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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Preview

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Preview
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Seven seasons, 67 episodes, two years of restlessness and finally “WINTER IS HERE”.

The whole world has gone crazy for Game of Thrones Season 8 and after watching a soul-satisfying episode “Winterfell”, here we are with lots of predictions and calculations drawn from the episode and much interesting theory. GOT team was being very reticent regarding this season that they haven’t even disclosed episode names or plot summaries before release. Though this episode was a treat for fans, the amount of parallels you find is what makes it truly nostalgic. Almost every viewer is a silent fan of Starks and as the episode begins in Winterfell, their home place; it is evident how far they have come through a roller coaster journey and depicts individual growth of each character. Don’t continue reading further as the post is dark and full of spoilers.

Game of Thrones S08E01 Synopsis:

Well, the makers of Game of Thrones never compromise with quality and creating a profound feeling of grandeur in us. The episode begins with Dany and Jon arriving at Winterfell, with a couple of reunions we all were waiting all these days. There wasn’t a healthy meeting between Dany and Sansa while Jon was trying to be neutral. Jon’s truth was revealed by Sam and it gave us chills when the dead Umber boy screamed and reminded of the silent existence of Night King marching forward.

Similarities and parallels between Game of Thrones S01E01 & Game of Thrones S08E01:

The episode begins with a young boy rushing here and there and climbing whatever he can to catch the sight of Daenerys and Jon arriving with a huge army. Arya smiles at the boy as his excitement reminds herself in Season1 first episode waiting for Robert Baratheon’s welcome.

  • Along with with Arya, Sansa and Bran the remaining of the Starks line up together for greeting Jon and Daenerys( King and a Queen) just reminding the first episode.
  • Jon and Arya’s reunion is the most awaited scene for every one of us. They both left each other when Jon gifted her Needle, while this scene reminded that in many different ways. The way Arya jumps and hugs his favorite brother was similarly displaying their unvaried affection.
  • Gendry and Arya have their own fan base and there was a particular scene in Season3 where he greets and refers Arya as a Lady and then he smirks and repeats the same when they meet again.
  • In the first episode of the show, Ned Stark meets a stark lady at the weirwood, while in this new episode Jon Snow meets Arya over the same place.
  • When Robert arrived, Ned said “Winterfell is yours, grace” while it is quite shocking that Sansa utters the same words while welcoming Dany.
  • Sam reveals the truth (R+L=J) to Jon at the same crypts where Robert and Ned spoke about Lyanna and Rhaeger, well not much in a similar tone.
  • The Night King and white walkers made a crop circle out of wilding’s dead bodies and an exact crop circle was made around the Umber boy’s body which is similar to the Targaryen’s sigil.
  • Here is the most awaited moment where Jaime meets Bran, the episode ends here just like the Season 1 episode 1 ended with Jaime throwing Bran from the top.

Apart from this, the episode has disclosed and hinted many possibilities and theories that will throw us into the spiral thoughts of drawing ideas and conclusions. Let us discuss various facts regarding the individual character and analyze to expect their revelations and endings.

Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow (The Azor Ahai theory):

Mother of Dragons is one of the most favorite characters with a huge number of fans possible. The character growth was fantastic while each step of her shadows her motives and intentions to hold the crown. Though Dany is badass and grown powerful, it is still evident that she has more of heartless and cold shades when it comes to ruling. The way she mended Khal Drogo was example enough to tell how she can simply take situations in her hand to move forward. The relation between Daenerys and Daario also signifies her tyrant nature as she knows where to draw lines and how to use people limiting to their needs. She didn’t have any genuine affection for him but a sense of lust and more of reasons to tolerate him.

Somewhere her character has many similarities with her father, the mad king, whose behavior is as unpredictable as possible. Also in the Season8 episode1, when Jon and Dany climb on to the dragons to a distance place in Winterfell, she talks about living a thousand years together with him. Though the situation had the warmth, the way she said was not so convincing that it came out of her heart. Somewhere the dialogue felt so out of the character and resembles her chaotic nature. We never had this suspicion regarding her love for Jon but after this particular, it feels that Dany hold Jon just to feel more sane and normal rather than with true passion and love.

When Sam reveals the truth to Jon regarding his birth, he was horrified as expected but he couldn’t bear the fact that he being a true heir would set aside Dany’s position from the throne. Also, Sam was constantly trying to mention how he would make a righteous king more than Dany not only through birth but traits. We all know that Jon deserves the position and how he is so non-judgemental, understanding and accepting when it comes to people. He always had reasons enough to blame his situation but all he did was to accept and move on with what he has. But this arises the same doubt that he would give up his name and crown to make Dany a queen.

If you were a reader of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, you would be familiar with “Azor Ahai” theory which speaks about the prince that was promised. According to the theory, the real prince has a prophecy where he would bring a blade of Lightbringer to the chest of his loved one to make peace with Night King. So, if Jon is the “promised prince”, who he is based on every event that justifies this prediction, he would have to kill Dany for the sanest reason.

Also, Dany seems to behave a bit more out of her mind when she says “Whatever they eat” when she was asked about the dragons. So, maybe her raged behavior might become one reason to satisfy the theory. While there are many other predictions below this suggesting that “Azor Ahai” theory is going to be fulfilled soon.

Game of Thrones – The Lannister Siblings:

Though Tyrion seems righteous and intelligent, there are many evident examples that at the end family matters to every house, especially for Lannisters. We have seen Cersei avoiding wine as she confirmed her pregnancy, but we can see her drinking it both in the trailer and in the first episode. This feels suspicious regarding her pregnancy. Also at the end of the Season7, the conversation between Tyrion and Cersei is skipped which is arising with more interesting questions. There might be some interesting assurance he would have given to Cersei to convince her. We all know how Tyrion is genius at handling situations and he also betrays people if he is convinced that if it is for the ultimate good. At a dreadful situation where the Night King is arriving what would be a more compelling reason to betray than to protect his own family legacy.

There is also another prophecy of the Dragon queen where is known to be betrayed for three reasons. Once for blood, once for gold and once for love. Already she has been between tricked and cheated twice by Mirri Maz and Jorah Mormont for blood and gold. Now many fans are predicting the betrayal of Tyrion for the love of his family. As discussed above, Dany might give enough reasons for such horrible happening. While it is also heard that Tyrion might betray Starks which might be his ultimate promise to convince Cersei regarding the greater war and obtaining her support to fight that.

While coming to the relation between Jaime and Cersei, their love was always more of obsession and lust rather than warmth and affection. During the end of Season 7, Jaime left Cersei fed up of her actions and motives and there was a hint that she gave permission for Mountain to kill him further if needed. But there’s another interesting prophecy regarding Cersei which was disclosed in her childhood. A witch said that there are 3 prophecies destined in Cersei’s life. She will never wed a prince but a king, which is true as she fancied marrying Rhaegar but married King Robert Baratheon instead. The second prediction states that some younger and beautiful girl comes and throws her out of her own position which is our beloved Margaery. The last prophecy speaks about her children where she is only destined with three children. But there’s another interesting theory as per the books. It is the “Valonqar” theory, which means “little brother” in Valyrian language. As per the theory, she will be killed by her little brother and Jaime might satisfy the theory being twin born next to her. Though it could also be Tyrion, there are more reasons for Jaime to kill Cersei due to her madness towards an ultimate selfish nature.

Apart from the theories, the character of Cersei has multiple layers and the graph was constantly improving right from the first season. Lena Headey never compromised in portraying the role with utmost perfection while unpredictable yet logical moves give Goosebumps to every viewer.

Game of Thrones – The Stark Family:

Though Stark family are always destined to meet sad endings for most of the times, there are many interesting predictions regarding the endings of remaining Stark children. Ned, Catelyn, Robb, Rickon had most horrible deaths, but each fan of Game of Thrones personally wish to avoid the same for the remained ones. Arya is the most badass and fan favorite traveled all her way to season 8 while growing at her best. Though the trailer depicts many horrible scenes where she is mildly injured, we can never forget the list she has been uttering all her days. She isn’t a person who let go of the list very easily unless the character is dead prior to her revenge sequences. Also, many fans are eagerly waiting for a conclusion to her relation with Gendry. So, it is quite.

impossible to predict her ending which makes it more and more interesting to stick to the season silently and waiting for the show to reveal her destiny, while Sansa seems one of the safest characters in the series right now. Sansa has begun her journey like an immature teenager who has no great wishes other than marrying a prince, but the way she has grown is quite remarkable and it is solely because of the circumstances she has gone through. Also, Ned always reminded them how the wolves are always strong as a pack which signifies how the Stark sisters are going to protect each other. While Jon can be considered as a Targaryen now, there are many profound theories like Azor Ahai, which depicts his ending. Most probably, he is going to make it alive but Jon has to go through a major heartbreak if he is the prince that has been promised.

Brandon Stark has the most interesting of all. Being a warg, he has brought equal solutions and problems with his abilities. He bought a horrible ending to HODOR by being a warg and his greenlight power gave access to the Night King. Also, his name is after the Bran the builder, who has built the great wall to set apart the white walkers and dead from reaching the seven kingdoms. So, he might have the solution in sending them back and his greenlight can explain the reasons behind the rage of Night King. Apart from this, there are many dangerous predictions and theories that Bran is the Night King as the Night King touched him and his warg abilities might end up by making him one. Also, the three-eyed ravens have mentioned how Bran cannot walk again but will fly. So, he might control a dragon through his warg abilities and fulfill the flying prophecy.

Highlights of “Winterfell” episode – Game of Thrones :

  • Reunions: We all expected how season 8 is going to have a bunch of interesting and emotional reunions which satisfy all our restless awaited moments. The Stark reunion was favorite of all, while the meeting of Tyrion-Sansa, Arya-Hound, Arya-Gendry were notably beautiful. Also, we loved the way how Arya and Hound share a cold yet some unexplained fatherly affection where they don’t greet well but always wished for each other’s well-being. Gendry and Arya also shared some sparkling moments in the past which made fans hope for a perfect reunion which happened in the episode.
  • Jon flying the Dragon: Right from the moment Jon is revealed as Targaryen, we all went busy in analyzing all the moments in past seasons and waited for him to learn his birth secret. So, being a Targaryen, Jon has some unexplained relation with dragons and it is evident how the dragons come across wild if not Jon and their mother Dany.
  • Dany and Jon’s private moments: As we explained above, we couldn’t find a genuine affection for Dany towards Jon. But keeping the little moments they shared in mind, it is simple and beautiful in its own way. Also, it was funny how particularly “Drogon” (named after Khal Drogo) was angry when Jon was growing physically close to Dany.
  • Tormund’s existence was revealed. We all suffered a mini-heartbreak and also hoped for Tormund’s safety when we saw the wall crashing.
  • Jon’s birth revealed by Sam: This is the most awaited scene and it is portrayed in the most subtle way possible. Jon’s horrified and confused looks were notably describing his nature.
  • Euron Greyjoy promising a prince to Cersei. Well, Cersei drinking wine and this particular moment has raised too much confusion within us. But this is a moment meant to be remembered for quite important reasons that might happen in the future.
  • Jaime and Bran’s meeting: Though this isn’t most awaited, this moment and their reunion have its own fan base. We particularly melted with Jaime’s expressions when he saw Bran. There was a sense of guilt and a silent confession of his heart can also be heard without words. Jaime’s character was best of all and he is aware how time and fate have played well in bringing him back to Winterfell for the most crucial and honorable reasons he couldn’t have expected his whole life.


My ‘Night King is not stupid’ Theory:

When the army of the undead line up for the battle of Winterfell, the Night King and his zombie dragon will not be there. Instead he will already be near to his next target … King’s Landing.

If you play out what the battle of Winterfell would be like in your head if the NK+Viserion would be there… it would be easy for Drogon/Rhaegal to take out the zombie dragon; it’s 2v1 and wight’s all can be killed by fire.. including Viserion. It would not be difficult to simply fly up to Viserion and breathe fire on him, and that would be that. THE NIGHT KING IS NOT STUPID, not enough to kamikaze his most powerful asset. – If you have a superweapon that you can’t use against a particular target, then you find a different target. Most people have come to assume that the living will lose The Battle of Winterfell and fall back to Moat Cailin … I predict they actually win the battle… only to find out soon after that there is a new army of the dead much bigger and much further south… the population of King’s Landing.

During season 4 while Bran is being ushered north to meet Bloodraven, he touches a wierwood and has a set of visions which we see. All of those visions have since come to pass, except the ones where he sees a destroyed throne room & a dragon shadow pass over King’s Landing. I believe the reason we are only shown a shadow was to not give away that it is actually the NK and Viserion, not Dany and her dragons. Also, the most important vision that Dany is given while at the HotU is an image of the throne room destroyed, and covered in ash or snow. I think this was to show what the NK will do, not what Dany will do. (I believe this was the entire reason that the writers sent Bronn north. Bronn will be the source of this news to the survivors at Winterfell; on his way north he will spot the NK+Viserion heading south)

Bottom line, we don’t see the Night King risking the new found dragon in the fight after raising it from the dead. If he’s not using it, the girl is ready to lose. The Night King along with his army can fly down to the south, the King’s Landing, where there are no dragons at all, where all the new 1 million recruits are packed in this small area.

Games of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Preview:

The first episode of Game of Thrones has been about reunion, revelation and fright. The teaser of the second episode has been released and it is full of drama. The trailer starts with Dany confronting Jaime who has just come to the Winterfell from the King’s Landing.

When I was a child, my brother would tell me a bedtime story about the man who murdered our father. And all the things we would do to that man.

This is possibly the first time Dany is meeting Jaime as they did not have any prior interaction before on the screen even when both were there during Jon presenting the wights to Cersei in the last scene finale. This scene is followed by an interaction between Dany and Sansy, alluding to Tyrion believing that Cersei is sending her army to fight against the wights.

D: “He never should’ve trusted Cersei.” 

S: “You never should’ve either.”

There are many images that only talked about the battle preparation, say Jorah Mormont with a sword, Gendry in the forge. All of it has the voice intone of Arya saying, “Death. It’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.” However, there’s this one shot where Dany approaches Jon in the crypts where we get extremely curious if he’s going to tell her that he has finally learned about his real parentage. Jon also asks Tormund,

Jon: “How long do we have?”

Tormund: “Before the sun comes up tomorrow.”

This conversation that has been cut to frenzied battle shots. We also see Missandie and Grey kissing intimately and then we also get the shot of Tyrion looking from a parapet into a mirror post the Battle of the Blackwater. All the signs that you have seen in this preview point that the Battle of Winterfell will happen in the third episode, which by the way is the longest episode in this season.

She will feel alone but still in love with Jon. Who now will probably be way more distant just finding out his heritage. Whether she finds out about Jon or not she may get suspicious of his loyalty to her and then. The straw that broke the camels back. He will take a dragon from her.

The next episode is going to be extremely interesting to see how would Jaime’s trail would go and whether he would be alive or not. We also will get to see the extremes of Dany’s insanity as she deals with the trail of Jaime. If she makes a bad decision where the northerners qill question her rule, she will definitely get paranoid given her mindset. She will keep thinking that people are conspiring against her and she will be messing up big time with the Tarly treatment. She is not yet accustomed to the culture of Westeros and everyone apparently hate her already.  It looks like Tyrion has fooled Dany into thinking that Cersei will help them fight the wights. Sansa throws a shade after knowing the true intentions of Lannisters and learning how to play. She also points out Jaime coming emptyhanded without any news. The way she would react with Tyrion will also make will make the Varys lose all the faith they have in her. They will conspire together to make Jon sit on this throne as he is already threatened. Davos, Varys and Tyrion are already seen discussing about the possible rulers sitting on the throne together and ruling.

The whole Game of Thrones series about foreshadowing one another. The possible is that Jon will own Rhaegal after riding it or bonds with Drogon, anyhow, he will have one dragon. From the time when they were at Dragonstone, Drogon has allowed Jon to get close to him and touch him. I don’t think it was funny that Drogon looked at Jon for a second during the lake scene but because they’re going to bond together in the future. Dany will lose her mind if this happens.

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