Incredibles 2 Review : Sequel Live Up To Expectations

Incredibles 2 Review : Sequel Live Up To Expectations
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Incredibles 2: The Superhero Kids Movie With A Difference

Seeing a movie that actually entertains both you and your kids is hard to come by, but The Incredibles 2 is definitely a movie that delivers. This sequel to the original has recently hit cinema screens all over the world, with a huge amount of movie fans wondering if it would love up to the hype and the popularity of the first movie. Its actually been fourteen years since the original was released so this one was definitely long awaited. The animated movie has so far proved to be very popular in terms of ticket sales but is it as good as expected?

The Plot of The Incredibles 2

The Supers are back and they are better than ever with the well-loved characters Elastagirl, Bob (otherwise known as Mr.Incredible), Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack, who actually takes centre stage in this fun sequel. Despite the fact the original movie was released such a long time ago, when The Supers first come on screen it is like they’ve never been gone and the action continues to flow so effortlessly. Elastigirl has actually been set up on a top-secret mission fighting bad guys by a PR guru who is trying to show that superheroes can be useful to society. An uncomfortable Mr. Incredible is left holding the baby, and keeping the older kids in line, which proves to be much more difficult than he originally thought. Mrs. Incredible is none the wiser as she is busy catching runaway trains on a cool new bike amongst other dangerous missions. She definitely caught the better end of the bargain with this one Despite the risk to her own life, Mr Incredible has an even more stressful time that includes managing Violets first teenage crush and managing baby Jack-Jacks new but undoubtedly strong powers.

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The major baddie in this edition of the animated action franchise is MrScreenSlaver, who hypnotizes the public via television screens. His powers are strong, but when Mrs.Incredible has her mind to something, nothing is going to stop her. It is all up to Elstagirl to find the defeat this mysterious and deadly character. The gender-swapping roles in this movie are unconventional but they show that female superheroes can be just as good as the guys! I am not going to spoil the ending except to say that you are not going to be disappointed. It is highly recommended that you check out this movie with your family. For kids aged between 4-10, it is a must see at the movies this summer and you are likely to enjoy it too.

Why you should watch Incredibles 2

Everybody always says that the sequel is never as good as the first installment as a rule of the thumb but the same can not be said for this movie. The best scene in the movie has to be the slapstick comedy of Jack-Jack fighting a cheeky raccoon in the garden, which is going to have you rolling on the floor! It is like an action sequence from The Matrix itself with a combination of big belly laughs in there. When you watch Incredibles 2, you will first enjoy a very short movie called Bao. This is the tale of a Chinese woman whose cooking comes to life in the most heartfelt way that will leave you giggling and weeping into your popcorn in equal measures. The detailed but straightforward graphics in The Incredibles 2 offers a refreshing change to the CGI dominated movies that many of us watch nowadays. Old school Pixar is definitely back in action with this movie. Samuel L Jackson has returned again, and there is no mistaking that voice of his as he brings a whole lot of character to Frozone.

Not all Pixar movies are big hits, but this one definitely has the right mix of comedy and action. It has quite a simple plotline so it is easy for kids of all ages to keep up with but there are a lot of inside jokes” in there for adults to enjoy too. Whether you are watching this movie in the cinema or waiting until it comes out on DVD, it’s sure to become a family classic that will earn a prided place in your collection.

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