Captain Marvel plays fitting tribute to Stan Lee – Thank you Stan

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Captain Marvel has whizzed to the theatres on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, which is March 8, 2019. The film has a lot of scenes that will tear you up making it an interesting tribute to Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel Universe. As we all know Stan Lee has created the Marvel comics and became responsible for their success with engaging arcs and story lines. The first thing that you will see in the movie is how Captain Marvel shows her respect to the legend, right in the opening sequence itself. Even though, Brie Larson has not worked with him or known him before I’m sure that she is one of us, who is amazed by the things that he has been doing. Marvel fans, by now are aware of the opening sequences in their films which follow a very formulaic beginning. In the movie, we are shown a footage of MCU which play within the logo that usually says ‘Marvel Studios’. But instead in this film, it is shown ‘Marvel Stud10s’. Also, unlike the footage reels that usually get played, Marvel has decided to shake the things with Captain Marvel by only playing Stan Lee’s cameos making us nostalgic of the man and his amazing performances. Once the sequence is over, the screen directly goes blank and is shown a heartfelt message that says, ‘Thank you, Stan’.

Jogging your memory, Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel Comics has passed away on November 12th last year, at 95. While he has had a very natural death, Captain Marvel is the first MCU film that is going to be released after his death. So, it is pretty obvious that the franchise will pay a tribute celebrating his legacy. They did not disappoint us with this in the movie, and we are flooded with emotions as we are exposed to the footage with many cameo roles that Lee has played. Through the roles, we are reminded of his funny and active roles that have been played, as his genius self. During this emotional ride, we only get subjected to despair imagining that we only have a couple of cameos at max where we will have the golden opportunity of witnessing him on the screen before he turns into a memory.

Its not only the tribute that you will find Lee in, but there is also his famous traditional cameo in the movie and people argue that its one of the best that he has given. People who have not watched the film have also caught the scene where Lee appears, by just watching the trailer. The scene which has been repeated again and again in the trailer where Captain Marvel follows a human on the subway, who basically a Shape Shifting Skrull disguised as an old woman has him. Lee is shown to be riding in the same train while he is seated with the ‘Mallrats’ script practicing the line ‘Trust me. Trust believer’ under the breath. All the movie lovers will love this reference as ‘Mallrats’ came out back in 1995, the same time when Captain Marvel is shown to be set. Further, it is also the first cameo that was actually designed for the fans and to the fan culture surrounding this legend. Lee reading the script is a meta reference to the cameo which set the tradition of Lee’s cameos in all the MCU short films as a tribute to the creators. My hand is just standing up as I write this.

A thing that I want to tell the fans is that it is not the last cameo and we can see more of Stan Lee in the next film. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios has confirmed that Lee had shot a couple of other cameos altogether before he died and therefore, he will appear in the upcoming MCU films including Captain Marvel and Avengers End Game as well. Avengers End Game is going to be released on April 26, 2019 and it is said that Lee’s cameo plays a fitting and pivotal role as it also marks an end to the era of the contemporary Marvel films. All the Marvel films have been built in an organized way leading to this climax from the beginning which is why Stan Lee will appear from Spider-Man: Far From Home which will arrive in July, 2019. This film is going to mark a new phase of Marvel films.


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