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11 Highly Anticipated​ Movies to Watch in September 2017

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A list of movies hitting the theatres​ this September. Once again our favourite stars will be gracing our screen and god we cannot wait to watch them. Let’s see what we are in for this month!

11 Highly Anticipated Movies to Watch in September 2017

Brace yourselves. They are finally coming! 😀

#1. IT

  • Release Date: Friday, September 8 
  • Genre: Horror/Suspense/Adaptation   

Based on Stephen King’s novel, the movie is already receiving positive reviews and is expected to be a huge hit. The plot follows as a creature who takes the form of  a sadistic clown known as Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) resurface and terrorize a small town in Derry, Maine, the kids who first encountered​ the creature is called upon to help, who does not have any recollection of their first battle as adults.

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#2. Home Again

  • Release Date: 8th of September, 2017
  • Genre: RomCom/Drama   

Resse Witherspoon (Alice) moves back to LA with her two daughters to start over after her recent divorce. While out and about on her 40th birthday, she meets three aspiring filmmakers and decide to help them. Her new life and romance is brought to screeching halt when her ex husband shows up at her door.

#3. Mother!

  • Release Date: 15th of September, 2017 (Friday)
  • Genre: Horror/Thriller/Drama

Daren Arnofsky, is back again with another psychological horror movie, Mother! One of the most anticipated movie of this month, or perhaps the year.  The tranquil life of (Jennifer Lawrence), a young married woman living in a country house with her husband (Javier Bardem) is disturbed upon the arrival of an uninvited mysterious couple (Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer), who i may guess turns their life upside down. The plot is not revealed much so we just have to watch the movie unveil in front of our eyes.

#4. American Assassin 

  • Release Date: 8th September, 2017
  • Genre: Action/Thriller/Adaptation

Based on the Vince Flynn Novel, Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien), a CIA black ops recruit is taken under A Cold War Veteran Stan Hurley’s (Michael Keaton) wing, when they are​ assign to investigate a series of random military and civilian attacks. Upon investigation, they discover a pattern of violence and teams up with a Turkish agent (Shiva Negar) to stop a mysterious operator whose intention is to start a World War in the Middle East.

#5. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

  • Release Date: 22nd of September, 2017 (Friday)
  • Genre: Action/Comedy/Adventure/Sequel

A sequel to the hit movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, released in 2014. In the sequel, the agents are back to fighting a new ruthless enemy. This time only with the help of another allied spy organization in the US, called Statemans, which was founded same as  the Kingsman. Together they fight the ruthless enemy testing their agents will, power and strength. Oh as a last note, a lot of famous, high profile faces Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Julliane Moore will be seen in the sequel.

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#6. Stronger

  • Release Date: 22nd of September, 2017
  • Genre: Drama/Biography

Jake Gyllenhaal, who is notable for his taste of unconventional movies that are always critically acclaimed is back with a movie based on the true story of Jeff Bauman, an ordinary man played by Jake Gyllenhaal takes on a journey which inspired many and became a symbol of hope to the world following the Infamous 2013, Boston Marathon Bombing, where he lost his legs.

#7. The Lego Ninjago Movie

  • Release Date: 21st of September, 2017 (Thursday)
  • Genre: Action/Adventure/Toy story/3D

Secret Ninja warriors are called upon to defend their island, Ninjago . Led by the wise Master Wu (Jackie Chan), they must  fight the evil warlord Garmadon (Justin Theroux) who happens to be one of the ninja warrior, Lloyd’s father (Dave Franco). Pitting father against son, they are in for an epic showdown.

#8. Battle of the Sexes

  • Release Date: 22nd of September, 2017 (Friday)
  • Genre: Drama/Sports 

Emma Stone as Billie Jean King and Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs will​ be sharing screen again in this epic movie where they are literally pitted against to challenge each other in a tennis match. The match was dubbed as the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ and was a global phenomenon sparking many aspects of life; gender equality, feminism while the two were struggling with their personal battles.

#9. Brad’s Status

  • Release Date: 14th of September, 2017 (Thursday)
  • Genre: Comedy/Drama

Director Mike White’s, Brad’s Status is a bittersweet comedy movie starring Ben Stiller as the protagonist. Brad (Ben Stiller) recalls his youth life while driving his son to college. Although he is comfortable with his job and his family he cannot ward the thoughts​ of his four college best friends who are very well off in their respective careers​, a well sought Hollywood actor (White), a fund founder (Luke Wilson), a tech entrepreneur (Jemaine Clement), and best selling author (Michael Sheen). As he compares their wealthy lifestyle and choices, he is force to reconnect with his friends and realised that he is far off than his friends.

#10. Flatliners

  • Release Date: 28th of September, 2017 (Thursday)
  • Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller/Drama/Remake

A remake of the 1970 hit movie, starred by Julia Roberts, Keifer Suterland and Kevin Bacon is hitting the theater again. Keifer Sutherland will be acting again as a supportive role along with Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev , Keirsey Clemons and James Norton. The plot will be following a group of medical students who experiment the near-death experience to see what’s beyond death. It takes a twisted turn when they are manifested by their childhood sins and are forced to question if they are for real or are they just hallucinations.

#11. American Made (Bonus)

  • Release Date: 25th of August 2017 (Already Released, You can now stream it on the ShowBox App)
  • Genre: Crime/Thriller/True Story

Tom Cruise is back with another action packed movie, American Made collaborating with his former ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ director Doug Liman.

It is based on the true story of Barry Seal, played by Tom Cruise, a pilot​ recruited by CIA to provide information, however he turned into a drug smuggler​. As Cruise is known to manipulate scripts, after The Mummy tanked in the box office, literally because Tom insisted changes in the script, let’s just hope Cruise hasn’t done the same mistake again.

Hopefully September will be a blast. Enjoy the movies. Here is a quick review of the movies to check out this September :

September 8th: It, Home Again

September 15th: Mother! , American Assassin​

September 22nd: Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Lego Ninjano Movie, Battle of   the Sexes, Stronger, Brad’s Status.

September 29th: Flatliners, American Made.

Let us know in the comments section below, which movie you are most psyched for!

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