Google Chrome 73 Review and Download – What’s New?

Google Chrome 73 Review and Download – What’s New?
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Google Chrome is undoubtedly the world’s most popular and best web browser application available for all PC and Mobile platforms. Recently, Google has released an update to its popular web browser, Google Chrome. Yes, the new Google Chrome 73 has been released with a lit of much-awaited features. If you too are using the same web browser, then here we have enlisted everything that you might want to know about the latest edition of Google Chrome. We have also prepared a list of new things added to this browser by Google. Let’s get on to it now!

Fortunately, the Chrome 73 update is already live and you can soon receive a notification regarding this update for a respective system. The giant has begun rolling out the update and it will gradually reach out to all the regions of the world.

The update comes with the support for a variety of new features for the regular users. If we talk about the new features, the update has now multimedia Key support along with the much awaited Dark Mode for MacOS users. The new Dark Mode is really amazing and the MacOS users can now also use this mode while using their Mac system during the night.

The update is live and people around the world are getting it through a notification from Google. If you haven’t received a notification or the update yet, you can manually request for the same. Just go to the Google Chrome’s built-in developer support page from where you can request for the new Google Chrome 73 edition.

Google has made this update for the intermediate users and developers who need to work with the codes and APIs. So basically, it’s a developer-centric update by Google. Being a new update, it brings a number of improvements to its overall functionality and of course, you will also get some new features along with it.

The Google Chrome 73 update rolled out for MacOS, Windows and Linux PC systems as well as Android mobile users. The new Dark Mode can be accessed by Mac users only and there’s no official word about the availability of this mode for other systems yet. So if you are using a Mac system, update the browser to use this Dark Mode feature introduced by Google.

Dark Mode is very essential for users who work at night. Once enabled, users will be able to see the contents easily and can read out things without having to come closer. The entire design of the bookmarks, Omnibar, Tabs etc will be changed and you will definitely be going to like exploring the web on a Dark Mode. If you have used Chrome’s Incognito mode, then you will get a similar test on the Dark Mode of the Chrome 73.

The Dark Mode does look like the Igconito mode; however, it doesn’t give you the same privacy. You will get a refreshing look of the Chrome browser which will provide a new look and dark theme to read things easier on your system. It will not bring the privacy features like the Incognito mode. The updated Chrome will still save the browser’s history, bookmarks, cookies, forms’ information and much more. There will be no changes here even if you use the Chrome browser with its dark mode on.

If you are using a Mac system, and want to test out the new Dark Mode on it, then follow the below given steps now.

How to enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome on MacOS?

Step 1: 

The first thing you need to do here is to make sure you are using the latest and updated version of Google Chrome. If not, go ahead to its official page and grab the latest Google Chrome 73 edition.

Step 2: 

Go to the Computer’s System Preferences page and you will see a number of useful options there.

Step 3: 

Now, select the General option from here.

Step 4: 

You will see Dark option here, click the Dark option and the Dark Mode will be enabled on your system.

Once enabled the Dark Mode, Google Chrome will adopt a new design and you will see the changed dark mode theme on your Mac’s screen. It does look more appealing than a normal white background theme.

Note: Google has released this Dark Mode feature only for the Mac users. Unfortunately, this mode is now yet made available for the Windows users. Windows users have to wait for a new update to get this Dark Mode feature for their PC systems.

If we talk about more features, then the update brings support for PWAs to Mac. These are the websites that can run as separate applications. These applications can run without the need of the native Chrome browsers. You can make use of such websites or applications independently without opening the browser application.

The Chrome 73’s new PWAs feature has been rolled out to all the PC systems and Smartphone platforms including Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. All these 6 major platforms will get this new feature and can start making use of the separate websites if they are from the developer’s site.

On the other hand, the Google Chrome 73 update for Android also brings a set of new features for the users.

The Chrome 73 for Android also brings a new design for the users. There is a new Downloads section available with the latest update. The progress indicator looks more decent now and you can see the progress of downloads in the downloads section easily. You will love the animations when you download something from the web. It features an animated loading indicator which also looks pretty impressive!

The Downloads section now has a straight list with small images of the thing you are currently downloading. The users will also be able to filter out things easily. You don’t need to look for anything else, just filter out the downloads as per your needs and you will find the right items quickly. The Google Chrome 73 update for Android is not widely rolled out. The giant is rolling out this update gradually and will soon be available for you.


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