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15 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time That You Must Watch

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Science fictions are a lot similar to the fantasies and they offer a wide range of escapism to people who don’t want to live in the regular mediocre world. The Best Sci-Fi movies have the ability to take us to a world which doesn’t exist and that includes the Thor’s Asgard, the Star Wars’ Kamino or the Iron Man’s earth where Jarvis is the boss. They allow the users to experience things in different ways, as they take you far from the reality. These movies are another type of commercial cinema with no particular type of aspirations. This is the exact reason why they have become extremely popular. They are amusing, alarming and extremely satisfying for users who want peculiar, charming and exquisite things. The genre is known to have movies that can you open your mouth in awe. While the fiction of the movie is far off from the reality, these movies can either come off as strong or extremely weak based on the subject.

As a 1990 kid, we have been looking into the imminent century and thought of the bold future, a hundred times or more. The trip to the drug store, the robot butler or the hovering cars; all of them are yet dreams in the real life, but didn’t we see all of them on the bigger screen, already? Therefore, Sci-fi is the oldest genre of the cinema and this is from the Georges Melies, ‘A Trip to the Moon’ in 1902 to the latest ‘Blade Runner 2049’. The 20th-century filmmaking is still under the process when it comes to the Sci-fi blockbusters, as it includes many provocative and fantastical innovations. So, here’s a list of 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies of all time that you should watch.

List of 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

  1. Children of Men (2006)

    This is the best Sci-Fi film ever since it has been released, and therefore is listed at the top. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, this movie is a dystopian Sci-Fi which is cemented with the Helmer and his status as the rising star. The cast of this film is amazing and with the plot based on the novel written by P.D. James, you would not want to miss this. Set in the world, where the children are born in two decades, the humanity ceases to exist in the society. In between all of this, Theo is trusted with the responsibility of transporting a pregnant immigrant who is the first person of next generation. Therefore, the tile becomes plausible and clear. The movie contains one of the best VFX works I the cinema and the docudramas Lubezki’s photography makes the movie standout.  The cast contains Julianne Moore, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Caine, Peter Mullan, Charlie Hunnam and Danny Huston who are able to create the sad, funny, exciting, inventive and political moods with an ease. This movie is a must watch for Sci-Fi lovers and is available on Movie Box, not Netflix. This movie is a standard example for the upcoming generations as well. Underneath everything, it teaches hope for the next generation.

  2. Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind (2004)

    I have watched this film more than a couple of times, and can’t help but be left in awe. Soon after the release, this film is receiving endless adoration from people all over the world. A collaboration of love, memory, and regret; Michel Gondry has managed to steal people’s heart by showing us the tender side of the love and contemporary relationships. The character of Clementine is a dream to watch, as it is drafted with multiple layers. The sorrow and the warmth of the film will stay with you, even after days of watching it and the credit goes to the intelligence that the director had in plotting the film. The script written by Charlie Kaufman has added an imagination to the visual portrayal of Gondry and therefore, the film managed to attain the eccentricity which it is known for. The story of Eternal Sunshine of Spotless mind had the tightness and focus that most of the Sci-Fi movies have lacked. Blended with romance, this movie is a career turner for both the actors as well as director despite how devastatingly beautiful the movie has been. This is my personal pick, because, there’s a time where I have watched the film and not cried.

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  3. Upstream Color (2013)

    Shane Carruth, the director who is known for his brainy film ‘Primer’ has made a back to back bonanza with the movie ‘Upstream Color’. The only difference between both is that the latter is a lot more spectacular and therefore, had a lot of scopes when compared to the first. The budget of this film is extremely low and therefore, it warps both the heart and mind of the audience. The plot of the movie is an extremely offbeat story, that follows the story of a man, Carruth, and a woman. Both of them tend to fall for each other and later discover that the mutual attraction is nothing but a symbiotic connection with the pigs. Later the story talks about the mutant strains of the orchid, the bizarre hypnosis, the Walt Whitman poetry and the heist scheme. As weird as it seems, the movie is full of wonder and curiosity. With the uncanny nature of investigation, love, and romance, the movie also rotates around mathematics making it stand out. Throughout the movie, we may not actually understand what is happening and what we are going through, but the lingering sustain and the pervasive mood of the movie along with the self-composed ambiance will come out of a puzzling pleasure to us.

  4. Her (2013)

    Her is one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies in the industry and it happens to stand out because of the melancholy it contains. This movie is honestly a mind-fuck, given how the writer has established the intimacy between a human being and non-human being. The movie is a classic example that the best of the Sci-Fi happens when the genres are cross-pollinated. This intimate film by Spike Jonze is an indie love story and it is wrapped with themes of self-discovery. A traditional Sci-Fi movie as it is, this movie has Joaquin Phoenix as the lead, who is known for delivering his career-best sympathetic performance in the movie. The voice of Scarlett Johansson is nothing less, but an evocative addition to the movie. A scene where both of the characters get physically inclusive will make you shed tears because of the amount of intensity it contains. Even as on Operating System, there won’t be a frame in the film where we think that Samantha is not a human being and is not as real as Theodore. Jone has intelligently probed the relationship of humans with machines in this contemporary world and has marked the plot out with an unusual grace. Depending on the technology and the growing dependence, this movie is one of the best fallibly human movies I have watched in the genre.

  5. Moon (2009)

    Every generation will take the name of a movie when they are asked about a low-key film. Therefore, Moon is one of those classics that the future generations will remember forever. While the 21st-century movie is known to have several films in the list, nothing is as satisfying and worthy as this beautifully crafted movie. Directed by Duncan Jones, this is conceived with a lot of care just like carrying a baby for 9 months and delivering it after. The movie is a spartan story of an astronaut who manages to man in a mining station near the moon. He has the station’s computer alone with him. Voiced by Kevin Spacey, the computer becomes his companion and it is only time that he discovers he is not alone as he thinks. The film takes you through different elements as you droll to the uncanny setting which is creepy. Rockwell has given us an excellent performance and the entire movie orbits around him, where he is good at delivering both the subtleties and the wrangling depths of the film. Wordless, alone and projected with intensity, the movie contains an existential weariness about it, that takes you far from the home. Jones sticks the movie to the audience with the source code so that the film has a tinge of fun about it. In a sentence, the movie is enigmatic as well as shimmering brilliance containing a space oddity on it.

  6. Snowpierce (2014)

    These days, when a film is made based on the comic book, there is a high possibility for it to contain a lot of plasticities. Snowpierce is one such movie which is soulful, based on the Bong Joon-ho’s weird comic, ‘Snowpiercer’. The movie has its source made in French, but however, it is an allegory containing the class struggle as we are shown the remnant lives of the civilization. These people live on a train, as it speeds on the dystopian scape where the rich are clearly compartmentalized from the poor. One of the most attractive elements of the film is that it contains Chris Evans, our own Captain America as the lead and also the Tilda Swinton as an ensemble in the grotesque plot. This film can be defined as the most original Sci-Fi film in the list because of the audio-visual it contains. The film is known to contain tales of the troubled journey as it routes through the haphazard and is undersold with releases and other growing statuses in the classic. Together, this is one of the must-watch films in the list of 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time. Take some time this weekend and watch this, for an odd experience.

  7. Inception (2010)

    Christopher Nolan is the master of Sci-Fi movies and his obsession with them started long back. Even when he managed to successfully win hearts of people with the Batman Trilogy, his status as a filmmaker got solidified only with Inception. A stunner among people till now, this one is a stand out among the blockbusters in the industry. It dazzles us with the visceral as well as visual levels. One of the best films in the industry, it is profoundly known to be the best 21st-century film. Inception doesn’t simply fit in the genre, but it is a caper film as well with avant-garde landscape development. We have DiCap at the heart of the film as a widower who then specializes in the espionage through dreams and uses the stolen information for his own benefits. This movie is beautiful because of the character of Dom Cobb and his two children, who have visions of his dead wife in his own dreams. The challenge in this movie for him is to escape from the dream prison and live a life peacefully, getting over his wife. The film is known to be buoyed by a beautiful cast including Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine and Ken Watanabe. The visuals in this movie are stunning when compared to the other Hollywood commodities and the intelligent script takes all of the films to another level.

  8. The Thing (1982)

    Did you ever imagine an alien taking the form of life during the 1980s? Well, this movie has everything right from the Antarctic research base where a team meets up when they see the alien absorbing their base. The movie contains suspicion, slaughter and as well as paranoia in equal amounts. Directed by John Carpenter, this movie can be said to be both Sci-Fi and also horror, at the same time because of the plot. The Thing would rank higher on the list because of the gross elements it contains along with the heavy hitters. This movie is a crossover between the Alien and the Body Snatchers together and becomes a source material for the Sci-Fi horror movies. Later, many films like The Invisible Man have followed the same plot where the humanity is put to the test. The tension in the movie escalates and the main credit goes to the performance of Kurt Russell as the team leader. The special effects of the movie help you in holding things better than you think. Your mind will be blown before you actually think and we see the victim sheering from the burning corpse. If you haven’t seen the movie already, you should do it now.

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  9. Jurassic Park (1993)

    ‘Hold onto the butts’, says Samuel L. Jackson. Thanks for the warning, because it really is a roller coaster ride. The reason why this movie works is that around 15 years, it has unleashed the whole power of computer graphics. Alan Grant has managed to successfully take things into the hand and give us the glimpses of Veggiesauras so that we understand the hind legs, tree leaves and the scenes that would make us amusing, all the time. There is a sense of wonder and awe in this movie that only a Spielberg movie can give you. Therefore, as soon as you listen to the phrase, ‘Welcome to Jurassic Park, you will get goosebumps and nothing less. The movie has been premiered in 1993, and the audience has been treated with awe at every point of the movie. The advanced CG technology of the movie has built a pioneering work but the achievements of the movie are better or worse. However, the movie has paved a great way for the innovations but the Jeff Goldblum has forced to manage the Disneyland. Spielberg has managed to set the movie beautifully while it managed to deliver the emotions needed for the elevation for the film.

  10. Back to Future (1985)

    Time Travel is Sci-Film and is a pretty common thing to see, because what’s more interesting than having a plot that moves between the timelines? However, this movie is a trademark for the time travel, but no person can actually fix a capacitor. This movie is a Sci-Fi classic filled with a family friendliness which has been accidentally driving him to 1955. The opening scene of this movie is beautifully amusing and therefore, you have to watch this scene in order to get into the film. Before he gets home, one has to deflect the romantic advances of the mother while ensuring the parents to fall in love. There is a subplot which talks about bully Biff, as well. The Time travel of the movie hijinks many enjoyable things as we see that contain Marty McFly. This movie has managed to inspire the sequels as well with complicated problems arising in the picture. Therefore, as a franchise, this film is the most favorable to the audience.

  11. Metropolis (1927)

    The 1920 movies are known to show the complexities of the India cinema. The contemporary filmmakers in the world are still working to understand them. There are some great and profound filmmakers like Fritz Lang who have managed to provide storytelling evidence that heightens the films. Metropolis is not just a film but is one of the greatest Sci-Fi films that are made during the era. This movie is presented to the society where things are divided by the warfare, where the rich meets with the elite and living in the Metropolis towering skyscrapers. The low key workers are known for making the film more than what it is. The movie is a relic of the German Expressionism and it gives you an impressive visual effects design which helps you in holding things up. The film manages to make an impact on the society and apart from inspiring people to make anime and tv series; this movie has been a source of interest for the buffs. This film is one of the rarest movies which get better with age.

  12. Invasion of Body Snatchers (1956)

    Pod people want to rule the world. These people are no good and they work just the way the dirty Commies want them to work. Based on the 1956 Don Siegel’s story, this Sci-Fi cautionary tale contains a lot of horror in it. Invasion of the Body Snatchers, as a movie is the first to scare the Americans throughout the world. The movie has Kevin McCarthy as the main lead, starred as Miles Bennell who is a doctor in a small-town. Here, he discovers an epidemic where the people are replaced by the impostors and people, therefore, can observe the differences between their loved ones and the replaced ones. Over the period, these imposters are known to be the aliens who are set on a biological mission to replace the humanity by destroying the original form of life. The scenario in this movie is indeed terrifying because the enemy can anyone, be it your kid, your boss, your wife; just anyone. McCarthy gives a nice excuse for bringing the mack on Dana Wynter, his ex through this movie. The climax of the movie is terrifying and you can see the reds and the aliens crowded.

  13. A Clockwork Orange (1971)

    The list of 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies is not picked right if it doesn’t contain A Clockwork Orange. The most preferred film to all the science lovers, this movie is a must watch. People would rather love to hang out on the droogs of the milk bar or take a dig in the Ludwig van after the ultraviolence. When it becomes dark and disturbing, the Sci-Fi gets hard and better just like the Clockwork Orange. The plot of the film is based on Anthony Burgess’ novel as the film is set in dreary future of Britain. Throughout the movie, the people are colorfully dressed and teens are terrorized by the government and the populace. The entire movie has resorted to extreme measures with the conditioning of stemming the ride. A Clockwork orange as a film is known for the performance of Malcolm McDowell whose face is still today, posted as one of the weirdest characters. With the Ludovico apparatus and the Nadsat slang, this film will make you understand the nature of violence when you succeed in understanding the false humanity. As a result, you will be left with an ultimate question, how needful is the balance between humanity and violence in a person? This statement of the film will give you an inferior and clear ending which you can’t find in the book.

  14. Aliens (1986)

    Aliens is one of those movies where when you’re tuned in the movie, you can’t help but be tuned. The movie contains a truckload of awesomeness in one go and you have more than one reason to identify it with other works of the director. The movie continues to tell us the story of Ripley, the number one reason for the plot. This movie further manages to deal with the biological cycle of the Aliens and also introduces us to the Alien Queen, who till today is one of the scariest villains in the movie world. On a whole, this movie is a pack which contains horror, action, perfect amount of horror development so that one can see how flawless it is. As Ripley returns to the LV-426, she gets to encounter the first alien in a colony full of worker families. Here, the ringing of the dinner bell stands as a presentation to show that people can hear everything in the space as you scream. The xenomorphs are also shown beautifully in the movie. Later we see, Ripley, joining the Colonial Marines who are sent to hunt bugs. As we go through the movie, everything gets so perfectly fit which is why you shouldn’t miss it.

  15. 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968)

    Call us fogies, but we can’t help but ponder over this movie and call it our favorite. This movie is nothing but pure art. We see many movies like Moon, Primer, and Upstream Color; but all of them only emerge from this movie because it contains a lot of scenes and explosions regarding the expansion of the universe. Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey is an arthouse and is a guide for all the movies down the line. When you watch the film, you will understand why it is an experience and not a film. The movie is divided into four different parts, including Heywood Floyd’s mission, Discovery of Jupiter flight, LSD finale and the monolith. Towards the end, we see how the alien monolith is invented by the astronauts and how everything leads to the formation of the third kind of beings where the evolution of man from the apes might turn to something entirely else. Technically, this movie is a masterpiece as it perfects everything coming from the thematical challenges, the masterful visions, the innovative developments, the aurally enthralling exquisites and the unforgettable visual experiences as well. Altogether, this movie is a great Sci-Fi movie and a standard film for the modern filmmakers.

That being said, take some time off and watch all of these 15 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time so that you can spend time quantitatively learning about the possibilities of expansion and fiction.

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