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Death Note Movie on Netflix Review – Original Anime vs the Movie Adaptation

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We all were very much excited about the release of Death Note movie when its trailer war initially unveiled by Netflix a few months back. In the first look, it really looked interesting taking all the Death Note fans to the edge of their seat. We were really impatient to watch it until we did, and got nothing but disappointment out of it.

If you have watched the original anime Death Note series and are really a huge fan of it, we would like to recommend to not to watch the Netflix remake of the TV show. This movie is way different when compared to the original show, and the only resembles we see is in the character names as well as professions.

It is a true fact that Death is inevitable for all. And this is the main basic foundation no which the TV show was made. However, the movie makers failed to implement the concept properly in this latest TV show remake.

The TV Show starts with the god of death, a Shinigami (the Japanese god of Death Note), whose job is to take the souls from the realm of earth to the death world. The Shinigami we meet here is Ryuk and he is getting bored so he drops his Death Note in on the earth. Well, all those scenes are shown in the movie, and we see directly the book falling near to Light in the movie.

If you do not know about Death Note, it a book with a lot of rules, but some serious and deadly rules. The name of the person, written in Death Note will die as per described in the note. The book falls near one of the brilliant minds of Japan, Light Yagami. Light is in high school, and after he discovers the rules of the book and what it can do, he starts executing the dangerous criminals of the world. However, these sudden unplanned death of criminals all over the world do not go unnoticed and soon everyone comes to know that there is some mysterious entity who is making all this happen.
Soon, things get out of hand and we see more interesting characters coming in, about whom we will talk about later in this post.

The movie has tried to copy the manga by Tsugumi Onba and Takeshi Obata. However, we don’t want to be direct, but they have failed miserably in bringing the original feel of the series in the movie. I am a die-hard fan of the original series but as a while watching it as a movie, I was ready with few changes that I might see in the film. However, these changes turned out to be very drastic in the end.

The first thing that took my mood down was that the whole story is based in America. Well, they could have kept it in Japan only. There were few impressive scenes that we would like to mention first before criticizing it. The first meeting with Ryuk, some of the suicide and murder scenes.

But most of the movie is a disappointment. The most important think about Death Note amine is the stiffness and quick instincts of the main characters, Light, and L. The movie actors failed to recreate that environment of tension and cleverness, instead filled it with a lot of fear element, that was nowhere to be seen in the anime. Since the movie plot is not the exact copy of the anime, you will find a lot of loopholes that will disturb your mood as well as the movie experience.

The Light Yagami in anime is a cunning cruel person who has everything planned out and plays calculated moves. However, we don’t find that person in the main lead of Death Note movie. Light Turner in the Netflix Death Note (played by Nat Wolff), transforms himself into brooding after getting the Death Note. He is motivated by his thought of creating a new world free of bad people as we saw in the anime. However, instead of finding Light and interesting personality, you are going to find him annoying. The sociopathic nature of Light has been replaced by love, love for a girl named Mia Sutton who is using him for Death Note. I was pretty annoyed when Light shows her the Death Note in the starting of the film just to gain her attention and love.

On the other hand, L is a calm and smart character in the manga, while the L shown in the movie is pretty impulsive, gets anxious and angry very often. Well, this is not the L we were expecting. And how can we forget our favorite, Ryuk. In the manga, Ryuk has been a major part, while in the movie, he appears for telling new rules mostly. Not giving Ryuk the full importance he deserves in the movie is certainly not good.

The movie’s end is not interesting as well. Some of you might find it even hard to tolerate till the end. If you have watched any of the final destination movies, you already know how things are going to end. More or less, the film turned out to be an overall parody to me and we would give it only 1 out of 5 stars in the review.

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