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15 Hidden and Secretive Ghosts in The Haunting of the Hill House

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Netflix has been triumphing in all genres, by creating originals with unique storylines. It has been catering people all over the world with the unique storyline. The Haunting of the Hill House is one of those screenplays that will leave you untouched. This series is actually based on the novel with the same name, written by Shirley Jackson. It has been published all across the globe in 1959 and ever since has freaked the audience out. The series according to few viewers have made people pass out. While it is a hyperbole, The Haunting of Hill House is a chilling watch where the frames will freeze you every now and then. The most intriguing aspect about the series is that it has various ghosts just standing in the background, peppered all over the place. Mike Flanagan, the director of the show describes that they have had a blast while burying the Easter eggs that they did not have to worry about them. You might have not observed as you watched the show, but here are 15 hidden ghosts that are almost impossible to even find.

  • Peekaboo: Just seconds into the episode as the title says Steven sees a Ghost. The viewers are actually hit with this ghoul who is peeking through the railings of the staircase. The director did not muck about it and just have let it go on its way for the audience to notice.

  • Look carefully: Episode one is full of covered apparitions that are spread in the whole series. In order to spot the ghosts in the series, you will be needing a pat on the back constantly. For example, see the moment when Hugh gets Steven out of the room in the Hill House and you will observe someone standing over there!¬†Hugh is quick to close the door to protect both of them from the monster which is outside not knowing that there is one on the inside as well, right behind Steven.

  • Two for the price of one: At the start of the episode that is named as Open Casket, the audience can see two ghosts instead of one. Shirley has the blonde girl focusing on her while Liv is being watched by another ghost from inside of the house. Unnerving fun, double folded.

  • Scarecase: The nightmares of Steven and Hugh are not ending here. After fleeing from the house, a couple of ghosts are shown loitering at the staircase and therefore, we can refer to it as scare case because of their presence.

  • The lies included: The third episode is one of the episodes with most ghosts than any of the other series, like nine of them together. The creepiest ghost of the nine ghosts is the dude lurking in the cellar where Theo opened in order to peek from the below. A ghost also wanders between the rungs of the ladder but Theo wouldn’t notice them as well.

  • Behind you: The ghost in this frame is hard to spot and you deserve a bow if you have done on your own. In the third episode when the cops are investigating, Liv beckons on young Theo in the dining room and you can see a ghost with long hair, lurking in the back.


  • Apple for the eye: In the third episode, the ghost made an appearance when Theo is in the kitchen and is eating the apple. You can find a ghost peering at her through the door as she eats.

  • Goodbye: In this episode, we see that Liv’s family along with the kids are bidding a bye to Olivia as she is going to Janet. But turns out that there is another person who is sending a farewell to Liv before she is moving out of the place.

  • Basement Body: Flanagan has excelled in portraying the surroundings and he did not leave any eggs in the sixth episode. All the ghosts are clearly shown in it and therefore in the next episode, as Hugh discovers the decomposed body. He peers in to have a closer look not knowing that there is a long-haired ghost which is leaning on to him.

  • Dining Room Lady: At the end of episode six, there are no hidden ghosts in the eight-episode as well. In the night episode, where Hugh is carrying Luke to the bed, you can see the dining room lady standing there and watching them in awe!

  • Baldie: Theo doesn’t seem to escape from all the watchers in the episode, Touch. Even shown less, Theo is constantly being hunted by people all over the house. When her mum calls her you to see that he’s passing an open door. Flanagan has used this opportunity to fill the gap with the creep who is not a human.

  • Speak up: All of us are engrossed by the speaker system that is there in the 4th episode and it made us forget about the ghost who is hanging in the glass reflection behind Nell and Luke. He’s not so possible to spot, but yes, there is a person in the background.

  • Big boy hat: We all loved Luke’s big boy hat, didn’t we? The 4th episode starts with the touching sentiment and we are led to believe. While it made us understand the relation between Nell and Luke, this hate eased his fears but there is a ghost that he did not notice which is standing right behind him.

  • Gerald’s Game: The episode five of the show is known as ‘The Bent Neck Lady’ which is supposed to be a screamer. But here, the young Nell is haunted by herself after her death. But when she is in the parents’ room with no horror around and with Liv comforting her, a blurry woman stands there and is watching both of them. Flanagan revealed that this ghost is played by Bruce, who played the ghost in Gerald’s Game. This movie has got so many layers that every layer is a shocker to us.

  • Grey fingers: In the episode where Olivia is bollocking Nell for drawing something on the wall, we all found it mysterious. But there is a ghost which is lurking under the piano and is indeed grey handed because we only could notice the fingers under the table.

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