Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie – A Woman-centric Drama?

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Christopher Nolan is one of the most heard and most known directors in the Hollywood. By this time, I guess people who love movies have at least watched a single movie of his, given his exuberance in filmmaking. I have friends who are movie buffs and who have his movies stacked in the DVD shelves just because they are spellbound by the way that he has amazed them. If you think Nolan is one of the overrated directors, well you’re wrong. Especially after the latest Dunkirk, you can see how impeccable he is. One glance at the IMDB top 250 movies of all time and you will find all of Nolan’s movies in it. No wonder fans ponder on the internet about his fame, right? During the Dark Knight trilogy, the fans have believed that Nolan is capable of making comic book movies and the alone; but Dunkirk has managed to prove things wrong for them. He has shown people that he’s strongly capable of making dramas and mavericks like Dunkirk and Interstellar and it is only obvious that he has many nominations for Best Director Oscar, in his name.

At this point, the one question that might be circling your brain is which movie is going to be Christopher Nolan’s next? Well, indeed the better question would be; what do you want Christopher Nolan to direct so that you can amaze yourself with his marvelous creation and how this movie will be different from all the movies that he has ever made? Christopher Nolan is one of those directors under 50 who has been tagged as one of the predominant filmmakers who just started working for two decades. So, it is clearly evident that he is excellent because of the impact he has created in the film world. He is known for his distinctive film language that made him popular, standing out from the masses.

He is not only popular among the crowd but also the sweetheart of the critics because of the intrusive elements that he has introduced to us through films. His films are philosophically deeply rooted in the narrative structures. Despite the dark themes, he has succeeded in breaking all the barricades to the humanity. As a fan, one important factor that always has drawn me towards Nolan’s movies is his obsession with psychology and behavioral patterns as well. His incessant and inevitable love for the cinema has made him excel than his contemporaries in Hollywood. There is a perception among the crowd that the commercial cinema is only made entirely for the entertainment and Nolan has changed it in the eyes of the audience. He has introduced the blend of art and commerciality in the movies that people started believing how movies can be different. He has started testing the intellectuality of the people without compromising on the commercial aspects. That being said; here are few guesses on what Christopher Nolan’s next film might be.

Will it be a Sci-Fi action film like Inception?

Inception has made people turn heads for years after its release. I still remember how people got obsessed with the ending of the movie that everyone I met had a theory about it. This modus operandi filmmaking of Nolan has started with inception and ever since it has been running consistently. This film has not only inspired people but had the best cast and crew that a film can get. A story which is larger than life itself, the star cast who can put their lives into performances and the extravagant budget. A dream, right? However, it is known recently that Nolan has passed the opportunity to make the James Bond film which says that he has something up the sleeve which might not fit into the action genre. Also considering how he has made the Batman trilogy, the Interstellar and the Inception, it is not plausible to think that he is going to make a Sci-Fi film in his new project.

Will it be an interesting Indie project like ‘Memento’?

It is known that Nolan is obsessed with themes and visuals which are out of the world. These are the things that allow him to gain command over the audience when his thought process is coupled with his thoughts. The viewers get enthralled by his stories being freakish, extremely sensational, totally bizarre but all of them are compelling. Right from his first movie, Nolan has managed to main the ultimate respect for his audience and thought that most of them are intelligent. He did not want to trick them or manipulate them into something that the film isn’t. Irrespective of what he has in the film, he thought that the audience would always understand what he is going to give and that they have this indispensable power of understanding things.

His stories even when they are the at their most complex stages are puzzles which explain the human psychology and the intensity of human lives that we experience every day. Memento is the major example of such such movies which had a remarkable hospital scene. I guess Nolan has a deeper connection with the hospitals that we can see the epic Joker scene in the Dark Knight as well. In Memento, we see Leonard analyzing the mental condition of Sammy Jankis’ who is sitting in the hospital chair without knowing his condition. The camera gets zoomed in and we see the image of Sammy being blocked by a man who has a flash on him. This scene is then cut to the phone conversation of Leonard and in a split second, we see him sitting in Sammy’s place. Nolan here exploits that weakness that we have in our observations to make a point, and conveying that the whole frame of the film matters.

Therefore, Nolan loves to investigate into audience’s intelligence but however, I don’t think that he will pass on the budget and the star cast which he has gained through films. Therefore, to make another Indie film is not something that’s going to happen over the time. Right now he’s in the position to make films for the audience and he’s going to take full advantage of it.

Will it be another mystery like his infamous ‘The Prestige’?

The flamboyance in Nolan movies is remarkable as he comes with unique concepts that can bring a new joy to you. His films are a bit gimmicky but well that’s because they are ostentatious. As a matter of fact, the main concepts in his film become known to them before even before the release and become the talk of the town as soon as they are released. He uses these movies to convey beautiful stories that are often eclipsed by the hype of the blockbuster expectations that people have about him. The prestige is one such classic movie that has the most accurate cast and an absolutely beautiful story that makes us cry. The remarkable thing about Nolan is that he blends the challenging stories with fusing emotions that are simple. The Prestige is one such story which is considered as one of his underrated works. This film not only talks about passion but also about the human sacrifice in the truest form. Nolan is known as one of the most brilliant storytellers, so it is only relevant if we consider him making a thriller drama all over again. But, as we have seen that he treated Dunkirk as a war ‘thriller’ already, how far the odds are possible?

Comedy or Horror?

Known for his immense versatility, it is only feasible to expect a horror or comedy for him. However, horror? Not so much. Realistically, I don’t think that the greatest filmmakers in the era have the genes of making horror or comedy films except for Steven Speilberg and Alfred Hitchcock. Also, if you take a look at the list of Christopher Nolan’s favorite films, none of them are comedy or horror. It is a well-known fact that Nolan loves to write his movies himself and therefore, the possibility of comedy/horror can be ruled out.

That leaves us with Women-centric Drama:

I haven’t seen many remarkable female characters in Nolan films that play the leads, except for Interstellar. Therefore, if there is a way to get rid of that chink on his armor, the only way to do it makes a Women-Centric Drama. His films have women roles who are strong, bold and around whom the stories might revolve but they don’t pretty much become the leads. For example, he made Murphy in Interstellar where she grows into a woman and then a lady and an elder woman who waits for his father. As the women-centric movies are doing exceptionally good at the box office, it is only viable that he make a movie that has a lot of women in it. Emma, his collaborator, and film partner has the potential to drag him in this direction. While we still are waiting for his official announcement, his movie is going to be released in 2020.

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