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Hey guys, Happy New Year (late wishes). The first weekend of 2018 is here. And with the new year opening films we have found ourselves patiently waiting for the horror flick, fourth of the Insidious franchise. And I watched it (not a movie goer though). But it was pretty fun. I love horror films so much doesn’t even count the times I close my eyes with my fingers when the scary part comes,(Missing out the real fun, Sigh!). But anyway one cannot possibly ignore a Hollywood horror film who have relatively set their mark before, so really high expectations!

The reviews are in, before writing this review i went through other high-end reviews and it completely blew me away. Well I’m no critic, just a mere mortal being, who loves horror flicks and will review this film for the general masses (like me), just the basics no high end stuffs.

So the reviews were pretty brutal though. I have to say though, Yes the plot wasn’t upto the par. The story isn’t that complex and interesting like the previous ones of the franchise. The previous ones were far better than this fourquel. Till the end of the film i was expecting more and didn’t quite get it when the film ended. Later i discussed it with my friends and i got a slight idea about it.

The time when the cause of the haunting and the demon was revealed i was pretty disappointed. I wanted more. We wanted more. It was more confusing than disturbing. The entire movie went back and forth to the childhood of the pyschic, Elise and the present. Elise was haunted by her childhood memories and the death of her mother. She was devastated when she gets a call from her childhood house, which is still haunted. She teams up with her two investigating partners, Whannell and Tucker. Besides their nerdy acts, these two got a whole new level of swag in this film. Seriously their comedic side is so scary and unfunny, let me tell you once again more scarier than the demon itself.

Being funny in a serious situation and awkward flirting is a big No.  They should just stick to their usual routine talking about their high end techs and being hardcore nerds.

Back to the plot, i seriously didn’t get the plot. There is literally no plot. It took me some time to digest all the confusion going back and forth in time. Like the demon and the Key, there are a few demon and ghosts sighting, which is really good and fresh. I really liked the details, depth of the film to give you the classic jumpscares. I was literally jumping in my seat. That’s a good sign so far in this article.

The family drama is also confusing, Elise runs away from her home at 16 unable to bear the brutality shown by her father towards her unique gift. There were lots of ladies and boxes full of skulls and belongings of the deceased ladies. The father of Elise was controlled by the demon who feeds on the ladies. I didn’t get that till the end. I was of the idea that the father was the demon (bleh). The demon traps Elise’s niece and to rescue her, Elise goes back to the house where she too is trapped (?). Her other niece who shares her same gift goes into the other dimension to rescue both of them. There the truth is revealed and finally the film comes to an end.

That’s it folks. I know you guys are disappointed but hey, not my fault. So lastly I will give a quick summary.

There is more cons than pros. Here they are :

Pros: Average plot, good jumpscares.

Cons: Least interesting plot, horrifying comedy, confusion of the characters.

Like the film’s title The Last Key, it should be the last sequel of the Franchise.

Hope you guys like the review. Tune in next Friday for more juicy reviews.


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