Best Tripping Movies – Movies that you can Smoke/Drink to!

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As much as I know that writing this stuff might seem a little offbeat, but who would do justice to that fat bag of green, those shrooms or that large bottle of alcohol sitting in the corner just for you? The first thing that we do after getting our substance of choice is to look for some music and songs, which we can accord with. With the group of people around, there will come times where you might as well want to watch a movie so intricate that you end up performing keg stands, bringing the fool outside or laughing at the top of your lungs. Usually, the high of substance abuse only last for few minutes and when things start to die, all of us want to lie down and enjoy what actually is happening. While your first option is to throw some music in which indeed is a great choice, these times are even ideal for catching a good movie that can scratch your tripping balls. So, here’s a full list of Best Tripping Movies that you can smoke/drink to. Have a look!

List of Best Tripping Movies that you can smoke/drink to – which you should not miss at any cost:

#1 The Holy Mountain (1973): Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, the Holy Mountain is released back in 1972. The movie starts in a mysterious place where the Alchemist, a shaman figure undresses a set of blonde twins and then removes their fingernails, shave their heads and gets rid of their fake jewelry. The movie then starts getting weird.  Incoherent, rambling and dazzling, this movie is a satire on the militarism, consumerism and as well as the exploitation of the third world country cultures. A scandal during the release, the movie is nothing less than a daydream which makes you hallucinogenic throughout and you would definitely feel disgusted and trippy at few points. The narrative initially follows a Christ character, a thief who’s is covered in flies and who is marinating his urine in a dusty street. He is then resurrected by a gang of naked people and a limbed dwarf. He’s the shown wandering in the city observing the modern life including the soldiers, the protesters, the massacre and also the Aztec pyramids, costumed lizards. The second half of the movie contains the thief joining the emblematic figures belonging to the Alchemist who is on the verge of becoming the immortals. The movie contains drugs, other unnatural habits and is a top-notch among the Best Tripping Movies.

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#2 Pineapple Express (2008):

I appreciate there not being a paywall: it is more democratic for the media to be available for all and not a commodity to be purchased by a few. I’m happy to make a contribution so others with less means still have access to information.Thomasine F-R.

The news of a remaking the Freebie and the Bean excited people more, during 2008. This movie is directed by Terrence Malick and is indeed the best laughing movie you can find on the list of Best Tripping Movies. David Gordon Green, who is known as the poet of the cinema is the last person you would expect t direct a male comedy about two youngsters. Being potheads, they accidentally stumble and then start a drug war but however, after watching the film you will know that he has done a good job even in directing the mainstream films. Pineapple Express, as a movie has all the elements that one can expect from a tripping movie coming from the drug abuse, the formidable fights, the sexual desires, the male bonding, the verbal scatology, the gunfire explosions and well, everything. Pineapple Express is the best quality movie and with the material worth the treatment it has been given making it the best druggie comedy. Imagine what if Stanley Kubrick has made a porn film? Give the thought, a moment. How perfect would that be? Well, this movie is nothing less and you’re going to have a greaaaaaat time!

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#3 The Thief of Bagdad (1940): This 1940 movie is one of the classic retro movies among the list of Best Tripping Movies. It not only lifts your spirit up but is indeed a technicolor movie which employs all the colors with boldness. The costumes are used to introduce the concept of the rainbow and as a result, all the elements of the movie including the romance, song, adventure embellished by the Miklos Rozsa make this movie a symphony. The movie had many directors and Alexander Korda, the producer has managed to leap from one horse into the other maintaining the spirit of storytelling. The story of the movie is based on “The Thief of Bagdad” (a 1924 film), written by Douglas Fairbanks. However, a major change between both the films is that; the previous film is silent and both the thief and the romantic lead is played by Fairbanks, himself. In 1940, there are two characters; The thief Abu, played by Sabu and then king Ahmad, played by John Justin. For both the dramatic reasons, this has become an invaluable change and as a result, the society accepted the movie more making it a standout among the list of Best Tripping Movies. In case if you’re looking for an ancient old film, this one is the perfect fit for you.

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#4 Brand upon the Brain! (2006): The movie takes place in an orphanage where you see the kids trying to earn their shelter through the sweat and the adults exchanging price on the savage of their souls. The orphanage contains a baroque entertainment juxtaposing the silent cinema and the one with sound waves. The film centers around a man who is visiting this newly emptied home and then who goes back to his childhood. Amidst the lies, secrets, open wounds and the monstrous narcissism of his parents, he discovers that something has ticked him between his mother’s miserable and frightening love and his father’s sadomasochism. His tricks of desire are triggered and as a result, the Brand Upon the Brain movie is equipped with live orchestra and foley artists, along with a narrator as well. While you will miss this gentleman while watching the film, the film definitely has an interesting plot which has the ability to grip your attention given how enormously huge it went even with the very limited releases and an Isabella Rossellini’s narration. Now, get the stash even more high with this twisted movie, this weekend. What are you waiting for?

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#5 Mr. Freedom (1969): The Clad starred and as well as striped regalia with the quarterback, Mr. Freedom is a movie which narrates the African-American dinner tradition during the 1960’s back in France. The movie contains an all-time high anti-freedom and therefore, it is one of the rebellious movies that you should watch. With the jingoistic lead in the picture who manages to either save of shoot the blacks, the reds, the maybes, the jews, the weirds and the don’t knows; the American cornflake breakfast sets him up to defeat the China Man and the Moujik Man. The William Klein’s clan satire, this movie sing freedom in the gospel over the images of lynching and sex shops. The movie is a pastiche that has been emerged out of the anti-war sentiment and despite all that the contemporary filmmaker has, he somehow managed to make this movie relevant. The underpinnings in the movie might come off as mainstream here and there but however, the superhero theme will save you from the routine. The movie has a mead headed protagonist and the world police who are trying to destruct and the most subtlety we receive is the anger and the inverted strikes with sloganeering; but however, if you’re looking to get trip to a movie, it will for sure help you get the job done.

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#6 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): If you have watched the “A Space Odyssey”, you will know how much genius Stanley Kubrick has put in it. A work of his artistry, this movie have come out to be confident but he did not include a single shot just to grab the attention. Each sense has been reduced to hold the truest essence and as it comes to the screen, you will only have adequate time to contemplate it and inhabit your imagination. Just like the other Sci-Fi movies, this movie is not only focused on thrilling but can inspire our thought process as well. Kubrick has originally got the score from Alex North but also used many of his recordings as the background tracks during the edit of the film. On a whole, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a movie that has a decent score which clearly underlines the scene actions while giving us the emotional cues as well. The movie has downs and also the uplifts which bring a transcendence and seriousness to the visuals that are incorporated. Most of us love to trip to Sci-Fi movies after getting high, and therefore this is the most feasible movie in the list of Best Tripping Movies that you will come across, to watch.

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#7 Speed Racer (2008): Evil is not a color to interpret and this is clearly conveyed in Wachowski brothers’ film “Speed Racer”. Given the video arcade touch, the movie tells you that there are few colors which you can trust, say Blue. The Black, White, Red, and Yellow have visible wavelengths and the Purple is something that you should be careful of. Speed Racer has a truckload of information which passes through your brain and as it is conveyed with optical design and other traditional elements like the characterization, the dialogue, the performance or the narrative. This movie has been inspired by the animated TV series, and therefore it can’t be conventionally defined as a feature film according to the standards. It is not a commercial film as well unless you consider the Dark Side of the Moon as the standard for this movie with lights, colors, shapes, motion as the money. There’s nothing really adventurous about this movie or the montage it contains, but because of the cut-up technique which has been included with scrambled digital clips, this movie seems like a perfectly pixelated confetti. The movie doesn’t make you feel that it belongs to the subversive group, but it does and this is why only the retro crowd will be considering to watch it.

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#8 Eraserhead (1977): David Lynch has suffered for six years in order to make this movie. The movie is made from the piffling grant offered by the American Film Institute and as a result, the movie has been made into surrealistic closeted body horror with a mind-blowing screenplay about it. Most part of the movie comes from a cultural landscape and irrespective of the cheesy pop horror artsy flicks, the movie rips the aesthetic out of the industrial decay. The movie remains original, powerful and at times disturbing as well. The central concept of the movie is about the boy-meets-girl with a mutant baby with soft repertoire squelches and the American Gothic where you can find the over panicky gestures, the horrible bobs and the think skins which together will give you the sexual disgust in a picture. The surprising element about the movie Jack Nance’s performance as a vexed father with grumpy delicacy in the picture. With the pens in the breast, the shock hair dos, the traditional props; this movie pushes you to the twilight zone but still stands out grotesque enough for your inevitable intoxication.

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#9 El Topo (1970): A man in black is shown riding the vast desert in Mexico with a naked child in a saddle. Three gunmen appear all of a sudden hiding and laughing, and then try to kill the child. The man initially places the child behind him and then gets into some trippy action. El Topo is a 1970 legendary film made by Alejandro Jodorowsky and can be listed as one of his lost films which only resurfaced after several years of release. The DVD version of the movie has been released in 2007 and ever since this film is known to receive immense fame. While the lone rider confronted by villains is not a new thing in the western countries, a naked child indeed is with transgression and danger in the picture. Jodorowsky succeeds in awakening that uneasiness and keeping it throughout the film. You can find some kind of incongruous and unexpected elements in the film as it informs us about the life of mole who has been digging tunnels to the sky and goes blind when the tunnels see the sun. This movie is entirely filled with metaphors and symbolism and these symbols, I tell you are not so obvious.

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#10 Yellow Submarine (1968): Yellow Submarine is released in the same year as Space Odyssey after the Summer of Love. However, the Woodstock has an impact on the movie with psychedelic art just emerging in the picture. People actually started reading papers that are printed in orange on the yellow papers. This movie is a perfect fit where the hippies and bohos would come looking for the tickets and some of them even mingle with the holders, just outside the theatres. A great movie during that time, it has had many people laying flat on their backs before the screens to observe the perspective and as a result, has managed to make a name in the audience. Also known as the head movie, this movie is a perfect fit when you’re stoned and the restored version will only make you realize about the time journey from the flower era and the fusion graphics. As cliche as it sounds for a 1960 movie, it appears like an eye candy on the screen but it contains the best music track from the Beatles. If you’re looking for a funny animation, this movie is a perfect fit for you given how it goes with the audio and the music.

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#11 The Shining (1980): Stanley Kubrick’s frightening and really disturbing, “The Shining” has us piss ourselves. It challenges us to know who is the real observer, whose events one should trust and whose perspective is right. The opening scene of the movie contains a job interview where the characters are sane and reliable but however, the dialogue has the same echoes that Kubrick’s previous movies contain. We then meet Jack Nicholson, the man who has taken the movie to next level and who plays the role of Jack Torrance. Jack, a struggling writer plans to be the winter caretaker for an isolated and snowbound hotel along with his son and wife but gets warned by the employer that the former caretaker has murdered the daughters, wife and then committed a suicide. Assuring that it will never happen with him, Jack says that he is actually delighted and fascinated by the things around him and that her wife is an addict of horror stories. However, the question comes into the picture when we talk about the real tragedies, whether the wife is actually fascinated or if he has told his wife about the incident or not. Accompanied by Danny, their son; three of them move into a hotel where the workers are shutting the hotel down and the journey takes you to a shivering plot which trips the hell out of you.

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#12 The Fountain: Darren Aronofsky has been a believer in making originals and therefore, each film he has made is nothing less than a gem. A new coming-of-age director as he is, the Fountain is one such movie that speaks about immortality way ahead of its time. It was released during the time when people started believing about superstitions. A tragedy enveloped with scientific fiction starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, this is a film with lavish caresses around it. The movie is designed as what it appears on the screen with a Kubrickian touch about it and various ambition levels. The movie can’t be simply explained to people unless until they have varied imaginations and extensions that would explain the imaginations through audiovisuals, happening in the contemporary world. A spaceman of the third millennium age floats in the cosmos in the form of a lotus chipping on a mysterious lake. A conquistador of 15th century grapples with the Mayans at the queen’s behest. Simultaneously, we see a neurologist experimenting with the surgical techniques to reduce the brain tumors who is a writer, and who died by composing a novel of Mayan’s life in a marble notebook. This notebook is known as the Fountain and later she accepts her death and tries to live in the present with her man but however, there will a grief in the male who tries to unfold a lot more things.
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#13 Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964): The key to the survival in the new terrain is the key to create a thriller. With a natural fascination, this movie has a plot that ensures the fandom of Robinson Crusoe. Coupling it with science fiction, the movie is set in the new neighborhood with a theatre entry that says, “Robinson Crusoe on Mars”, turning the movie into a surprisingly good one. This clever tale follows the story of Daniel Defoe with an outdated fidelity. The movie has an introduction of Friday and then takes us through the neurotic dreams of the lonely hero. However, the only difference in this movie is that all of them happen in the space, giving you an unexpected and a fresh perspective particularly with the planetary elements being handled with the innovation in the picture. Crediting the infamous Byron Haskin, this movie gives you unexplained results and his setting of Mars takes a genuine look at it. The adventures of the pilot give you an enjoyable result in this movie as he tries to find the oxygen, manufacture fire from the stones, uncover the water and then find a plant that has edible verisimilitude for food. The mechanics of the plot are left stupidly unexplainable and with a menacing enemy in the picture to materialize; the film tries to avoid the literalness with expert fiction trying to bring a calmer approach.

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#14 Last year at Marienbad (1961): Last Year at Marienbad is a feature film, the second one directed by Alain Resnais in 1961. The film contains frozen romanticism where a story of the man and a woman, both of them meet at the castle. The movie suggests that the couple might not have been the same in the previous year, but this is not the odd element in the filmography. The movie has a glossy, psychologically repressed intrigue that contains oppressive and ornate settings with different themes, angles that we actually don’t notice. This movie shares a great share of resemblance with his first film “Hiroshima Mon Amour” back in 1959, a text written by Marguerite Duras. Looking at the legacy of the 2nd World War, this movie is shown through the paradigm of love shared between a Japanese man with a French woman with the context setting in Japan. This movie is followed by Muriel, his third feature film in 1963 written by Jean Cayrol. Three of these films make a trilogy where the third one confronts the far taking place in France with colonialism in the picture through the paradigm of a family containing a dysfunctional romance and is set in Boulogne-sur-Mer city.

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#15 Repulsion (1964): An absolute knockout, this psychological horror is written by Roman Polanski and is written in the English language. The movie is British made from the French version and in case if you’re planning to watch the movie, be prepared to self-demolished. It is one of those movies that carried the buzz while it got released and to miss it, it is even worse than missing the finest Alfred Hitchcock’s movie if at all you have a liking for that sort of movies. Just a tale of countless horrors, this movie talks about a beautiful French girl repressed of sex, living in London from a mental state woe, diminishing into a stage of madness. The movie pushes us to a darker extremity happening in a lonely hidden apartment. This movie is a haunting collaboration of a tragedy and is a perfect recipe for noticing the special sound technique. Roman Polanski has been a younger director who made the film, Knife in the Water before this. Through this movie, he has managed to prove the ability to expose and his ability to penetrate into the subconscious mind of the aliens by taking us through the murky chambers of their brains and thoughts.

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#16 AntiChrist (2009): The explicit scenes in this film contain genital mutilation and that explains the entire movie for you. Lars von Trier has managed to scandalize the entire Cannes with this movie. This provocative and utterly disturbing movie has the mission statement of showing everything that comes under the category, “Antichrist”. At the film festival, it has been unveiled and in the start, the audience laughed at the movie. However, over the years the scenes grew so gross that the international press tried to explain the antics of this movie. Dane has been a man who actually dumbed his prize once in the dustbin and who dragged the infamous Nicole Kidman through the Dogville wringer encouraging the outrage hoots. He also has won the Palme d’Or for the Dancer in the Dark, and did not care for it.And yet nothing will prepare you for this film. The Antichrist opens with the death of a child and with a blaze of sex. The movie has the introduction where a kid topples from the window and drowns into the below cannon. Bedeviled by the parents, guilt; this movie is actually a retreat as it takes you to a different clueless world altogether.

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#17 Sweet Movie (1974): Sweet Movie is the concentrated work that you can find from the director and it follows the idea of assessing the state of this physical world. The movie shows you the taste of the cinema with a modality, consigned with aesthetic purposes and orthodox epistemologists as well and therefore it is up to you to decide what this movie does for you, how it tastes and whether you will find this movie disgusting or incomprehensible. The film tries to extract hope and also claims to explain you the life after the birth and also before the birth. Therefore, not everyone is capable of understanding the disgust of the movie and the revolted ness and of the revulsion in which we might purge and drown ourselves. The movie is nothing less than a purgatory to people and therefore given the fight for acquiring the freedom and the cry of nature; you should definitely watch this film as it provides various insights. Make sure that you’re open to a lot of things by watching this movie because it sure contains some really unwelcoming elements in the picture. Grab some popcorn and sit and watch to enjoy this grotesque of the movie.

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#18 The Adventure of Baron Munchausen (1988): Visually, the movie is sumptuous and with this, you can justify the entire Gilliam films. The film opens with a shot of what looks like a bay in the Mediterranean city and then it takes you to the decorated blowing cannon outlook of the same with practical effects. As the title says, initially you will think that the movie has been dangerous and for a while, you will even believe so but with the frames passing by, you will know this is the primary foundation for all Gillian’s films and you can also see it in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The movie starts slowly with a play playing in the film and it then takes you to a set up where you will find the vignettes with an exploration of the detailed city right from the siege by the bureaucrats to the Napoleon sections to the Bandit culture. This movie is known really to show you the adventure and the theatre company has been putting a production of the infamous Baron Munchausen for the Baron to actually turn up and interrupt the performance, taking things to a whole new level with unpredictability.

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#19 Un Chien Andalou (1929): Sensual, subversive and as well as shocking, this movie is surreal an is short. Made by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel during 1928, this movie is a masterpiece when we talk about provocation. Arguably being the only film which is full of anarchy, the cinema has many anti-rational elements that are inadmissible and unthinkable in normal life. This movie contains many unhealthy elements say a cloud drifting across the moon, a razor slicing the eyeball of a woman, a grand piano tied to a dead cattle and dragged in a sitting room, a man’s hand and mouth transforming to armpit hair and what not. These hilarious and utterly disquieting images make the celluloid complete. Foucault has managed to write the Chinese encyclopedia with the bizarre classifications as well with the stark impossibility as well and the images in this picture will not only make you laugh but also make you feel disgusted as well. There are hilarious moments in this bizarre revelation of the woman and a man and their opposite powers in the state and the church. The film is chaotic, wild and it has been acting as the starting point, the great ancestor of the underground movies ever since.

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#20 The face of Another (1966): Like all the other works of Teshigahara, Face of Another is just another film based on the story by Kobo Abe, one among the four string films from the 1960 directors. This movie has been translated into a big hit because the writer and the director have worked together. Though all the novels of Abe have been translated into English from Japanese, he’s known best for his short stories and the face of Another is one among the If someone has read his anthology titled as “Beyond the Curve” they would know the allegorical, the cryptic and the solipsistic style of the director who doesn’t just adapt the movies from the novel but changes the screenplay. However, as he collaborated with Teshigahara, his works turn exotic. The film entirely focuses on the traffic accident that leaves Mr. Okuyama unharmed but devoid him of his own identity by altering his relationships with people in his sphere. He sits in the marital home’s armchair with his face bandaged entirely like an invisible man and his fidgety and raised wife who is now not able to read the expressions as he turns blue.

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That being said, here’s a list of Best Trippy Movies for you so that you can choose one among the best and smoke/drink to them. All of these movies are exceptionally brilliant and you can’t just miss watching out any of these. Make sure you bookmark these movies and watch them one by one each time you got high.











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