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Mirage Movie Explained (Ending, Timeline and Meaning) – Durante La Tormenta on Netflix

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There are two choices that every human confronts with – being the selfish one and being the selfless one. In the first case, you can only win but in the second case, everyone wins but not you. So, what will you go with? At many occasions in our lives, we ask ourselves this question than we like to admit and in most of these many occasions, we end up being the selfish ones. Paulo Oriol, being the Spanish director engages himself in an amazing European thriller. Mirage being one of the most interesting thrillers that have been made, has been added to Netflix during the beginning of 2019, spring season. With all the parameters included, Mirage is definitely a mind-blowing film with many time loops. If you’re are left with many questions even after the credits has rolled, you’re not only the one person here. This article to solve all the questions with no ado in the picture.

Mirage has a great deal of satisfying complexity but little depth, and its dazzling, intricate machinery is always visible. But it still makes for a fun ride on a highly calibrated roller coaster. Oriol Paulo composes a commercial thriller of intrigue, of Hitchcockian airs, but that for his plot drinks of films of the contemporary cinema. Beyond the exquisite labyrinth of lost looks, we can always be attentive Adriana Ugarte’s work, who is always at the edge. A highly emotional drama, and Ugarte’s performance more than delivers.

Why is this movie titled as Mirage?

Vera starts researching on Nico Lasarte, the guy and comes across a book that explains the possibility of the phenomenon that she is struck in. This book is titled as MIRAGE, written by Karen Sardon. Played by Belen Rueda, Karen says that she has many theories about this phenomenon and Vera approaches her to know about the whereabouts of Nico in the current scenario. She decides on reading the book and approaching Karen, as the movie gets named after the same.

Does Mirage have any after end post-credit scenes?

Mirage is the film that should not end like it without any possible explanation about what has happened and what has not happened. The film doesn’t have any post credit sequences so you don’t expect it to have an explanation towards the end. It has the same vibe throughout the movie just like all the other Disney superhero movies and therefore, it disappoints you a bit.

What exactly is the Mirage Storm?

When Clara Medina and Aitor’s mother happens to see the storm happening in 2009. She tells her son that it is the same storm that she has seen many years ago. The fact that it’s the same storm implies that the storm has been changed into an object and transcended through the temporal dimension existing between two moments together. There is a possibility of this quality being in existence as we perceive and also understand the string theory. It also explains why there can be a possible communication existing between 1989 and 2009, with the storm acting as a communication channel between the two time points through the electromagnetic waves that can affect the flow and also the devices.

Where do the events in Mirage actually take place?

The story and setting of Mirage take place in Barcelona and also at Spain, separated with 20 years. These are two different chronological points where Nico Lasarte is the protagonist in the first one where the day starts during the Wall fell of Berlin on 9th November, 1989. The second story has Vera Roy, played by Adriana Ugarte as the protagonist, with the plot starting on 9th November, 2009.  There are many licenses that the writers have gotten hold of, when it comes to this fiction given the fact that the script is starting with the Barcelona Metro system even when Valpineda is a station which is not existing. Everything about Valpineda is made up, coming from the urbanization, the residential neighbourhood, the subways, the trains and the people.

What happened to Nico Lasarte at the starting of the movie?

The night when Berlin Wall falls, Nico stays at home all alone because of his mother who had to do an additional shift at the hospital. After being informed, she tells Nico to be at home. The boy starts using the camcorder to record some of the musical covers in order to cement his never-ending dream of becoming a rock star. Just when he starts recording, he hears various noises coming from the front yard, in the direction of Angel Prieto and Hilda Weiss’ house. The kid decides to break into their house only to discover Hilda’s body. Scared, he flees in terror after seeing Angel. He gets hit by the ambulance during this process. It’s the guilt or the pressure of investigation which makes the killer confess the murder and all of this is happening during the first timeline.

What happened to Nico when he made a videocall to Vera?

When the Timeline 2 is created, the events that we have actually seen in the Timeline 1 are radically changed. Vera prevents Nico from going to the opposite house but eventually he goes. However, even after going out, he avoids running on the road and getting hit by the ambulance. Nico believes that he has shared a dream with this woman from the future who lives in the same home as him but then realizes that he is told the truth, because of how the lightening suddenly strikes and his school is suspended. Nico tries to talk to Vera all over again but this time it becomes impossible for him to do that because of the unavoidable situations. He decides to take a visit at Angel’s house despite the noises and various strange incidents that has happened. After entering into the house, she realizes that Hilda did not miss but is infact dead and sees Angel cutting the body into various pieces to get rid of all these pieces. Nico hides himself  in Angel’s house, under the bed to get hold of the golden watch.

How did Vera Roy and Nico Lasarte talk to each other?

Nico Lasarte and Vera Roy are in separation for almost 20 years and it’s the storm with unique electromagnetic waves create this ability to talk to each other. Both of the waves that are generated in 1989, 2009 keep crossing through the time while allowing free communication. When this storm happens, Vera gets the changes to communicate with Nico through the temporal space. Nico who hides under the bed finds a gold watch because of this storm.

What happened at Angel’s house that has made Nico go into it?

When Nico was left alone at home, several noises have started appearing which has caught his attention the night of the Berlin Wall fell. This is a consequence that has happened because of a coincidental threesome where one of the parties did not know that there’s going to be any. In this house, starring the husband and the neighbours, the threesome happens with Hilda being absent. Angel despite being wedded to Hilda, shares a romantic relationship with Clara Medina, her neighbour. Weiss wants to confirm this affair by faking a visit outside the city. Angel takes this opportunity to get united with Clara by spending a night at his home. What neither of them know is that Weiss is still in the city. When they have gotten into the action, Hilda enters into the scene with a knife to punish the husband of this deceit. She surprises him and his lover being in the middle of an intimate foreplay.

Seeing his wife’s aggression, Angel tries to defend himself but in between the altercation Clara grabs the knife from Hilda. While Clara keeps holding this knife, Angel accidentally pushes her against the knife leading to the death of Hilda. What’s extremely surprising is that Nico has heard it but it is him alone who has noticed the noisy scuffle in this vicinity.

How did Angel and Clara try to cover the murder?

In this case, even if the incident is taking place in Timeline 1, we are now in Timeline 2. In the middle of the foreplay happening between Angel and Clara, Clara drops her watch which costs a fortune or which has some kind of sentimental value attached to it. This is why, they want to search for it after losing. According to the situation, Angel and Clara wants to cover the murder in two ways: either by getting rid of the body or by creating that Hilda has an alibi in the case. Angel uses a chainsaw to dissect the dead body of Hilda by putting all the pieces in the suitcase and burying it in the Slaughterhouse, Prieto. In order to make people believe that Clara is Hilda, he created a fake passport, credit cards, air tickets with the help of Roman, who made things possible for them.  Who is Roman, if you wonder, he’s an employee at the airport who is in charge of checking the passports for all the passengers. When Clara shows up before him with this passport, Roman puts on a blind eye and allows her to pass. He, after all, is the one who also knew about the clandestine relationship of this couple.

What happened to the watch, Nico found?

Nico is the only blemish and unexpected element in the plan, made by Angel and Clara. The police statement given by Nico specifying how Angel has cut Hilda’s body into various pieces has been taken into account just because he was carrying this golden watch as the proof. Angel who had set everything to go perfect in the plan especially to prove that there is no dead body and that Hilda has traveled to Germany and then spent all the money in Deutschland has, however, outdid Nico’s statement. The police have asked him to hand over the clock to them because it is nothing more than a circumstantial proof which proves nothing. Nico was sent to a psychiatrist for counseling while Clara and Angel got married raising Aitor.

What happened to Nico in Timeline 2?

Unlike Timeline 1, Nico is alive in this Timeline 2. However, here he stays in a mental asylum. Vera saves his life with the minute interaction that happens between them because of the storm. Nico confronts a traumatic experience of seeing this woman who belongs to future, then sees a man who cuts his wife’s corpse using a chainsaw and then gets considered as a liar and a crazy person by the police. After all of these scenes, Nico is finally led to an asylum after being considered as a mentally ill person. Here, he has to pretend that he has not seen this woman from the future, that there is no corpse and no cut-off, so that he can have a normal life after going back to the mother. All these things together have contributed him to change his name to Leyra.

Who was Vera in Timeline 1?

On Timeline 1, Vera meets Aitor at the Valpineda station and from here, he is introduced to David Ortiz who marries Vera later. The couple together has a daughter and names her Gloria. Vera then works as a nurse in a big hospital after resigning on her dream to be a doctor. She supports her husband David, a neurosurgeon in his career and has a beautiful family.

Who was Vera in Timeline 2?

In Timeline 2 as mentioned earlier, Nico is not dead. After having brief contact with Vera, he becomes extremely obsessed in meeting the woman of the future. In order to find the roots of the happening, Valpineda is the only possible place where he can find her. This is where he has seen her and therefore he decides to take this place before the train to avoid the encounter with Aitor. If Vere doesn’t meet Aitor, she will not meet David and will not have any obligation to leave her professional dreams and maybe would have become a neurosurgeon, soon. Therefore, when she meets Nico and finding that he is devoted to her, they started dating and ended up marrying in Timeline 2.

Why Vera wakes up in an alternate reality?

With all the truncated events happening in Timeline 1, Vera’s mother stopped from existing in 2009 and is replaced by the neurosurgeon in Vera. There is a logic that dictates that in order to create a timeline, Vera doesn’t have to remember the Timeline 1 especially under the conditions of the storm, Vera turns into a constant. Let’s explain things a little. In physics and mathematics, things can be explained with various justifying formulas with constants and variables. Sui-generis is a physical phenomenon that talks about the storm with Vera being the apparent constant. All of these things are logical because it was Vera who caused the changes in the events through time. Under the conditioning of the storm, all the changes that occur are in accordance with the events but Vera is one thing that remains constant despite the mishaps that keep happening.

What did Vera see when she has touched other people?

Even when Vera has not remembered things about her own identity when she has shifted to Timeline 2, she could dig into the memories of Timeline 1 in a gradual way. When she has touched people, she started remembering these things. This skill even amusing can’t be theorized because of all the skills/complications irrespective of the consequences. The film doesn’t have any solid indication through Vera but I think if the storm is possible, this can as well be possible.

Why was Vera extremely desperate to find Nico?

Vera talks to Karen Sardon, the author of Mirage who explains the consequences of the storm to her. She says that once the storm is ended, the electromagnetic bridge which connects the two points gets closed. Vera understands that if this happens, she will lose the only chance she has of seeing her daughter again and worse, losing all the memories she has, of her. Sardon asks Vera to get a tv set, camera and use them in a room just before the end of the storm so that the events will not be altered and Gloria will be born. She mentions that they have to do all of these things on her own.

What happened to David Ortiz, the TV set, the Camera and all the things that are set in Timeline 2?

David Ortiz has an immaculate relationship with Ursula whom he marries in Timeline 2. After being in a marriage for a while, he realizes that Ursula is not enough for him and cheats on her with one of the nurses at the hospital who worked with Vera. Ortiz buys Ursula the same house that he has bought Vera in timeline 1. The TV set and the camera are in the same room where Nico used to record his own music videos.

Why does Vera commit suicide?

On Timeline 2, Vera suffers from a lot of her memories from the Timeline 2 discovering that Inspector Leyra is the kid that she has saved using the television. Nico changes his name because of the situations around him which prompt him into forgetting what has happened on that stormy night. Vera has a long and stable relationship with him now. Nico tells her to stay on the timeline as an option but refuses to reveal the location of the television and the camcorder. The storm has a duration of an entire one hour and 45 mins to finish which is why Vera doesn’t have enough time to argue with him. This is when she opts for this radical option by taking her life before she reminds Nico that she actually saved her life. She does this because she knows Nico loves her after touching him and that he would do anything to save her even if it means losing his life, by altering the time for the second time.

What did adult Nico tell young Nico through TV set?

The adult Nico asks the young Nico to do two things. Firstly, he asks him not to report to Angel to police as it would cause serious repercussions and that there is a possibility of getting Gloria back. Secondly, he advises young Nico to forget the woman from the future, get back to his own life, grow up stronger by making music without bothering about these events. The adult Nico tries to motivate the young Nico of these things by saying that even if there is a chance to meet the woman from the future, he has to neglect it.

What is the meaning of Mirage?

Mirage can be broken into three different pieces:

At the end of the timeline 3, which is almost similar to timeline 1, we see a lot of changes happening.

Nico is still alive.
Angel never went to jail.
Angel married Clara and raised Aitor.
It was never known what happened with Hilda Weiss.

However, Vera, being the constant, remembers everything as in Timeline 1, which is why she is very surprised to see the changes. This entanglement is best explained in the following graph.

What is the meaning of Arabesco matchbox?

The timeline 1 has many similarities with both the timelines, Timeline 2 and Timeline 3. The most common among all the three Parallel Lines is Arabesco matchbox. David Ortiz is also shown incredibly inclined to Clara Medina, and therefore gets anxious about her while cheating on his partner, whoever it is.

David Ortiz lies to his wife about his travel routine when he stays in Barcelona with Monica, which gets worse when it comes to Timeline 1 and Timeline 3. Monica, the friend of Vera leaks this information which leads to Vera divorcing David to stay with Gloria. With each timeline, she learns to be extremely wise and patient just to keep his darling daughter near.

Why does Vera restrict Nico from reporting on Angel’s crime?

Unlike the death that has happened on Timeline 1, or the original Timeline 2, Angel doesn’t go to jail even after Nico informing the police of his crimes. He marries Clara and lives happily ever after with Aitor just to get cornered by the adult Nico (Inspector) and Inspector Dimas when they try to discover and verify his involvement with the murder of his wife, Hilda Weiss. However, on the other hand, we see Vera telling the adult Nico that the child Nico should forget Vera and also not report about Angel to the police. This seems strange. If Vera really wanted to keep Aitor close to her in the original timeline, Angel should be the one who shall go to the jail so that Clara can raise her son alone. But why does Vera ask Nico to not complain about Angel?

In the first place, Vera had seen all the timelines. In the timeline where Angel raises Aitor, the latter lies in Valpineda being a pilot. He was still taking the train and therefore, there is no issue with Aitor from her perspective. But when Nico intervenes and changes these things while trying to rearrange or adjust, she tries to remove Aitor from Nico. There has to be a discomfort in this new family of adulterers bringing Nico to Valpineda. If Nico is in Valpineda, David would not be friends with Aitor and thus all the consequences of Gloria’s birth would change.

How could Gloria be born even with so many changes?

The butterfly effect that is often discussed in many films is actually related to the alterations of time. The concept of a parallel universe is also linked with the butterfly effect, where a minor change in a particular timeline can cause definite and substantial changes. Therefore in all the other timelines, it is not possible for David and Vera to actually conceive Gloria. Even if that together the child that has been born will be some other girl but not Gloria.

There is also a theory which indicates that even if it’s not a butterfly, a big hurricane can also not change the final consequences. They might affect the timeline but the information gets adjusted along the line making all the things indistinguishable and similar towards the end as if the hurricane has never occurred. This concept is so much similar to the elastic theory where when a force band, it regains the original shape within seconds. It also shares similarity with the theory where when a stone is thrown into the lake, the intensity of the ripples decreases as we travel farther from the blow.

Under this assumption, even with the interactions and conversations happen between Nico and Vera, where Child Nico gets extremely drastic in the beginning years, all the timeline would end up with the original timeline where Vera and Favid conceive Gloria but either with a happy ending or a sad ending.

What does the final scene where Vera sees Leyra mean?

If we consider the final scene in a specific way where Vera meets Nico while unearthing the remains of Hilda Weiss in the slaughterhouse. This is when the adult Nico, Inspector Leyra arrives as she says that both of them will be knowing each other well. This statement implies a whole lot of things. The first of the things would be in Timeline 3, here Angel and Clara will be paying for the murder. The second consequence is which Nico will finally forget the trauma that has happened in childhood by moving on. The third of the consequences would be Vera leaving Ortiz for Nico, because of her clear intention and also because she is in love with him.

This is when we realize that Vera has achieved everything that she wanted to when she had set out. She has saved Nico, she got her daughter back and she also came to know that her husband is extremely unfaithful while having the romantic memories of Nico. All of that what she did is worth the sacrifice she made.

What is the message of this movie?

The absurdist philosophy expresses that the apparent absence of a universal purpose in the life of each individual can be addressed through the construction of meaning in decision making.

Looking at the movie from a closeup, the director and writer want to establish that the purpose of life is established through the decisions and choices that you make. There is a moral coherence that keeps on acting whenever you want to have a free will. Vera had to take many brutal decisions in order to keep the vibe in her alive and also to save Gloria from all the potential vicissitudes that kept happening. She has to choose between the man she loves and her daughter whom she can’t imagine her life without. Towards the end, we see her reaching the maximum absurdism while trying to alter the situations. She has to make a precise decision for the possible benefit while compromising with the essence and coherence.

Vera is shown as a natural healer to us. Along with her vocation of being the same, she does not want to lose Nico or her daughter and this puts her in an extremely tough situation. She can choose either one of them but based on her natural instinct, she chooses for the peculiar option leaving her in a critical situation. It is through sacrifice and through confidence, she risks her own life in order to save both Nico and her daughter. She even goes to a point where there is no return to allow the reality in which both Gloria and Nico can co-exist.

Mirage is one of the most amusing movies that I have seen about time travel, butterfly effect, parallel universe, altering the reality and also the survival instincts. Even termed as a scientific fantasy, this film has all the type of relations including familial love, romantic love, existence, honesty, marriage, infidelity, commitment and as well as sacrifice. Watch it and get an enhanced cinema experience because there is not a movie based on time travel after the engaging Dark series made by Netflix.

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