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Captain Marvel Scene Description – Starforce Mission and Planet Torfa

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We all have been teased by Captain Marvel’s presence in the Avengers:  Infinity war. However, most of us are not convinced by Brei Larson being cast as Captain Marvel. After seeing Gal Gadot and her beauty charm, Brei Larson seems to be less pretty and less fierceful. But, hey, let’s not judge. Brie Larson has been nominated for the Academy Awards for her movie Room (2015) under the Best Actress category and her performance in the movie will speak about her. The latest glimpses of Captain Marvel have been released where she is shown to lead the Starforce mission on planet Torfa. According to the MCU (The Marvel Cinematic Universe); all the eyes are now on the Captain Marvel movie given the ending. Everyone is excited to know her background, her powers and whether she would be capable enough to kill Thanos.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel is probably the first female-oriented movie where the woman leads the entire crew. While we have seen Black Widow and Wanda; there are no individual films that are made on them to talk about their background. The released images contain a lot of details like Danvers are not earthly human beings. Captain Marvel is indeed a part of the Kree military team, titled as Starforce. This team has been the focus of her movie, as they also unveiled the cast and the lineup of the team. Jude Law is going to lead the team, while her character name is not yet revealed; with Captian Marvel being physically in charge of the team.

We also can see familiar faces of Lee Pace, playing the Ronan; Djimon Hounsou, playing the Korath. These new characters can undoubtedly add new elements to the movie as they come on a mission. Captain Marvel has been confronted with a major issue where the fans started adding information with several fanfics. The freshman has shared a photo from the issue with the scene description directly from the set. The scene is being filmed in California, while it originally belongs to planet Torfa. This planet is visited by the team as a part of the mission, where things get messed up. Fog clouds their view and the communicators get messed up interrupting their search for the spy. Despite the critical situations, Carol leaps into action when Jude Law gives her a hint.

There’s nothing much you can get from the scene except how exciting it is that Captian Marvel is going to have intuitive elements. The fans are eagerly waiting for the first trailer hoping that there will be a lot of action scenes. The identity of the spy is not yet clear and the Marvel yet has to show us how Nick Fury knows Captain Marvel. Rumors have that there is a potential threat from Skrulls in this movie and therefore, I bet planet Torfa is going to bring a lot of new elements. Let’s just hope that the trailer will give us some exquisite footage scenes so that our heart keeps burning for more Marvel action.

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