the condition. The only term that gets used is the shadow people who like to visit us every now and then.

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