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KODI Add-on CRACK DOWN – Voting to happen against Copyright Directive on March 26th

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KODI is an open source media player that has been used by millions of people across the world. It has a 10-foot user interface that works with various remote controls and televisions. KODI allows people to view and stream the content including audios, videos, music, and podcasts on the internet as well as the from the storage media. However, there is a bad news that has been waiting for the KODI fans because of a controversial law change that’s going to happen.

There is a major vote that is going to take place sometime next week, which will create high-level ramifications to the KODI add-on users. Research suggests that Kodi which offers access to many channels is being used in more than 5 million homes, in the United Kingdom alone. If you observe the software rights of KODI, they are not illegal but many unaffiliated and unrelated developers have started coming up with third-party add-ons which can provide pirated and free access to the content, making it illegal.

The KODI add-on apps can be used to stream all kinds of premium content like movies, music, sports and other audio instead of paying for it. KODI can also be boosted as a TV player and because of the rapid usage, there has been an alert which is put down on illegal streaming. All of these add-ons are targeted by the government agencies, rights holders, ISPs and also the broadcasters who are being robbed.

The European lawmakers are asked to vote on the Copyright Directive that has been proposed and based on the votes, there will be changes for the KODI usage of the internet. The European Parliament is looking to produce changes to the Copyright Laws, because of many controversial rules and regulations. According to Article 11, the publishers can charge fees of all the platforms like Facebook/Google whenever the snippets of the articles are just shown.

Article 13 is also known for putting major bonuses on the website ensuring the content that the users’ upload will not breach any kinds of copyrights. Based on the observations made, the sites which are uploading content are being liable for the content which has the potentiality to breach the copyright unless appropriate measures are taken. The European Parliament also said that the measures will include effectual recognition technologies.

All the video sharing platforms need to know that everything they are uploading on the sites is not breaching the copyrights. In cases where the content is breaching the copyrights, it is actually opening the doors for the holders so that they can demand any kind of compensation. If Article 13 is passed, we can see the websites having upload filters to make sure that whatever is being uploaded by various users is not breaching the copyright content. This will be a bigger change for the websites that allow the users to upload the content easily, especially YouTube and Twitter.

“Sign our petition and let the Members of the European Parliament know what decision the citizens would make! Issues such as the potentially EU-wide ancillary copyright law and content recognition technologies – commonly known as ‘upload filters’ – are still unresolved. We, therefore, call for those involved in the drafting and revising of such laws to deal better with the content and consequences of the digital aspect.”

The worst part that is going to be about the KODI add-ons voting is that the GIFs which are usually based on the snippets of the original sources will be diminished by falling foul due to the new laws. It is important that all the Kodi fans who have been using the illegal add-ons to pull all the pirated movie streams that are posted and deleted them before this voting takes place. If at all, Article 13 is applied, it will reduce the number of streams that various add-ons usually turn to. Millions of people have signed the petition (around 5.1 million people) on calling for the abolition of the censorship with the tag:

‘Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet!’

This petition is known to have a target of 6 million while looking to send a collective message to all the MEPs in the future. It also says that all of us has to take a stand to preserve the freedom of information and as well as the free internet services. The petition directs all the visitors who have visited/signed the petition to the to learn about how the law changes can change the internet usage and how this campaign helps in fighting against it. The vote of this copyright will be taking place on March 26th, Tuesday.

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