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Google announces its own Gaming Platform Stadia

Google announces its own Gaming Platform Stadia
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With increase demand in the gaming field, the giant Google has unveiled its new gaming platform called, Google Stadia. This streaming platform is better than other gaming consoles, claimed by the giant itself. According to the firm’s office, this streaming platform will work on most platforms, including the desktops, Televisions and Phones. Google also revealed a new gaming controller, which can be integrated with its own streaming service, the Google Stadia.

Designwise, the Google Stadia doesn’t come with an impressive design or looks. It looks like a traditional streaming platform; however, Google has added a few other features that let users share their streaming of games directly to YouTube.

Unfortunately, the giant has not disclosed much information about the Stadia platform, its costs or whether it will be available with Netflix and other streaming’s compatibility or not. All we know here is that the future of streaming the game is here and it is announced by Google.

The custom controller from Google looks very impressive and it features all the control buttons that you might want in a particular gaming controller. The Controller’s stunning white and orange device looks adorable and has black-colored keys. Just like Xbox One’s Gamepad, this Controller has a heft and texture.

If we talk more about this controller, it features compatible ports to connect the device with other systems. It comes with a USB-C port on the top and has a 3.5mm Audio Jack as well. There is a dedicated Google Assistant button also available on the controller to give voice commands to it.

With built-in Google Assistant, a user can give command to start recording of the streaming and that’s how it will start work for you.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the controller’s actual cost or whether it will come bundled with a Stadia Plan. Google will soon reveal more details about this Controller and the Stadio plans for the gaming enthusiasts who are eager to try their hands-on. The same service will support other Gamepads too. Google Assistant won’t be working with other Gamepads, the other features and functions will be there to explore.

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