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‘Living Among Us’ Review – The story of a Metcalf’s faux-doc

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Living Among Us Cast & Crew:

  • Director/Editor/Screenwriter: Brian A. Metcalf
  • Cast: Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jordan Hinson, Hunter Gomez, Esme Bianco, John Heard, Andrew Keegan, William Sadler, James Russo, Chad Todhunter.
  • Running Time: 88 Minutes.
  • Directors of Photography: Evan Okada, Brian A. Metcalf.
  • Producers: Thomas Ian Nicholas, Brian A. Metcalf.
  • Production company: Red Compass Media
  • Executive producer: Ben Chan
  • Release Date: February 2018


Living Among Us is an American horror film which narrates the story of vampires, directed by Brian Metcalf. It has John Heard’s last appearance and the film is distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Vision Films with a limited release. At the end of the month, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have requested the script from the director to add it to the core collection in the Margaret Herrick Library. Most of the media, these days put vampires in a way that they have made themselves public. According to the plot, a huge group of people gets access to learn about them and how they are coexisting with the humans. But with the reality setting in, this group realize that their own lives are in extreme danger.

Living Among Us Summary:

Benny played by Hunter Gomez, as the brother in law of the local TV’s chief doesn’t get into the reporter team with Mike and Carrie played by Thomas Ian Nicholas and Jordan Hinson consecutively. The main reason why the former two are so pissed at him is that the kid is someone who films everything in the life. In a day, he gets to hear many versions of “Can you please put it down and pay attention?” and for the next two hours, there won’t be a possibility that Benny will drop it even for a second and this includes the situations where he should be using two hands even to fight for his own life.

According to the plot, the world has come to an understanding that vampires are everywhere around us be it considered as magic, monstrous or like a virus. The official bloodsuckers are now in a phase where they are establishing public relations and the ambassadors of the community keep reassuring the mortals that only blood they drink now is either from animals or blood banks that are supported by vampire friendly people. When they are asked about hunting the normal humans, they blame it on the history like the Americans do about slavery.

The plot goes on with dispelling some ugly truths and then we see a vampire household to which three broadcasters are invited to spend few days so that they can see how they live and do interviews. The vampires start cooking dinners for these people and keep them company while they such blood, referring to it as vintage plasma. While what we hear about sunlight is actually true because of pigment mutation which makes their skin blister on exposure to the sunlight, other stories are reported to be superstitious by Andrew, the head of the house.

He says that the holy water, the garlic is the crucifixes do nothing and a stake in the heart would definitely kill them just the way they kill the normal humans. However, things start turning different when these broadcasters try to take advantage of the sleeping habits of the host and plant cameras throughout the house even in their spaces. They record all the things in the house while swearing not to photograph any of them. In the middle of the plot, they experience a sexploitation ritual where the vampires tie a naked woman in the home, perform a ritual, slit her wrists up and feed on her till she dies. An elder vampire explains this as a ceremony to commemorate their history while Eleanor (wife of Andrew) ease the guests by explaining that they are doing a service to the community by sacrificing the woman who is knowingly spreading HIV to people through seductive prostitution.

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Living Among Us Review:

Living Among Us is a footage thriller about documentarians who are excited about to know about the lives of the vampires. While filming the strange scenes, things got into the head as the plot follows the lives of three newscasters who have set a profile to the vampire family. The movie hooks us by showing that even the immortals are just like us are afflicted by some kind of virus which turns them into vampires. Other than that, the plot is actually enjoyable for the undemanding fans however, the film slinks as we embrace the plot. It is filled with many icky moments spread all over the plot. The director manages to scoot us from all of them tactfully, making us focus on the younger vampire in the house, the supreme bro type Blake who desperately wants to show off with the camera to prove that Benny and Mike that he is not politically correct.

The movie soon takes you to the wider affair of escaping from the monsters with all dumbness compounding together and involving the heroes who try to flee as their truth falls apart. These heroes are actually forced to keep filming because of their commitment after they stop it from finding the basement with full of corpses which might reanimate in the surroundings. Thanks to the director, as he knew what to show and what not to, especially to what length. He did not stretch any of the sections out but however, there are not many surprises that you can find in the film. As the movie is a low budget footage horror, it doesn’t even feel fresh like it did back in 2000’s.

Concluding, if you’re someone who is obsessed with vampires, this movie is a one time watch as it doesn’t offer something new but puts the lives of Vampire in a natural way and tries to show the coexistence of them with the humans. Other than that, there is nothing much you can expect in the film which makes it stand out.

Rating: 2.5/5



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