10 Best Anime on Netflix that You Must See

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Animations are here to stay. As a matter of fact, they are a great way to stay entertained. There are many interesting series as well as anime movies available on Netflix to watch. Netflix has made it really nice for anyone to keep up with your favourite series. There are many options available for Anime lovers on Netflix. Many of them are new as well as the old ones that have been there for a while. Here is a countdown on 10 best Anime on Netflix.


1. Soul Eater

This anime is partially Harry Potter, Adventures of Grim and Billy and Mandy. It is great as well as adventurers. It is basically supernatural. It is characterised by a character, Meister who reaps the souls of demons with the help of Soul Easter and her partner who transforms into a scythe. It is quite unique in its creativity as well as the great style. Art makes it really interesting to watch. The anime, however, came to a sudden end which makes it unpopular. You can check out the episodes and enjoy.

2. Sword Art Online

This is one of the best anime on Netflix. With many people already taking sides on whether to like or love it, it definitely has fans. The anime has a bunch of VR gamers who get trapped in the game. The players now are faced by a task of surviving the game. The main character Kirito always beats the game and frees everyone else. The adventures are characterised by dungeon raids. Some fans are of the opinion that the anime is sexist while the main character seems to luck a wow factor. This still does not mean that the series is crap. You can head on Netflix and check out this amazing anime and maybe get to experience it on your own.

3. Death Note

The anime follows a story of the early 2000s emo crowd. This might sound lame, but the story is pretty interesting. Light Yagami the main character finds a notebook that kills whoever’s name is written on it. This is quite deep although some people may think it too dated. It has an overly dark tone. The main character develops into a power-crazed god and then a fallen villain. The whole series is worth your time as it has an amazing plot and powerful character that keeps changing throughout the anime.

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4. Attack on Titan

Everyone has heard or watched this anime. It is one of the most famous anime on Netflix. This is great for any walking dead fans as it almost follows the same logic. It follows a story of hunters who fight for Titans. Titans are creepy giants that terrorise the remnants of Civilization. It uses great horrific imagery and has great action. It is quite interesting as it does not have an overly exaggerated graphic. The storyline unfolds slowly, but it sure does keep you captivated.

5. Little Witch Academia

This is a great replica of Harry Potter. The anime is all about a girl who wants to be a witch. She attends a school at Luna Nova Magical Academy. Her name is Akko, and she performs magic in the hopes of becoming a witch. It is beautiful. She lives to challenge old ideologies of magic and seeks to create her own path at it.

6. Tiger and Bunny

They are two superheroes who double up as entertainers. They need to get more ratings as they depend on it to catch criminals. Tiger is an old dad who is struggling as he is losing popularity. The two have a five minute super strength that takes hours to regain. They are assigned 5 bad guys that they need to fight. They have to balance work as they also try to get along. The series is 25 episodes long, but they are totally worth your time. They also come in both English and Japanese with subtitles. As a comedy, it meets my list of one of the best anime on Netflix.

7. Kill La Kill

These are the best 24 episodes of one of the best anime on Netflix. They follow a dramatic turn of events when a girl finds her father dead. She then sets her eyes on a red scissor blade. Her leads bring her to Honnouji Academy where she starts a movement against the Student, council president. This is just the beginning to this amazing story as the girl finds that there is so much she needs to learn on the magical uniforms. This anime comes with subtitles.

8. One Punch Man

It was created by Drogen Ball. It is a parody about a superhero that defeats every villain with a single punch. It is a Shonen anime. He, however, gets bored of his powers and wants to have more fun fighting crime. This is a great action anime that will keep you asking for moiré.

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9. Gurren Lagann

You can attest to the fact that this is the best anime series on Netflix. The anime has a huge fan base. After oppression in an underground village, two brothers set out on a mission. They are on a mission to fight Beastmen. These two are on the run from their underground village.

10. Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The name itself radiates some sense of greatness. This is one of the highest ranked anime on Netflix. It comes together so well while still maintaining meaning while keeping you captivated. The anime is a series that highlights issues such as family life, hubris, imperialism, morality and growing up. The drama keeps you captivated as you never want to miss any part of it.

If you want to enjoy this series, you can start by watching the Fullmetal Alchemist. The Brotherhood series has around 64 episodes while Fullmetal has 51. They come in both English and Japanese and have subtitles.

These are just a few to mention. Online you can find the best anime on Netflix whether recent or recently out. They are captivating as well as creative. They will fill your mind with knowledge and imagination as you take time to relax and venture into the world of imagination. The anime has much to offer as everything is possible. On Netflix, you can now catch up on the old Anime that you may have missed and taken all the time you want to go through it. They are made for all age groups to make sure that you remain entertained. You can go ahead and check out some of the best anime on Netflix.

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