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Noah Centineo and Lana Candor – The stars of Instagram Age

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Noah Centineo and Lana Candor are the stars of this Instagram age. In an Interview held by the Hollywood Reporter, Lana Condor who has led the movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved has said that she has experienced a great change in her life after the success of her movie. As the movie managed to connect to the hearts of many teenagers, she said that there has been an incredible surge in her followers.

“I remember being so stoked when I reached 100,000 followers, and honestly thought that was the highest I’d go!” she said. “So seeing this increase is truly wild. The craziest time was a couple days after the premiere where it really started amping up. Every time I’d open my phone it seemed like I had 100,000 new followers, and that was just surreal for me.”

On the other hand, all the girls are going crazy about Noah Centineo that it is almost suffocating him. Candor, who had around 104,000 followers before the premiere of the movie has now reached a count of 5.6 million. She is not the only star who has witnessed this boost in the followers, thanks to the Netflix. Noah Centineo, the guy who played Peter Kavinsky, Condor’s love interest in the film has a dramatic jump of having 800,000 followers now to 14 million followers. I mean, can you imagine? Netflix also managed to give this boost to the starts of The Kissing Booth, which has been released before with the tween and the teenage demographic seeing their numbers touching the sky.

It is hard to even imagine that if the movie has been played in the theatres, would it have gained the same amount of impact that it did create on Netflix. The social media is taken by these two celebrities. For example, Henry Golding, another actor of the standout movie this summer, titled as Crazy Rich Asians have just around 550,000 followers at this point in time. This made us believe that Netflix is responsible for the immense craze that the fans have got and the intimacy of it is why it had such a reach. As your phone/laptop is next to you, it is only possible that you can watch something at home especially when you’re in the mood of watching reen focus movies.

Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch couldn’t manage to achieve such popularity out of their movie, Set It Up because of being cast in a much adult movie that talks about marriage and compatibility. Whatever the reason might be, Netflix has managed to demonstrate to us the impact that none of the television series couldn’t do previously given the anoint of ingenues, heartthrobs in their own way. I bet Noah is still confused about how to handle this immense reputation. The brand new starts of the movie are literally unknown until their movie got released and now they are not sure about what to do with this immense attention that they are getting. In the interview, Candor said that she has changed her thought process and is now thinking what to do with her content.

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“I’ve always navigated Instagram pretty well, but now more than ever I feel a responsibility to create a positive community that supports one another, and spreads love and positivity,” she said. “I’ve really realized that now I have a voice, and people genuinely notice and care about what I say, support, post, et cetera. I want to set a good example and be very conscious of my actions.”

Centineo ontold W right after the film’s premiere: “I’m currently strategizing the best way for me to leverage my platform, my growing platform, my friends’ platforms, to help fight a various group of social injustices,” he said, somewhat coyly explaining, “Currently, I’m not really able to discuss it because it’s still in the developing process.”

This craze is similar to the times when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart took the world with Twilight, but it has a different model. It was 10 years back and social media wasn’t much active them. When High School Musical got released, even Zac Effron and Vannessa Hudgens received the same attention but it only lasted for few months. There was a fan base but no particular medium to channel them and monitor them. People used to talk on Tumblr, fan sites and other message forums by reciting lines at the conventions. In the age of Digital Revolution, the fan fervor came with hard numbers. It is an experience that none of them would have imagined, which went beyond bedroom walls, posters and repetitive watches at movie theatres. The fans now commend you with Instagram stories, laptop screens and make sure that the connection is strong. Condor started posting promotional stuff and pictures of her from the professional shoots but with the way she has been captioning stuff made us relate to her. Captions like, “I can tell ya right now I could only hold this pose for a solid 3 seconds before tippin’ over.” made her tolerable. However, Centineo the heartthrob of the internet despite the age is playing into the status by posting pictures of sets and him pouting at the camera at various undressing stages.

Both of them started playing the images that are brought to them with the movie. Lara Jean, the witty and understated protagonist would be a fan of Condor given how she has been captioning the pictures and using the Instagram to speak to the fans with intimacy. She has a sweetness, a humor and moreover an interesting outlook about her makeup. The pair also hints us at the dynamics of the on-screen romance on Instagram by commenting on each other’s posts. Condor has even managed to post a tribute to her co0star when he managed to place a role in Charlie’s Angels reboot, Europe. There have been theories that they are sharing a potential relationship but there is no official relationship. The followers count, however, doesn’t lead to the film roles but there is a factor. For now, Lana and Noah are giving us slideshows with dreamy pictures that we can’t get over off.

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