‘Our Cartoon President’: TV Series Review – Donald Trump’s Cartoon

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  • Creators: Chris Licht, Matt Lapin, R.J Fried and Tim Luecke.
  • Voices: Cody Lindquist, Jeff Bergman, Griffin Newman, William Sadler, Gabriel Gundacker and James Adomian.
  • Premiere: Sunday 10 PM.

Each day, we are being confronted with many comedy shows hitting on the screens that talk about the current events. Among all the events that are happening in the USA, the Donald Trump presidency is one of the most alarming things, which is why there are just many tonnes of shows in the picture. However, the question here is how exactly are these TV guys planning to establish humor which is different than that of internet’s? How are these people trying to make jokes which are different from the ones that we see on the twitter, all day? Twitter is known for the tremendous jokes and the outstanding sessions and to focus on specific incidents in this cycle and create a new aura is not so easy. There are just many nuances that you will be confronted when you raise a finger about a particular thing but then again, indulging these things cleverly in the conversations is something that you would not want to miss. In case of ‘Our Cartoon President’, created by the Matt Lapin, Stephen Colbert, Chris Licht, R.J Fried and Tim Luecke; it is an added compilation of several things with lagged animation. Everything that Trump has ever said or did from the last December to today; including the Dome Teapot scandal has been included in this series. The new series is full of Colbert and his cohorts who are pretty determined about winning the game and not just playing it. Therefore, the series is a facile and frenzy sitcom composed of amusing and reductive characterization of Donald Trump and his mates in the White House with an ineptitude.

The best that can be told about the show is that it is designed for people who love to mock the president and his minions but who would prefer not to deal with the realities of the incident and policies preferring not to deal with the policy realities or the original accidents. The audience of this show would be people who would prefer to laugh at the ‘schadenfreude’ and all of them are amoral and extremely stupid as well. Given the plausible confrontation of the events; this show might as well seem like the ‘Daily Show: Full Frontal head off with Samantha Bee’ or Ellen Degeneres Show only with sarcasm. The premiere that happens on Sunday exemplifies the approach of the show. An event which took around two weeks back is shown in a very casual way and sometimes it has nothing to do with the real Trump like the State of the Union.

Often more than not, it’s “Donald Trump wants to win the State of the Union to boost his poll numbers”

Coming to the cast, Ted Cruze plays the Donald Jr, a hygiene deprived boy; Eric, an imbecilic child, John Kelly as the grown up and Jess Sessions as the slow thinking elf. Everything in this show is predictable, right to the absurd and it has many implications that Kelly and Kushner are relatively more ethical than the environment that they are in. After watching few episodes, you will realize that there’s nothing perceptive about the show. The Stormy Daniels references and the ‘shithole’ references showing how simple and stale, the fossilization has been. The second episode has been titled as ‘Disaster Response’ and is sent to the critics but it did not include any pre-episode message from the Trump. During the episodes, you can see few buzzwords happening before three weeks, creating an impact of the episode with the presidential annoyance at the semi ceremony. All the duties lead to a team full of impersonators and ideas that surround the wannabes. The animated Melania, however, is a treat to watch which states, “It is just like everyone is same as you”, presented as an unanimated and icy myriad of people mimicking his accent, obsession and cadence with words like ‘bigly’ and ‘tremendous’.

The model of the TV series, “Our Cartoon President” is something which follows the same format as “That’s My Bush”. It is a comedy attempt and a multicamera animated sitcom which gives you multiple results. It has got an exaggerated and quirky tone about it which will make you love the film altogether. However, what it lacks is a clear prism. It can be defined as a workplace comedy surrounding around the little families but with the inherent possibilities; it deals with the principal characters and their occurring behavioral patterns. However, you will have a laugh or more watching this because you would not know what to do otherwise. If you have a hectic weekend spending and are looking forward to a show which would make you feel relaxed, and takes you out of the stress. The main attractions of the show include Cruz being a crazed lurker, Ben Carson as the meandering guy with sleepy thoughts and Steve Mnuchin as huckster saying thoughtless and unfortunate things.

Everything being said, it is completely understandable that ‘Our Cartoon President’ would need a slight toning down and should make the viewers more comfortable with that it’s offering. Despite having lots of quirky dialogues and sarcasm, filled between the pages, it is tending towards the ongoing trauma, the extended discomfort, the family schisms and last but not the least edgy and pointed worth of cable platform with a lot of indulging talent in it. So, if you’re one of those people who are not soft-hearted and who can take offense on a larger scale, you can watch this show with free will and without complaining against the content it has. Otherwise, you can simply choose any alternative mockery animated TV series like ‘Bojack Horseman’ and find it on the Showbox to pass the time qualitatively. But but, one way to keep a check on the presidency of Donald Trump without actually being so serious about it is to watch this show as it provides everything about it.

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