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Best Terrorism Movies of all Time – Romanticizing the Rebellious Groups

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This world is no longer peaceful. We are living in extremely turbulent times where there is abundant cross-fire in the world. People are being segregated into different categories based on region, religion, race, caste, creed etc. After forming groups, they are vested with various beliefs that are making outstanding views. The peace settlements, on the other hand, are met with blatant rebukes and as a result, people are killing each other. We have been seeing a lot of violence across the world in the recent times and the main reason behind them is Terrorism.

Terrorism is known to keep the man awake while turning him into a pawn. For example, if people are the soldiers in chess; terrorists are the ones who are provoking their moves from time to time. Handled by bigger bodies, Terrorism has become one of those crude elements existing in the country. There are few filmmakers who are concerned about it and who tried to invest it in their films, from time to time. These few directors have taken this subject as the key element of their movies and started exploring the romanticism around it with various narratives. While most of them excelled in storytelling, few tried to give us direct messages. Each of the films that have been listed here has a definition on its own, which is why you should watch these best Terrorism Movies.

List of Best Terrorism Movies:

#1 The Battle of Algiers (1966):

Each of the historic events that happened is known to have two sides to it. While the man who is concocting has his own truth, the other person with different philosophies will look at the story from a different view. When this story is passed on to the next generation, the truth becomes polluted and altered. So, we should appreciate films for showing us another side of the story that we have popularly known. The Battle of Algiers (1996) is one such movie, directed by Gillo Pontecorvo. It has set a major benchmark for all the directors who wanted to touch the subject of history/violence. The film is well-written and well directed, but the uniqueness of it lies in the way it has been told. This masterpiece will never give you any stances and indeed it never admits the superiority of one person over the other. Approaching both the sides, it shows us both reasons and flows on the same note. Most of the audience sympathize with the offenders/terrorists in the story because they are shown to fight for their own freedom. However, this sympathy is then imparted when these Algerians try to bombard the French people by killing the innocents. Further, the French try to counter-act with their own reasons questioning the ethics of the Algerians. Shuffling between the dual conundrum, the biopic becomes realistic because of the war drama that is involved in it. A war film, lover? It is a must watch.

#2 Zero Dark Thirty (2012):

As the title says, this is one of the darkest movies that I have watched. The movie has the story of the world’s dangerous man as he goes on the manhunt. The story holds the greatest history and definitely not a bed-time watch. It is heroic, yet gruesome and proves that violence is in everyone’s head. The movie shows America’s resilience towards the person who has destroyed their nation. On the intent of taking revenge, they offer a world threat just after the cold war. Katherine Bigelow succeeds in telling us this narrative without a flaw. However, we are shown the fictional point and therefore, the US intelligence is exaggerated in a grisly way. They go on a mission to seek the truth and to find the man who had tormented them, mentally and as well as physically. After her first film, ‘The Hurt Locker’, Katherine succeeds in striking with a spectacular pathos which is why most of the audience gets connected to it. In this film, she displays a journey of 10 total years and marks the end of the world’s most hated human. The 10-year journey of the movie is beautifully depicted through the paradigm of a CIA Analyst, Maya. Not only is she handsome, eager but she has joined the force as well with a single goal in his mind. The pursuit of Osama Bin Laden is his only goal as he tries to capture the man. The film doesn’t only show the efforts, but it also symbolizes all the changes in the mindsets of the officials with the events happening. Jessica Christian, a marvel succeeds in displaying the depth of the character as if she is born to do it. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, can actually be said as the movie of the decade if you’re into the action genre.

#3 United 93 (2006):

September 9/11 is a vivid date in the history. The attacks that are happened in 20001, are notorious and many have tried to document it over the time. Apart from the collapse of the World Trade Centres of New York, there is a different story beneath the attack. There are a bunch of nefarious terrorists with hiked spirit to put the challenge on the desk. When the 93 passenger plane has been hijacked, it was forced to aim at the Trade Centres, at the US Capital. Paul Greengrass has managed to use the last minute in order to send this message to the passengers. The film has a screenplay where the soldiers are strapped and tried to fight the country to prevent this attack from happening. The screenplay of the movie is written in an interesting way honoring these people and the importance of the patriotism. The danger in this movie has been painted so beautifully depicting the fear of death. It is only after a while, we realize that it is important to fight for the country despite the scale of it. The challenges in this movie throttle the might of the soldiers. A chilling story, full of facts; the audience will stand on feet and clap at several moments of the film.

#4 The Dark Knight (2008):

The Dark Knight is one of the most beautiful films that I have watched in my life. The second installment of the Batman Trilogy, ‘The Dark Knight’ is also one of the best movies, directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie has a tinge of Nolan mark but it keeps the story active and live. This movie is an absolute masterpiece full of human psychology showing the contrast through two important characters. The movie has Batman, as the knight and Joker, as the anarchist on the two extreme sides of the psychological scale. Joker, in this film, wants nothing but the end of the world as he loves to watch it burn. In order to make things difficult, he provokes the citizens and fights to promote the chaos. However, the interesting thing about this character is that he has rigid principles that help him take a stand on a particular thing. The credit of elevating this character goes to Heath Ledger, who has managed to mark a scar on our brains with the character. Joker is an example of modern terrorism and his provoking of humans is depicted beautifully through the DC comics. The transformation of them into representatives of violence is nothing but a case study of the psychological behavioral patterns. Shot with iconic monologues, scenes and moments; the Dark Knight also manages to view the common man in a particular fashion. Sandwiched between two beautiful characters, their willingness and unwillingness are beautifully displayed. While one of them represents the light, the other represents the darkness. Hans Zimmer added the music to highlight the emotions. Altogether, it is a beautiful re-watch.

#5 Paradise Now (2005):

Most of the films that are listed on this list focus on the bloodshed and the raw action, but this movie is different. The director is the one who should be credited for the movie. Hany Abu-Assad, the Palestinian filmmaker decides to take us on a different journey while writing this script. The plot of the movie is about two bombers from Palestine who wants to bomb Tel Aviv. This film is a documentary because both of these people are suicide bombers who are troubled souls. As a result, they want to sacrifice their lives with a stay in Paradise. The movie will not take you through the high tension, but it looks into your eyes while telling the bitter truth. There is a pain behind the sacrifice, selfishness behind the perpetrator and the everlasting friendship and compassion as well. After watching the movie, there is only one thing that comes into the picture, ‘Who are the terrorists? The people who are provoked to bomb or the people who made them terrorists?’. Winning global accolades, we are also shown the hurdles that the terrorists actually handle. While the film is underrated, it is also a benchmark for the Palestinian cinema. After this cinema, the industry has come with excellent movies with different narratives. If you’re one of those people who love dramas full of violence, this movie is exclusively for you.

#6 Die Hard (1988):

Asking a guy, what’s his favorite movie is; have become a sin. Die Hard is an action movie that you will not miss and which is why people who quote it as a favorite movie think they are tough. However, this movie doesn’t need any introduction, if you’re a movie lover. It is regarded as one of the best movies of all time, and the casting of Alan Rickman and Bruce Wills make it even better than it already is. The movie contains the story of German terrorists who want to take the office block in Los Angeles, after watching the Inferno. The plot has been written in a way that has a thrill, suspense, and action in equal terms. Involved with a few hardcore terrorists, the action sequences of the movie are beautifully choreographed with chilling elements. The music produced by Michael Kamen will make you skip a beat, adding to the brilliance of the movie. It is with this movie, Bruce Wills has been converted from a comedian actor to an action star over the night. Alan Rickman also has managed to command his villain career in the Hollywood. The movie has been a tremendous hit throughout the decade and even now, most of the movies lover consider it as an amazing movie.

#7 Munich (2005):

I personally love Munich as one of the best Terrorism Movies, which is why it is included in the list. Based on the real event tilted as ’Operation Wrath of God’, the movie has managed to bring some real vibes to the plot. The story of Munich revolves around an Israel who gets assigned on a vengeance mission post the Munich Olympics attack. The Palestinians are blamed for this attack that happened on the Olympics, held in 1972. Munich is an excellent thriller drama, made by some fine hands. The reason why this movie has excelled is that of Steven Spielberg. Known for his action movies, he weaves the plot following the capture and the murder of Black September, a terrorist organization. These people are responsible for the massive massacre at the Munich Olympics. Just like all the terrorist movies, this movie also has suspense and persistent tension about the murders. However, it also is an eye opener because it questions the humanity, the morality and the basic questions on how things should be viewed differently. Each character in this movie is written in a unique way with different personalities while tying the audience to tenterhooks. The original music of the film is given by John Williams, who made sure it to be haunting which is why it also received the Academy Award nomination. The degradation of the souls happens a lot in the vengeance while being depicted by Avner Kaufman, the agent. The cast of the movie includes Daniel Craig, Eric Bana and others who all managed to give exemplary performances. Munich also managed to receive positive reviews even if it turned out to be less grossing. It is definitely one of the best movies made by the talisman.

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