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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix Review – Wicked and Weird

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Netflix has been coming up with some really interesting adventures in the name of series and movies. They have recently come up with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina which has come to grab the attention of the teenagers. This show justifies its existence right in the second episode as it begins with a conversation between cultural norms and religious rituals. The plus point of this show is that it has a very rather very interesting contentious argument that is for a Teenage TV show. Sabrina Spellman, played by Kiernan Shipka is our heroine who on her 16th birthday is introduced to new twists and turns in her life.  She is taken to the priest by her aunts Zelda and Hilda only to get revealed that she’s a witch. The priest, Father Faustus tries to eliminate some of the concerns about baptism by assuring her the eternal service that she’s making to the lord. All the elements in here are pretty symbolic and will ensure you that she is not going to hell after she dies. However, the twist in this show is that the Lord who is in the question is no one but Satan himself. Just like Riverdale, Sabrina is another wild and improved imagination of Archie Universe where Sabrina has to drop the concepts and the characters from the old and beloved Americana in an incompatible genre. Unlike Riverdale which can be termed as a high school soap opera crossing with film noir, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an adolescent melodrama which is mixed with occult horror. Both of these shows are extremely overseen by the writer-director Roberto Aguirre Sacasa that his association with Archie has been dated way back to 2003.

Young visitors can visit Chilling Adventures’ of Sabrina and it represents the minutiae of two pop-culture franchises: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Harry Potter. Like Harry, Sabrina has to endure her destiny in the difficult arcane while offering her the rites of the passage. Her parents have dealt a wide range of destiny and fortune which bent things for her while guiding her through the world. The look of Sabrina is inspired by the horror movies that the heroine loves to watch. Her character introduction is done in an excellent way that you’ll be convinced that she’s just a 16 year old who loves to watch things. Lee Toland Kreiger has directed the first two episodes in order to set the tone by filling the screen with spooky as well as beautiful images. There are many maze-like tunnels full of flora and fauna in this series as well. Harkening to the supernatural thrillers, these series represent movies like Rosemary’s baby as well. Chilling Adventures has a wide range of demonic eroticism involved in the movie that the idea of choosing the evil also means that someone is opting for hedonism in a peculiar way. The difference between the horror forebears and the series say that Satanism is nothing but an alluring thing. It is the only thing that Sabrina has known for days and days. The series has been drilled with 13 commandments where she sat through the boring services with smelly candles and as well as hymns like other kids. She has heard of hundreds and hundreds of snide comments from parishioners and priests near the Catholic church. It also has many biased stories that are based on this false God.

Aguirre Sacasa and her company have clearly enjoyed the shock value of Aunt Hilda, the old aunt who casually kept saying, ‘Praise Satan!’.The show manages to display the grimness of the church rituals involving cannibalism as well as sacrifice. Throughout the series, it has been suggested strongly that Father Faustus has a way of living and he wants Sabrina to follow it. Irrespective of what he’s saying; Sabrina has to pledge her body to this Dark Lord because of the situations. This is not just a metaphor but the actual process involved in it. The point of all of it goes beyond the audience being in shock repetitively. They not only manage to draw comparisons between different religious fanaticism. Some rituals in this show are completely useless that you find them not just alarming but immensely gross. If there is anything weird in Sabrina, it’s the religion that stands for all kinds of fervent beliefs. A social cause, a political affiliation, a bigotry or a sports fandom; all of these things creating an impact. Many charismatic leaders of various moments paint themselves on the religious side, that things might seem a bit righteous with legitimate criticism. According to the priests, Satanism is about having a free will while people think that it is evil. It is not very different from other politicians who defend a lot of discrimination against the LGBTQ customers on religious freedom grounds. People who rail against the government overreach the beauty market when it comes to taxes but doesn’t care when it is about cops who shoot innocent citizens in the name of the crime.

Just like Riverdale, Sabrina is another wild imagination of the movie that exists in Archie comic universe. It drops the concepts and characters from the old Americana into a totally incompatible genre altogether.  The title of the movie has been a massive hit that Aguirre Sacasa has become the chief officer for the Archie Comics, helping the spearhead people do a revamp of the whole line. It eventually led us to the CW series, Riverdale which is even more realistic than Sabrina. However, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is soul-filling, adventurous TV version, which has been intended to be a spinoff before it got shifted to Netflix. Sabrina Spellman has been a character which is dated back to 1960, where she appeared with various titles that supplement the regular teenage hijinks with own romantic drama and sprinkles of witchcraft as well.  In the era full of magic dusted sitcoms like I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched and My Favorite Martia; it did not take long for Sabrina to get her own book and her own cartoon. Sabrina has become extremely popular back in the 1990s, when a live-action sitcom has come into the picture in ABC with the same name, as a popular teen witch. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina doesn’t toss the earlier iterations of Sabrina. She is still shown as the teenage orphan who has a witch father and a human mother in picture. However, she’s aging into her legacy while being devoted to her human boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle. Shipka who is best known for growing on Mad Men has been playing the role of Don Draper’s daughter and is extraordinary in that role emphasizing on Sabrina’s compassion and intelligence. She stands up to rallies and bullies behind her friends who are a misfit with her witchcraft.

The bones of Sabrina that we have seen in 1960 are still present here. Thanks to the heavy retro pop and rock soundtrack, the show echoes 80’s high school rom-coms where the underdogs overcome the pranks as well as the insults and pranks of the popular kids to find love and companionship. The most radical element about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is that it is hard to lean to the supernatural elements of the comics because of the new façade that has to be put. The new series focuses on the witchy aunts that Sabrina have, who rather gleam with dark and demeaning personalities that have been amplified from them. Their presence is immensely benign and you can’t help but notice their presence on the screen. Lucy Davis excels in playing the role of Aunt Hilda, a bumbler with prodigious powers who has been underestimated her whole life while Miranda Otto plays Aunt Zelda, a sinister schemer who gets angry at her sister that she kills her directly. The wrinkle that is constantly shown in the series is like an homage to Cain and Abel, who is also hosting the DC comics anthology known as the House of Mystery. They’re extremely known for the revival of the character in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. They are also locked in the cycle of sibling rebirth and murder. Both the aunts are extremely active in the Church of the Night as they urge Sabrina to transfer her from the Baxter High to what they call as the Academy of Unseen Arts, headed by Father Faustus. The institution, on the other hand, is ruled by powerful mean girls, titled as the Weird Sisters.

Thanks to the amusing visual style of the series, the performances and the disciplined approach of the narrative balanced itself with long arcs full of episodic storytelling. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a show which overcomes with many flaws that we usually see in the modern TV dramas. The individual chapters of the show are long and the plotting highly relies on the teases and hints of what to come! The show provides simple resolutions for many problems as Sabrina along with her friends confront a lot of things from the hazing dangers to the obnoxious jocks in the end not to mention the heavy resurrection, the exorcism, and the other witchy stuff. At the end of season one, we can see 10 episodes in which Sabrina as a character stands out in all of them. Based on the sly commentary and the situational sense of right and wrong, the series replaces few religious words with twists and Satan standing in the picture. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina asks the viewers to consider the ideologies that they cling to the plot where things are determined by all the accidents of circumstances and birth. It is a clever gambit that the show plays for you, in an extremely wicked way.

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