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12 Awesome Movies Based on Video Games

12 Awesome Movies Based on Video Games
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The entire generation has gotten the video game fever ever since internet culture rapidly evolved. The entire 20th century has had many video games popping up every day and the millennials are entirely occupied in playing them. They usually cover a truckload of themes coming from racing to the role play games, which is why the other art forms started exploring them. While there were comics, documentaries, books and other things that were based on the video games, there are daunting challenges that the Hollywood has faced in getting a decent movies based on Video Games. Most of the movies that are made, fail while among the rest, there are only finger countable movies that one can actually watch. Few movies have earned dependable earnings at the box office and most of them are now getting released on trending streaming software like Movie Box and Netflix.


Only the rare few are dependable box office earners, and they can have trouble being embraced by audiences beyond the gaming community. Coming from Super Marios to the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter; there are many bankable video game movies that the franchises have been developing and therefore, it is not much of a harm to know what good, bad and ugly movies that the genre has to offer.

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Some Live Action Movies based on Video Games:

  1. Super Mario Bros (1993):

    The most famous game in the video game history, it is notorious among the 90s kids. A movie has been created on this Nintendo game where all the elements from the Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, and Super Mario Land are featured in this movie but however due to that, it has become chaotic than it already is. Despite, the movie turned out to be fun and even earned a cult following because of the color Koopa, played by Dennis Hopper, Princess Daisy and also the Mario and Luigi. An interesting makeover in his movie is that both Spike and Iggy are also designed to be fun characters, producing more humor.

  2. Double Dragon (1994):

    The absurdity of this movie will give you a high that you will keep wondering when having you started liking so much of silliness. Throughout the movie, we see two brothers against The Mohawk, a gang where the fights start getting better and better. The movie is simple but sometimes it turns out to be boring because we see the same two brothers saving a damsel in distress while they keep punching the villains. This movie also had some elements from the side-scroller game and therefore, it was a progressive choice during those periods. Double Dragon is not very similar to the game, but it sure is a milestone in the genre.

  3. Street Fighter (1994):

    Based on the famous Street Fighter 2, this movie features all the characters from the game and is known to be the best of Jean Claude Van Damme’s works. The costumes of this movie are on the spot when compared to the game and they even attempt to create a story on its own about Raul Julia, who held hostages and demanded ransom. However, the fights in this movie are not very justifiable and also the movie crammed a lot of characters that down the track, you might even tend to forget which character is what. Full of classic lines, this is one of the must-watch video game movies that you should not miss.

  4. Wing Commander (1999):

    This movie has taken the genre into a different era with an intriguing background. Showing the interstellar war between aliens and humans, this movie has established a visual threat and as well as distrust among the species. However, over the period, you see the setup to become a slog and the audience complain about the pilgrims that come and go. The first half of the movie is pretty interesting to watch while the second half becomes a bit of drag. Apart from everything, a thing that you would definitely enjoy is the chemistry between Rosie and Todd and the combination of their fighting abilities in the space station.

  5. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider (2001):

    This movie has been a blockbuster and I guess there is not a kid who hasn’t watched a film, being a video game fanatic during that period. This movie is again a milestone, as it has successfully captured the globe-trotting, the puzzle solving and also the chase that was designed in the game. Even though most of the people were against Angelina Jolie being cast as Lara at the start, later the realized how well she has performed it and the rest of cast also impressed through the years. There are some exhilarating sequences in the movie especially the fun fight and the mansion scenes where the wire work was of top notch. This is a Hollywood movie which is unusually good for the genre.

  6. Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within (2001):

    Loosely based on one of the best RPG games in the history, this film is not only critically acclaimed but also a commercial success to the entire franchise. It is a hit from the Sony Playstation everything that has been used in the film including the computer animation has been sold to the movie. Set in 2065, the film has by far the most intuitive plot with amusing imagery. What added to the brilliance of the film is the cast who did their best when it came to the flimsy things and the visuals matched to the game, just the right way including the beautifully designed and rendered settings.

  7. Resident Evil – Apocalypse (2004):

    The movie has started building a foundation on the original Alice and as well as cemented the character to be worthy so that all the hype that the franchise had about the movie has come out. Apart from that, the movie also had incorporated incidents and threats right from the game universe taking it to another level. The film puts the split personality of the franchise where it tries to make an own thing while ties a lot of things to other games but the final battle which is almost a bloody affair is a highlight with all the Gatling sequences.

  8. Dead or Alive (2006):

    DOA has acquired popularity because there isn’t much about the game. There are extremely tiny costumes, fights and people who try to get things right. All the fights in the movie are fun to watch because they are not just horizontal but they include multiple levels spanning. This movie is ridiculous that it almost made the audience leave in awe. Even with a simple plot, people started watching it for the bikini-clad women who excel in martial arts and who fight in order to protect their island. Therefore, this movie is a collaboration of adultery and violence and this can be proved with the volleyball scene with cool sets.

  9. HitMan (2007):

    We all agree that we have a thing for the ‘Man’ thing. As much as we are obsessed with the superheroes and vigilantes, this is one of those video games that have a lot of blood in it. Telling the story of Agent 47, Xavier Gens as a director did the best that he could do while humanizing him. However, Timothy Olyphant playing the role might not be very convincing to some but when you have known the character in and out, this might not be a drawback. The movie goes meta at parts which is why you will be shocked and surprised.

  10. Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time (2013):

    One of those movies in the genre that did equally good at the box office is this. Thanks to the massive budget it holds, this takes you into a world filled with gorgeous buildings, transport vehicles that take you from one port to another. There is no wonder Jake Gyllenhaal agreed to act in this movie and he shares an amazing chemistry with the princess, played by Gemma Arterton. Dynamic and also charming towards the end, this movie is beautiful, historic and worth watching just like the game.

  11. The Angry Birds (2016):

    Based on the popular game by Rovio Entertainment, we are introduced to these cute little-furious birds on the bigger screen. An animated comedy as it is, this film holds the honor of 2nd highest grosser in the genre after the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The film has successfully managed to translate the flying kinetic action of the game and the destruction on the mobile screens with the same quality to the theatres. The voice cast was incredible and Peter Dinklage playing the role of the Mighty Eagle is an alerting thing to watch.

  12. Assassin’s Creed (2016):

    This is one of those not so good movies of the genre, but you can watch this movie for the action it holds. The action of Michael Fassbender saved this movie to an extent which is why it stood out as the biggest bomb in 2016, while it has factored with the hefty spend. It has gained an immense reputation even before the release, and many stunts are touted with the ambitions and people watched it with a leap of faith. The movie holds a greater resemblance to the video game and therefore, it is a must watch.

That being said, here’s a list of best movies based on the video games that you can watch and spend a qualitative weekend. Have a marathon!

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