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10 Games of Thrones Sex Scenes – Hottest GOT Scenes

10 Games of Thrones Sex Scenes – Hottest GOT Scenes
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If you have not seen Game of Thrones till now and are looking forward to changing the status, then I suggest you not to read this. It has already been established that Game of Thrones is the best contemporary show that has been streaming. It has the most amazing viewership of the decade with a stellar cast, big scale production design, unpredictable story line are the main factors behind the successes. One of the less talked phenomena about Game of Thrones is that it has raw sexuality oozing in it. There are many adult erotic scenes in the series that many people would love to watch. The actors have done a bearing job with amazing confidence while making these films, given how they are shot and spread over the internet.

Game of Thrones has a big history of featuring the hottest scenes. All of these scenes are diverse in nature while exploring all kind of sexuality and encompassing the gents and ladies in all the natural acts. Here’s a list of hottest scenes from Game of Thrones that you would want to watch.


List of Games of Thrones Sex Scenes:


#1 Jon Snow and Ygritte (Season 3 Episode 5):


From the first moment when Jon Snow crosses eyes with Ygritte, and you will realize that there’s a spark between them. This pair is one of the most lit couples in the history of the show. An interesting thing about them is that they are also a real-life couple which is why they were able to project an intense bond between them. Their passion and consummation have made the relationship extremely beautiful, behind the white backdrop. Amidst the war region that’s happening outside the wall, the pair will give you this scene in the cave. These two gets a free pass to feel each other while getting paid for it. I only wonder if they will keep this scene to show it to their further generations or how they would feel when their children get to see it. This chemistry between Jon Snow and Ygritte has come at a critical point in the season while the event relating to other events of the show. The wildlings did not hold back after this scene, and the quote, “You know nothing Jon Snow” has become the talk of the globe. It is also used as cultural references in many situations because of the scene having epic attention with equally proportional screen space. Kit and Rose are happily married now and therefore, it makes everything beautiful.

#2 Daenerys and Khal Drogo (Season 1 Episode 2):



Women have it extremely tough in the GOT world. Despite everything that has been thrown on their way, Daenerys and Arya are the ones who stand out unbreakable. While Arya is still a kid turned adolescent, Daenerys has emotional endurance which keeps her going. She is definitely one of the most mentally sensitive characters in the show like no other. Viserys, her hunger driven brother has bartered to Drogo, the warlord of Dothrakis. Daenerys is served as a wedding present to Drogo and he has acquired all the permissions over her. She laid the stone of her commanding personality by turning Drogo into a submissive husband with this scene. She, then, later on, became Khalessi, the proud queen of Khal Drogo who never flinches. Defying all the materialistic and dogmatic treatment of the Dothraki people, Daenerys demands Drogo face her instead of taking her back. Eventually, it turns into passionate sex through which she acquires respect from her husband.

#3 Theon and Threesome (Season 3 Episode 7):



Theon is one of the luckiest people in the show. He is also one of the most miserable characters of the show given how his journey has gone, because of his lack of courage and empathy. He is personified with selfishness and nothing but it. In the third season of the show, he has endless litany with many women while being surrounded by impressive and endless scenes. He becomes a subject to the envious eyes, especially in a scene, where the two ladies do the extraordinary sexual acting. These two wonderful people are responsible for his dark knight to rise. A glaring glimpse at Theon is set up by Ramsay Bolton, as the scene turns out to be a visual treat. Among all the scenes, it stood out as an aesthetic and artistic flavor.

#4 Ros and the prostitute (Season 1 Episode 7):



The first season of Game of Thrones has more action happening in the beds than the action on the grounds. Apart from a couple of deaths, the season is filled with a lot of sex scenes which are specially written as click baits to get the attention from all kinds of audience. The lavish lifestyle of the people in the King’s Landing is shown where the royal people are indulged in various activities of boldness and vulgarity. There is a certain degree of sexuality in these scenes. In Episode 7, we come across powerful authoritarians being viewed as sexual objects while brothels are extremely identified. Ros, as a pivotal character is present on the show. In case if you’re searching for one of those scenes with brazen romance, this particular scene will sweep you off your feet and take you to heaven.

 #5 Daenerys and Jon Snow (Season 7 Episode 7):



Even if this is not a full-fledged scene, this is one of the most anticipated sex scenes of Game of Thrones. Despite being the forbidden interaction which almost comes under incest, people are not grossed by the relationship between both the leads and indeed they are extremely amused by it. The two biggest characters of the shown have finally come together in the previous season (7th season) of the show as we wait for the finale. This interaction has made millions of audience happy because of the obvious signs from the start that both of them are into together right from the first moment. Our hair has not only been risen but is pulled out, when this internet sensation has happened and it is also a huge hit on the laptop screens. Girls all over the world have started ass-shipping Jon Snow and his gorgeous booty making it one of the most important scenes of the show. It is also a metaphorical indication that the dragons, the army has united with Jon Snow.

#6 Greyworm and Missandei (Season 7 Episode 2):



All of us are pretty much versed with the actual process of sex that happens. This is why I’m confused whether to include it in the best scenes of Game of Thrones because there is no coitus that actually happens in here. The fornication process which usually involves a man’s thing-a-ding (penis) and women’s thing (vagina), this scene is far from the sex scenes that usually happen. Game of Thrones has challenged people to think beyond the limitations of this scene. Greyworm, as an impotent person just wants emotional support from Missandei while she wants both physical and emotional consummation. This gentle sex scene shows a beautiful bond where all of their needs are fulfilled. This physical union of Missandie with Greyworm opens the doors for their love story even with him having mutilated genitals. The passion with which they hold each other becomes a spectacle and definitely is a highlight scene of the season. In a violently loud show like Game of Thrones, this gentle scene where two characters shower mutual love shows that people become vulnerable even when they are usually composed. A soothing scene as it is, watch it with beyond the grimness.

#7 Jaime and Cersei (Season 4 Episode 10):



The incest relation between the brother-sister gets difficult to watch in between. Towards the seasons, it gets honest as well as bizarre. Even though related through blood, their physically involved scenes tell us how deeply affectionate they are, towards each other. The tone of their relationship is set in the very first episode which turns out to be the major plot twist for the story to even be built. Game of Thrones surprises us in many seasons with their immaculate scenes that blow our minds. Even by the standards of this show, this relation is actually a little extreme to interpret. This pair of brother-sisters in one season lose their son to poison and keeps mourning for the same. Instead of eulogies and adieus, the two gets engaged in rough sex before the dead corpse of the son. That’s when we come to know that these two are extremely obsessed with each other even for the normal human standards. At the same time, this scene is also a testament to the undying strength and love in order to face this world.

#8 Robb and Talisa (Season 2 Episode 8):



The Red Wedding is one of the most touching moments of Game of Thrones for all the right reasons. Be it the magnitude of deaths, the blossoming bond, the surprising relationship or the unpredictable twists; the film is full of beautiful elements. It is on this day, the show has changed its course and has reached a new level making it extremely popular. Robb Stark, the King of the North has marched towards the South while succeeding in the film with exacting revenge and brutality. The single missing thing in the show is the companion for Rob who shares all of his burdens. In the episodes before this one, we see Talisa as the most caring wife who is caught in the warmongering between the Lannisters and the Starks. Being the beautiful doctor she is, she says that healing is important and people shouldn’t kill the innocent in the name of war. The bond between them is also another soothing moment in the entire show, especially given how beautiful actors express everything just with their eyes.

#9 Melisandre and Gendry (Season 3 Episode 8):



This scene is not as much of a sex scene as we expect it to be. The devilish Red Priestess tricks Gendry to have sex with her in order to win the war. With the ulterior motives, she just seduces him for her own benefit. During this episode, the Game of Thrones was indeed at a crucial time something has to happen in order to make things right. The inclusion of superstition and magic together makes the things complicated and the Red Woman says that they will need the blood of Robert Baratheon. Gendry, the bastard of Rob appears to be an easy target for her and her conniving friends. She starts seducing him and then executes her plan while being indulged in pseudo-sex. This scene might appear awkward to many of the audience but before you realize she ties him to the bed and releases the leeches in order to gain it.

#10 Tyrion and Shae (Season 1, Episode 9):



Let’s admit it. Shae was all of our’s favorite until she has deceived Tyrion. We all liked her for her witty nature and stunning personality which has set her aside from everyone. It is only obvious that a well-behaved person like Tyrion fell n head over heels love with her because of her characteristic traits. However, their relationship has been kept in dark because he was too afraid of losing her. She seemed to love Tyrion in return with everything she has, which is why this relationship, even secretive was held bizarre and blissful for a while. Out of the people who have wished them to have a happily ever after, I’m one of them. When the war was going at the King’s Landing, this love scene between them happens. Later as the show progresses, we realize that Shae is actually in the trail for killing King Joffrey. She also attempts to kill him and forces him to kill her as an act of self-defense.

That being said, Game of Thrones have several other small-scale and large-scale nudity and sexual scenes that will make you stand on the toes. The show is raw, intense and has a beautiful story line which is told with powerful characters and versatile performers. If you have done the sin of not watching the sin till now, wash it out by starting the list of Game of Thrones Sex Scenes right away.

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