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Star Wars Film Series Review: Correct Order to Watch

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In Star Wars film series no chronological order is offered to guide you handle each narrative, and the linear release dates in the movie don’t reflect the true storyline. This is very unusual as witnessed in most film series. As much as you might have always followed Darth and Luke from the start, the majority of the viewers are clueless about the order to use when viewing star wars film series. The focus of this article is to offer guidelines in what order to watch the star wars film series and understand it.


Correct Order to Watch The Star Wars Film Series

Episode 1-The Phantom Menace

The phantom menace is an episode that was acted and released about 20 years after the shooting of the very first film; this movie plays the role of the sequel that introduces the Luke Skywalker and The Force tale. It narrates a story in a linear order, and the presently available versions found in all movies are displayed in support of the narrative. It’s a narrative about Anakin- talking about the rise, fall, and redemption of a young man who later came to be Darth Vader.

This episode is the catchiest in the eyes of children in the series. The phantom menace is categorically preoccupying taxation during the galactic and trade routes action. In the star wars film series, 2 Jedi Knights elude their enemy barricade to get friends and happens to meet a young boy who they think might bring some balance to the action. However, the long inactive Sith reappears to reinstate their long-lost glory.

Episode 2- Attack Of The Clones 

Two years later, after the first meeting, there are sharing of the prohibited romance between Anakin Skywalker and Padme. This happens in a simultaneous action where the examination of the assassination attempt of the senator by Obi-wan is carried out and comes to learn that a private clone army crafted for the Jedi.

Episode 3- Vengeance Of The Sith

While nearing the conclusion of clone wars in star wars movie, Darth Sidious reveals himself and declares his readiness in the execution of the last section in his agenda to be the ruler of the Galaxy. Sidious is set to handle his new trainee called Lord Vader, to come into force and eliminate the rest of the Jedi. However, Vader finds it difficult on the side to stand; whether he should choose the bad side and salvage the life of his spouse or just remain submissive to the Jedi order.

In the end, the emperor dies; redemption of Vader happens here, there’s restoration of freedom and justice among the galaxy. Luke Skywalker stares thoughtfully inside the forest to have a look at the shades of Yoda and Obi-Wan staring in a lovely way back at them. in the process, a peculiar guy having a mullet appears adjacent to them and begins smiling.

They are astonished by the emergence of this man. Hayden Christensen replaces Sebastian Shaw meaning the sequence shoot for the original trilogy loses sense at all You will also notice see gungans experiencing some sort of rave without necessarily knowing their identity, but that’s just a mere argument neighbouring the Christensen dilemma.

Episode 4- A New Hope To Star Wars

Star Wars film series was shot as a standalone film in the late 70s; probably you are not the only one trying to imagine that the star wars movie sets the landmark for the beginning of the star wars narrative. However, this wasn’t the case with George Lucas, the man who foretold the biggest progress of this revolutionary sci-fi movie that inspired the actions of the entire star wars film series.

What’s the concept of this episode in the star wars movie? A swashbuckling, a farm boy and a princes rebel as a group in order to lead a motley band of renegades and robots against the cruel galactic empire in this fiction movie. This can look simple and clear today, but for those who watched star wars 4 decades ago; this appeared as a game changer.

Episode 5- The Fightback Of The Empire

When the empire mercilessly outshined the rebels on their newly formed foundational base, Luke Skywalker now decides to take advantage and now advances Jedi training with the use of Master Yoda. As he does this, his allies are followed by Darth Vader as one way of capturing Luke.

Episode 6- The Comeback Of The Jedi

After the rescue process of Han Solo, from the dangerous Jabba the Hutt palace, the renegades try to demolish the 2nd Death Star, as Luke fights to ensure Vader comes back from the deadly section of the Force. This is the only episode in the whole star wars film series, with this disgraceful gold bikini scene.

Episode 7- The Rise Of The Big Force

When the sinister First Order and Kylo Ren return from the severe torture of the empire, it is found that Luke Skywalker is nowhere to be found, and this is the time when he’s needed like never before. It remains at the hands of Rey who is a scavenger from the desert, and Fin, a rebel Stormtrooper, to merge forces between Han Solo and Chewbacca in a hopeless lookout with a desire of peace restoration to the galaxy.

Episode 8- Jedi The Last Man Standing

The lovers of star wars film series are most likely to get excited to hear that there’re 2 films that are currently on works; the 9th and the 10th films. The 9th film was released late 2017 while the tenth film of the trilogy series will be out with a thud on our screens. The question is will this be the last of star wars film series?


For the die-hards of star wars movie, the initial three episodes, i.e. 4, 5 and 6 disclosed very fascinating plot-twists that would probably astonish fresher’s of the star wars film series. If you decide to watch this film in a chronological order of the episodes, you are likely to miss out on some crucial discloses given along the track. Due to this reason, many viewers prefer watching the film in the order in which the episodes were released.

There are films such as Rogue one and A Star Wars Story that have not been captured here, but they are also very important and worth to be viewed. Hopefully, this movie review will be of the essence of helping you watch the star wars movie and understand it the best like never before!

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