10 Best Ewan McGregor Movies of All Time

10 Best Ewan McGregor Movies of All Time
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Trying to compile a list of the best Ewan McGregor movies is quite tasking at the least as the Scottish actor has dozens of movies we could vouch they are top-notch.

McGregor has never counted on the popularity of other actors. Nevertheless, his charismatic personality and the talent exhibited in each project has made him one of the most versatile actors of his generation. These same qualities have allowed him to work with creative personalities such as Tim Burton, Danny Boyle, Roman Polanski, Ridley Scott, and George Lucas to name a few.

The result is an extensive range of projects in which he has interpreted a great variety of characters. Ewan McGregor movies see him featuring as protagonists of independent dramas to one of the greatest heroes in all the history of cinema.

From The Impossible to Trainspotting, we celebrate the talent of the 48-year-old with a tour of his filmography. We present to you what we think are the 10 of the best Ewan McGregor movies, in descending order,

Top 10 List of Ewan McGregor Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

#10. The Impossible (Directed by JA Bayona, 2012)

The Indian Ocean tsunami is among the greatest tragedies of the 21st century. It left about 290,000 victims and many stories to tell. One of the most famous was played by the Alvarez Beton family, whose holidays were brutally interrupted by a gigantic wave that separated them in the middle of the chaos. The good part of the film is told from the perspective of the mother, which made almost all the attention focused on the great work of Naomi Watts. However, the story also offers an exciting approach to the experiences of the father, who was accurately interpreted by Ewan McGregor in one of the most painful roles but also less appreciated of his career. An ordinary man who only has to cling to the little hope that his family is still alive.

#9. Beauty and the Beast (Directed by Bill Condon, 2017)

The election of Ewan Mcgregor as Lumiere was not without controversy. He was a character plagued by French stereotypes, played by an actor from the United Kingdom. In the end, the excellent work of the actor gave reason to the production. He applied his choral and histrionic talent with his charismatic personality for life to one of the most beloved characters in the history of animated film. And all this with the motion capture technique!
Thus, the Scottish became a key piece for Beauty and the Beast to become one of the greatest successes of 2017 and an immediate reference of the recent live-action adaptations of the mouse.

#8. The Ghostwriter (Directed by Roman Polanski, 2010)

The talent of Ewan McGregor has allowed him to work with some of the most influential filmmakers of recent times. Such is the case of Roman Polanski, who requested him for his thriller The Ghostwriter. The film shows him in the role of ghostwriter assigned with the task of writing the memoirs of the British minister. This is after the previous writer succumbed in a series of strange circumstances. Despite the initial doubts, the character is seduced by the promise of economic returns, thus entering a circle of deceptions of which there is no escape. It is not the most memorable film of the Polish filmmaker, but this does not reduce its greatness.

#7. Perfect Sense (Directed by David Mackenzie, 2011)

Ewan McGregor is a reference for space opera thanks to Star Wars. However, his visit to the distant galaxy is far from being his only memorable project in the field of sci-fi. Perfect Sense shows a period of time located in the near future, in which humanity faces the gradual loss of all its senses. The film stars Ewan McGregor and Eva Green, who embody a couple of lovers who seek to avoid – or at least postpone – the debacle from respective fronts. Eva is an epidemiologist eager to find a cur. Ewan is a chef who tries to make the most of all the senses in the preparation of his dishes. There are desperate efforts, although perhaps useless, while our protagonists wait for silence, darkness and total solitude caused by imminent isolation.

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#6. Fargo (Directed by the Coen brothers, 2017)

Ewan McGregor had focused almost all his career in film. However, in 2017 he decided to try his luck on television series with the double interpretation of Emmit 8, Ray Stussy for the third season of Fargo. The first is a successful man in his personal and work life. The second is a failing man who blames his brother for his failures in life. Ina desperate effort to improve his situation, Ray will end up in a double murder. McGregor’s work was so cheered, that no one doubts placing TV is among the list of the best Ewan McGregor movies. His appearance in the 2017 series has forced the rethinking of future seasons of the anthology. Future characters must now fight for – or at least – maintain this same level.

#5. The Big Fish (Directed by Tim Burton, 2003)

Tim Burton has always had a weakness for twisted fairy tales. Under this premise, it is not surprising that many consider Big Fish among the best films of the acclaimed filmmaker. The adaptation of the novel by Daniel Wallace introduces us to a family that is broken by deception. This is how we meet Edward Bloom, a man thirsty for magic. His past and present are captured with great skill by a great double interpretation of Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney. Some people think that the film deserved better fortune in its awards season, although experience tells us that this kind of stories rarely inclines the great awards.

#4. Moulin Rouge! (Directed by Baz Luhrmann, 2001)

Ewan McGregor movies always show him switching between different characters. Even this did not prepare us for what many consider the biggest surprise in his career — his singing ability. The film is usually considered the great trigger of the contemporary musicals after winning 8 Academy Award nominations. Oddly enough, the Scot was not considered in the shortlist of the best actors. Thus, he became one of the biggest omissions of that year

#3. Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith (Directed by George Lucas, 2005)

Star Wars prequels are often remembered for the controversial election of Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen as the tormented Anakin Skywalker. The controversy has been so big that sometimes it makes us forget the good casting choices — Natalie Portman, Liam Neeson, Samuel Jackson and especially Ewan Mcgregor. The latter is usually considered the greatest histrionic bulwark inside this second trilogy. He had a stupendous interpretation of Obi-Wan. He was extremely respectful of the legacy of Sir Guinness. So much so, that the fans do not stop demanding their return for a spinoff that shows their stay on Tatooine. Best of all, the actor is more than willing to accept the challenge.

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#2. Beginners, This is what love feels like (Directed by Mike Mills, 2010)

Ewan McGregor has wandered through distant galaxies, French brothels, and addictive journeys. Perhaps this is why it is especially ironic that one of his most celebrated films has such a simple premise. Beginners tell us the story of a completely ordinary man who must deal with all kinds of emotions, such as the love he feels for a young woman, amongst others. It sounds more tragic than it really is The movie tells us all the people around you will give you all kinds of lessons on how you should live your life. All adorned by the attentive look and perspective of the famous dog Cosmo. In the end, perhaps the best way to describe it is with one of its most iconic phrases, ‘you make me laugh, but it’s not funny”.

#1. Trainspotting (Directed by Danny Boyle, 1996)

This is our choice of the overall best Ewan McGregor movie! The adaptation to the novel of the same name Irvine Welsh is not the first, nor the only collaboration between Ewan McGregor and Danny Boyle. However, it is definitely the most celebrated of all, to the extent that more than 20 years later, it still is the most memorable film of their respective filmographies. The movie shows the Scot in the role of Renton, a heroin addict fed up with the different consequences of their addictions and how he decides to abandon the drug at all cost. His goal will not be straightforward. This is all because of his dependence, and because of the influence of his friends.

Trainspotting is one of the most memorable films of the twentieth century. However, it was unable to expand its legacy with its recent – and completely unnecessary – sequel.

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