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Naruto Movies – The Best to the Worst – Listed Movie Wise

Naruto Movies – The Best to the Worst – Listed Movie Wise
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Naruto (ナルト) is originally a Japanese Manga, which has been illustrated by the prominent Masashi Kishimoto for several years now. It is the biography of a character, Naruto Uzumaki; an abandoned kid who in search of the recognition from the village sets on the journey to fulfill his dreams in becoming the Head (Hokage) of the village. The story is said in two parts; the first few years of Naruto where he’s a pre-teen and the second one where he reaches his teens. The Naruto series is actually based on the one-shot Manga written by Kishimoto in the name of Karakuri (1995). After getting the mention in the Hop Step Award; Kishimoto was set on his journey of Naruto which acquired the worldwide recognition.

The anime has acquired many viewers across the world, both young and the adult and not just in the Japan but as mentioned, throughout the world. Because of the significance, it acquired; people started making films based on the anime that it has got 10 fully spawned movies. The first three of them have the same story as the Naruto (first part of the series) and the rest of them have the same story as the Naruto Shippuden (the second part of the series). However, there is an eleventh film which has been adopted that conveys the story of Naruto’s son Boruto; but is also considered as the part of the series. Just like the anime and the manga, all the movies exploit the lively, the cheerful and the every hopeless (Trust me, he is) ninja; Naruto Uzumaki and his battles through the evil as he saves his friends, become the Hokage of Konoha and works towards the world’s peace.

That being said here is the list of the Naruto movies that you should know:


  1. Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (2004): Released as the first film in the series, the team 7 in this film travels to the Land of Snow in order to protect the cast and crew of Fun movie.
  2. Legend of the Stone of Gelel (2005): In this film, Naruto along with Sakura and Shikamaru goes on a Ninja mission that leads to the war between armored warriors and the Sunaga village.
  3. Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (2006): Naruto under Kakashi’s guidance along with Lee and Sakura sets on the journey to protect the life of Hikaru Tsuki, the Prince of the Land of the Moon.
  4. Naruto Shippuden the Movie (2007): This movie, is based on the second part of the animation as Naruto goes on the mission to save priest Shion; who have frequent visions of the death.
  5. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds (2008): Naruto along with Sasuke joins the allied forces when a Sky country Ninja attacks the Konoha.
  6. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Will of Fire (2009): The team 7 along with Sai tries to save Kakashi as he wants to sacrifice himself to end the world war.
  7. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower (2010): Naruto, in this movie is sent back in the timeline, around 20 years back where he will explore the mystical tower and captures a rogue ninja. This movie is extremely sentimental where he discovered that the Fourth Hokage is his father who is alive, back then.
  8. Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison (2011): Naruto in this movie gets framed for a murder of the Raikage, the head of the cloud village as he breaks out of the prison.
  9. The road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie (2012): Sakura along with Naruto gets sent to an alternative universe by Tobi to discover the meaning of parenthood and companionship. All the character planning of this movie is done by Masashi Kishimoto, himself.
  10. The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014): Naruto along with his team in this film tries to stop the moon as it collides with the Earth. This film is not plotted well with many loose ends that don’t speak much about mythology. However, the only closure that we get here is the romance between Hinata and Naruto.
  11. Boruto: Naruto the Movie (2015): This film is an extension of the series where Naruto becomes the Hokage. It introduces the main characters, Boruto Uzumaki (Naruto’s son) and Sarada (Sasuke’s daughter) where both of them seek guidance from viceversa’s father to surpass them.

However, if you have to rank the movies from the best to worst; the list goes as:

#1 The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014): Two years after Kakashi Hatake takes the position of the Sixth Hokage and the world war has ended, the moon starts falling towards the Earth and is suspected to collide with the earth. The entire crisis is planned by Toneri Otsutsuki, a follower of the Hamura Otsutsuki who aims to punish the mankind for abusing the chakra in order to prove the legacy. Then, we come across a Rinne Festival where Hinata Hyuga gifts Naruto a red scarf that Naruto wore when he first saved her.

However, she becomes doubtful as Naruto receives gifts from so many people in the village along with another scarf. Meanwhile, Toneri penetrates into the village and tries to kidnap Hinata and on Naruto’s intercession, kidnap Hanabi, the younger sister of Hinata. Followed by that, Naruto along with Sakura, Hinata, Shikamaru and Sai sets on their journey to rescue Hanabi. The rest of the movie revolves around the romance between Naruto and Hinata where Naruto tends to understand the romantic love after spending time with her and by watching her memories when she’s trapped in Genjutsu. Toneri, however, transplants Hanabi’s Rinnegan eyes to awaken the Tenseigan which has been sealed for many years and then proposes to marry Hinata.

To save Hanabi, Hinata accepts him and rejects Naruto’s confession. Its only after Sakura reassurance, Naruto comes to know that Hinata loves him and therefore, the entire group approaches the castle in order to save Hinata and Hanabi. What makes the movie exclusive is that this movie explores the powers of Naruto to the fullest and beautifully expresses the love between Hinata and Naruto where towards the end titles, they get married while the friends attend the wedding. This movie is the closure that we have been waiting for so long.

#2 Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie: As the movies started releasing, they got better every year. This ninth Naruto movie is based on the series and probably the sixth movie to be released based on the Naruto Shippuden where Naruto’s teens are discussed. It was released in theatres in 2012 and the Blue-ray version is released in 2014. The movie is actually set in an alternative universe where he has a family. In this universe, Naruto has his parents alive and all of his friends will have the opposite personalities when compared to the original timeline.

The interesting part of this movie is that Naruto has to fight Tobi along with protecting Sakura. Tobi, as well all know from the anime is a masked ninja who knows Telekinesis and who is on the verge of extracting the Nine-Tails from Naruto, before. The movie takes you on the route where Naruto tries hard to return to the real universe where things are real and better. One of the main reasons why people have loved this film is because it explores the parental sentiment that we haven’t seen in Naruto’s life.

#3 Boruto: Naruto the Movie: This film introduces us to the next generation characters, Boruto and Sarada. The film opens with an epic battle between an unknown villain and Sasuke. It then takes us to the protagonist of the series, Naruto Uzumaki who is the 7th Hokage of the village. He is shown married to Hinata with two cute children, Boruto and Himawari. Sarada, the child of Sasuke and Sakura is also seen in the film as a team member of Naruto along with Mitsuki; another member.

This team is led by Konohamaru Sarutobi, the disciple of Naruto as we have seen in the series. However, Boruto gets upset as Naruto is focused on the Hokage duties and fails to give importance to the family. The plot takes a twist when Boruto gets relentless because of Naruto’s behavior and asks Sasuke to train him so that he can surpass Naruto. With the movie going on; Boruto tries to cheat in the Chunin Exams and Naruto finds it and disqualifies him. Over the plot, we get to see the twisted yet pure bonding between Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto. Sarada’s role also adds weight as we see the next generation ninjas acting their own way.

#4 Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison – This is the eight movie in the series, that is based on the Naruto series and the fifth movie, that has the same storyline as Naruto Shippuden series. This movie has been released in the theatres back in 2011 and the Blue-ray version has been released in 2014. This is the movie that has actually bought a lot of hype to the Naruto movies and the number of people who started watching the movies has doubled after the release of this movie.

The story of this movie initially is about the Naruto’s attempts to escape from the jail where he has been charged with trying to murder the Raikage. This criminal facility is located in the Cloud Village with precise confinement and Naruto is accused of the false charges, here. However, the situation gets worse on the murder of jonins of two other villages and there in the prison, he meets Ryuzetsu, a female Ninja of Grass village who tells that both he and she are framed by the village members. In order to prove his innocence, Naruto tries to escape from the prison and faces the adventure with an uplifting spirit.

#5 Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Inheritors of the Will of Fire: This is the 6th movie of the Naruto series and the third movie that has been based on the storyline of Naruto Shippuden. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Inheritors of the Will of Fire has been released in the theatres back in 2009 while the Blu-ray version became available later in the year, 2012. The movie, as the title, says deals with the will of fire of Naruto and his relentless attempts for recognition and respect. As usual, he tries to save people from the evil.

The story of the movie goes something about the fourth Ninja World war and the effort to stop it. A huge potential outbreak is usually shown in the film and a never-ending race to stop it. All the ninjas from Kirigakure, Sunagakure, Kumogakure, Iwagakure are gathered with Kekkei Genkai as some of the people with same abilities tend to disappear. The suspicion of their disappearance falls on Konohagakure which haven’t faced any of these events and therefore, the other nations along with their massive troops starts invading the Konoha village. Therefore, Naruto along with his fellow mates should be racing against time to find the criminal and potentially stop the war.

#6 Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow: This is the first movie that has been ever made based on the popular manga series and the popular anime. As the title says, a bit lengthy course, it deals with the Ninja Clash in the snow village. The first movie has been released in the theatres in 2007 and after that, the Blu-ray has been released, a couple of years, later. The Japanese version had a ten-minute sequence at the start that shows Naruto’s inability to use the bathroom and this sequence is most important in the movie as almost all the characters are shown in it.

Originally, this movie is written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa and doesn’t hold any involvement of Kishimoto. However, it is directed by Tensai Okamura; and the story is supposed to take place after the 100th episode of the series. It mostly revolves around Doto Kazahana and his attempt to take away the hidden treasure along with Sosetsu, his brother from Koyuki Kazahana, the Snow princess of the Land of Snow. Naruto along with the Team 7 fights against him to restore the throne and treasure and to protect the princess, as well.

#7 Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds – This is the fifth movie that has been taken on the Naruto series and probably the second one based on the Naruto Shippuden series. The movie as titled, Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds talks about the bonds between the characters. It is first released in 2008 and the Blue-ray version has been released in the year 2011, across the world. The film is explicit because it is the second movie that follows the same storyline as the Shippuden series.

The story of the movie is about the Konoha attack that happens as the Ninjas from the Land of the sky, tries to seek the revenge. They wanted to avenge the Konoha for the destruction of their country that happened during the Second World War. Naruto’s journey on the way of recognition and to save the village inhabitants happens on the outskirts of the village. Naruto gets accompanied by his other mates including Hinata, Sakura, and Amaru (A girl who is actually disguised as a guy and is from another village), her sensei Shino who is indeed the villain. The plot is drafted beautifully in a way that we fall in love with the heroism that Naruto exerts.

#8 Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel – This movie is the second best, based on the Naruto series, “Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel”. It is based on the original storyline, Naruto and is officially released in the theatres in the year, 2005. However, the English version of the movie is released only after three years, in 2008 as the DVD format. Written together by Yuka Miyata and the Hirotsugu Kawasaki; it is directed by the latter. The story of the Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel, originally takes place after the completion of the 106th episode.

Coming to the plot of the movie, it revolves around a stone called the Stone of Gelel. This stone is originally a mineral which is mysterious and which is supposed to have immense powers. Haido, the master, and the villain send all the ninjas in order to find the Stone of Gelel, through which he aims to create the utopian world which is free from all the sufferings and the wars. However, in order to fulfill his dream, he even wants to kill people who come in his way. Initially believing in Haido, Naruto gets tricked but later along with the Team 7, he fights against Haido to save the universe against the evil.

#9 Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom: This is the third movie which has been made, based on the series and officially the first movie that shows the teen years of Naruto. With the title “Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom”, the movie is officially released in 2006, while the English version is the first broadcasted after two years, in 2008 on the Cartoon Network. The DVD version has also been released in the same year across the world.

The plot of the movie is about the struggle of the fame and the power over the Land of Moon. The Land of Moon is considered to be an extremely powerful and wealthy nation with lots of treasure hidden in it. Naruto along with the Team 7 is hired to protect this land and Michiro, the prince of this land along with his son Hikaru; as they go on a world trip. When they are away, Shabadaba despises Michiru and as a result, Naruto gets the urge to fight with his friends to restore the Land of Moon. They together try to restore the kingdom and give it to his son, who promises to be an extremely good ruler.

#10 Naruto Shippuden the Movie – The fourth movie has been directed based on the storyline of the Naruto series and is officially the first movie, based on the Shippuden series. “Naruto Shippuden the Movie” was officially released in Japan, in the year 2007 and the English version is released after two years, right in 2009. The DVD version of this movie is released later in 2009. The movie is officially written by Junki Takegami who extended the storyline and is directed by the proficient Hajime Kamegaki.

The story of the movie is the villain named Yomi, who as usual aims to take the entire world under his control. He attempts to do this by reviving the demon Moryo and his spirit, and by lending his body to him temporarily until he finds the suitable body. However, Shion; the priestess manages to seal this demon and creates a disturbance in his design. The priestess also estimates Naruto’s death through prophecy while Naruto tries to save her and also the world from Yomi and his full-fledged army of stones. However, in this process; he faces dangers that put his own life in danger.

#11 Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower – Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower is the seventh movie, that has been made based on the Naruto anime series and indeed the fourth movie, based on the Shippuden series. The movie is officially released in the theatres in 2010 and the English version along with the Blu-ray version has been released in 2013. The movie is exquisite and indeed amusing because of the plot but it has few loose ends that didn’t get covered. As a result, it takes you on a roller coaster where you will not know what’s actually happening for few minutes.

Naruto the Lost Tower

The story of the movie talks about the mission that Naruto goes on, in order to find Mukade. Mukade is a missing-nin who travels through the timeline and goes to the past to take control over the five great countries with the acquired power of Ryukyu. However, by the time this plot gets unveiled and that he has gone or by the time that his intentions are estimated, he does damage to the five countries. Naruto along with his comrades goes to the time travel in order to find Mukade and refrain him from changing the history, in another way.

That being said, here are the best and the worst Naruto movies, listed accordingly.



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