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We all know Illuminati through some sort of Internet pop culture references including conspiracy theories, videos, and even memes. But the true subject of Illuminati is quite interesting yet mysterious at the same time. Different people have different theories about this society that may or may not exist but nevertheless, the subject of Illuminati is quite interesting.

Before you start the post, we want you to understand that this post is a gist of all the research we did about Illuminati and most of what we share in this post will be available through different sources on the internet. There is no way we can manually verify the information presented here but as we said before, Illuminati as a subject is very interesting and mysterious and hence, here’s a post right about Illuminati.

Origins of Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt - Illuminati

After scouring through various different sources and studies, we decided to zero down upon Adam Weishaupt who started this secret society back in 1776. Why this year to be exact? Because this is the same year when the All-Seeing Eye or the symbol used to represent Illuminati was added to the Great Seal of the United States.

Great Seal of the United States

If an ex-Illuminati programmer is to be believed, the members of Illuminati are mainly descendants of the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians. If we talk about recent times, members of this secret society are comprised of government officials and other people from the “elite class”. The main reason for the existence of such a society is to influence humankind towards a vision of the future that Illuminati sees and by having people from influential positions as members, they can definitely do that.

People have observed Illuminati related symbols globally in public structures and patterns. It is believed that Illuminati is mainly made up of 13 different families and each of these families has their own agenda for the New World Order. There are rumors that families such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Li and more are part of Illuminati.

How does Illuminati control the world?

As mentioned in the introduction of the post, the secret society takes advantage of various different worldly ways to control everything. First and foremost, the Banks and Financial Institutions allow them to take control and there are theories about Illuminati truly owning the Federal Reserve which the insiders of Illuminati also allegedly call Babylonian Money Magic Slave System.

The influence of Illuminati isn’t limited to banking institutions but you also have Local Government and through Law and Media. Other types of industries with a lot of moneymaking opportunities are also something that Illuminati has control over. Apart from all these things, the secret society also controls the following to make money for itself:

  • Drug Running
  • Pornography
  • Children
  • Gun Running
  • Buying access codes for military computers
  • Hiring and selling assassinations
  • Mercenaries / Military Trainers
  • Banking

As per theories, the financial center of the world for Illuminati is based in Belgium which is definitely a curious place for it to be in.

Illuminati at an Organizational Level

Another insider, Dr. Beter has mentioned that the Illuminati can be split up in three major different factions that include:

  • The Rockefeller Cartel
  • The Bolshevik Axis
  • The New Kremlin Rulers

The first one from the factions i.e. the Rockefeller Cartel is believed to be mainly taking care of the U.S based affairs and their wealth mostly comes from the oil industry in the country. The Bolshevik Axis is one of the oldest factions and sector in Illuminati which is mainly controlled by the Rothschild Family.

The Illuminati, as a secret society is basically organized like a pyramid where it has bloodlines and families as part of it. Families that include DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, and Van Duyn bloodlines are on top of the pyramid of authority within the Illuminati. The main organization is currently lead by the Rothschild Family. Since Illuminati has such high society members, a yearly meeting, known as the Bilderberg meetings are arranged every year to settle the disputes within the organization.

Illuminati at Local Levels & How the workers are brainwashed

It is believed that Illuminati started operating at local levels in the United States starting with Pittsburgh, PA. Now the society has groups in every major city in the country.

The low-ranking workers in the organization are believed to be trained using trauma-based methods to brainwash these people. This claim was made by Svali and to add to the theory, the workers are trained and tortured from a very young age and that too by their parents. These workers are also told that they are nothing more than a genetic experiment and due to this upbringing, these people cannot differentiate between love and hatred.

Illuminati Jobs & Occupation

Illuminati workers are mainly occupied with various different kinds of jobs including Pornography, Media, Punishers, Prostitution, Trainers, Breeders, Spys, Couriers, Commanding Officers, Programming and many many others. The supposed full list of jobs is listed below.

  • Informers: observe details and conversations with photographic recall
  • Breeders: breed children
  • Prostitutes
  • Pornography
  • Media Personnel
  • Ritual Helpers: clean up meticulously after rituals
  • Preparers
  • Readers
  • Cutters: slice and dice animals or human sacrifices
  • Chanters
  • High Priest/Priestess
  • Trainers
  • Punishers
  • Trackers: spy on those who attempt to leave their group
  • Teachers
  • Child Care
  • Couriers
  • Commanding Officers
  • Behavioral Scientists
  • Programming

Religious Beliefs

The Illuminati is quite different in terms of religious beliefs. The society mainly follows the faith of “Enlightenment”. This is a Luciferian way of thinking but as per different followers of the group, the roots of Illuminati goes back to religions from places such as Babylon, Egypt and Celtic Druidism. Local Illuminati groups worship ancient gods such as Baal, El, Ashtarte, Isis and Osiris, and Set.

The Freemason Connection

Freemasonry and Illuminati have strong connections with each other where the Masonic temples serve as areas where Illuminati spreads their teachings and scholarships. The All-Seeing Eye of Horus that is the main representation for Illuminati has a meaning that the group is watching over everyone who work for them and the 13 steps in the representation represent the 13 families that have controlling interests in the organization.

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