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Gully Boy Review – 2019 Berlin Film Festival Pick – Probable Oscar Entry

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Gully Boy has made its finest entry into the 2019 Berlin Film Festival and people went swamp praising it. Gully Boy, given the story is a probable of being an Oscar entry next year, because of the realistic approach it has in narrating the story of a Ghetto Boy living in Mumbai Slums, Dhaaravi. Before proceeding I have no second thoughts in saying that Zoya Akhtar is one of the finest directors that Bollywood has ever produced. This film is just a cinematic masterpiece where magic unfurls in every scene. It has the emotional triumph and it still doesn’t let you compromise with the technical brilliance. Very rarely we get to see a film that literally ticks all the boxes, Gully Boy is one such film.
From the Angst and Baaaaahot Haaaaard poetry to the supporting cast, it overwhelmed me as I watched it. It has got an immaculate camera work, fine hands at editing, unparallel music, and parexcellent performances. Given how Bollywood is going, it is a piece that the industry should be frigging proud of.
When I have watched the Hollywood musicals in the past, I always wondered if Indian cinema would ever be able to produce a silly musical drama. Zoya Akhtar, thank you for this. Gully Boy is a movie that has the boisterous songs but it speaks loud when it is silent. There are a couple of scenes in the movie that shattered me when I thought of how surreal they are. The scene where Murad drives the car with her boss’ daughter from a party is impeccable. It displayed the invisible walls that we humans have built between each other through the social parameters that we are even too scared to openly make a conversation with someone.
Gully Boy is a triumph, a film so relentlessly pulsating, a film so wildly alive, it’s hard not to get swayed by the sheer force of its thumping energy.
Between all his films, Ranveer Singh‘s endeavours have covered a really wide spectrum, the next time, someone says Ranbir is a better actor in Koffee with Karan, I will throw a brick at my TV Screen. His acting makes us feel as if he has internalised the experiences of a ghetto boy living in Dhaaravi! Gully Boy defies Opression, Sexism and Racism through Murad and Safina. Whenever you see Alia on the screen, you would want to whistle at her boldness. Equally impressive is the supporting cast of Gully Boy,  Siddhant Chaturvedi as MC Sher, Vijay Varma and Vijay Maurya who also have written dialogues for the film.
In a film that could easily be dismissed as template angry-young-man-against-the-establishment, Maurya’s dialogues carry immense depth, words that brim with urgent, practical wisdom without coming across as heavy-handed. Akhtar has given us a movie that celebrates the right to dream, the angst behind the artist and the urgency of expression.
As an artist myself, it tells that we have to follow my passion beyond everything that we have to hold on even when it gets tough. Zoya Akhtar will make us believe in the passion, why we should follow it and following it will make things easier for us, if not immediately atleast in the longer run.

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