Top 15 Best Multiple Personality Disorder Movies to Shock You

Top 15 Best Multiple Personality Disorder Movies to Shock You
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Multiple personality disorder (MPD), is one of the interesting elements that is often explored in movies. It is also known as Dissociative identity disorder, which is characterized by distinct, relative yet enduring identities. It has dissociated personality states as well which keeps things clear the picture. If we observe the history of mental disorders, it is an acute condition which requires constant looking after. MPD has a flammable nature that can result in a lot of eccentricities when it is put in right content. It is also used to yield greater results in people allowing them to their stories which are eviscerating. The MPD stories have a non-linear storytelling process which gives birth to many filming techniques as well. Hollywood has seen many carnations of this disorder present on the screen, out of which some stood around head and shoulders above others.

Not just because of the cinematography, the direction also play an important role in exploring these ocean deep characters and the outstanding performances. The movies have stood far ahead of time and are considered as cult movies by people across the globe. This is why we have decided to document some of the movies in this article that are oriented about multiple personality disorder. Some of these movies are even present on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Some of them are Split personality disorder movies while some with delusion and disassociation. After watching Split, made by James McAvoy; people have started exploring this genre. In this movie, he has sported around 23 different personalities giving each personality, a different meaning. Night Shyamalan has raised the bar for these movies to the infinity with the upcoming stunner ‘Glass’, which is supposed to be a sequel for Split. Therefore, go through this list of Best Multiple Personality Disorder Movies and spend your weekend, being brainfucked!

List of Best Multiple Personality Disorder Movies:

#1 Secret Window (2004):

There is something really disturbing about Johnny Depp that you can’t help but notice. He appears weird both on the exterior and the same goes with his interior as well. Maybe it is because of his baritone or his chiseled looks; he fits in odd roles extraordinarily just like Helena Bonham Carter. Don’t they make an amusing bond? In this film, he has taken up the role of a struggling writer, Mort Rainey who is recently divorced. Facing the writer’s block, he is compelled to retreat himself in the cabin of woods. Things start taking a turn for the unknown writer when John Shooter confronts him for plagiarizing the story that he has a return. The further probing states that the latter claims are true, but only with a different ending. A large series of events follow his life when his dog gets killed by a screwdriver which takes a toll on his mental health. It is towards the last that Mort discovers that he’s the Shooter whenever he’s fainted or when he’s asleep, owing to MPD. The ending is indeed petrifying which is why I don’t want to spoil it for you given the core nature and the fitting finale of the movie.

#2 The Incredible Hulk (2008):

Don’t we all know about Dr. Bruce Banner and his alter ego? Thanks to the amazing gamma-ray experiment which has gone absurdly haywire that it has given him immortality, vitality and even strength. He has been turned into a rage monster who is not only furious but extremely enormous. He only knows an understands few things but doesn’t know what suits him and what doesn’t. Marvel has explored him through the series of movies in which Dr. Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo has learned to gain control over the appearance of Hulk as it pleases you. He claims that Hulk comes out when Dr. Banner is hesitant or angry, which practically means all the time. However in the latest advent ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, it is shown that Hulk is not listening to Dr. Banner anymore because of the conflict of interest in personalities. Regardless of everything, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ is an enviable and as well as likable character which feats on the strengths and weaknesses. It can either be a friend or a foe; considering the superpower as a major disorder.

#3 The Mask (1994):

It is a notable fact that there’s a lot to discover in this film called ‘The Mask’. One of the main reasons is that the multiple personality disorder in this movie is not caused by any exterior factor but rather the interior factor. The mask is responsible for changing the shy personality of Stanley into a wild green-faced trickster who loves pranks. This monster or say a trickster is friendly, extroverted and clearly outspoken. Switching between the nice guy versus the foul-mouthed person which forms the crux of the movie altogether. The film also propagates the talent of Jim Carre as an incredible actor and a potential star which is why it has been commended for the performances retaining the traits of the cartoon as well.

#4 Sisters (1973):

Gracie Collier is a reporter who has witnessed the murder across the street. However, to her resentment, it is shown that there are many racism accusations that are happening around the world. The police had turned out to be extremely unhelpful in her case and that much to her dismay, everything seems utterly normal. It is then Grace decides to join with the detectives in order to search Danielle and Dominique’s place. Danielle and Dominique are twin sisters who are living near her place to her surprise. However, when they go to search for the apartment Danielle reveals that she has been alone all the time. The detectives get convinced that Danielle is trying to conceal the murder for some reason and that the dead body is hidden in the apartment. Grace then uncovers that Dominique and Danielle are conjoined twins who have two different personalities. They are separated during an operation and Dominique has died in it while Danielle survived but Danielle now has an unknown personality of Dominique within her which is why she starts acting in an absurd way. Sisters are touted to be a big tribute to all the Alfred Hitchcock movies while keeping them right in the place.

#5 Manichitrathazhu (Eng: The Ornate Lock, 1993):

The Ornate Lock is made in many languages, notably in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi as Chandramukhi. Manichitrathazhu is the story of Ganga who moves to an ancestral home located in Madampalli, after marrying her husband Nakulan. Nakulan gifts this home to Ganga as a wedding gift given that she has no one. His family members are well aware of the haunted mansion which contains evil spirits of Nagavalli, a historical dancer. Nagavalli gets killed by the king after witnessing the murder of her lover because of the King’s interest in her. She then vows that she will kill the heirs of the family on the next Durga Ashtami. It is realized that Nakul is now the next heir of the family and this gets his relatives, worried. As the story starts progressing, Ganga gets involved with the folklore while suffering from the Multiple Personality Disorder by Nakulan’s friend, Dr. Sunny Joseph. Being a psychiatrist, he concludes that Ganga’s alter ego has been suppressed for so long that she is put to the top of the game. This movie is one of the cult classics in history and is considered to be greatest as well.

#5 The Three Faces of Eve (1957):

Eve White is not only a servile wife but also a doting mother who is suffering from blackouts. Because of that, she is made to visit the psychiatrist. In one of the sessions with the shrink, she lashes out and brings her another personality on the exterior. She is not only violent but is extremely outspoken surprising everyone. As a result, people call her Eve Black who is quite in contrast with the original personality. Eve White and Eve Black are two different persons who are not aware of each other’s existence just like in all the Best Multiple Personality Disorder Movies. It is after many incidents Eve White’s husband realize that Eve Black is real and that she is seeing some other man. As a result, he divorces Eve. Dr. Luther, her psychiatrist confirms that there’s another personality in Eve which is yet to come out but is definite. Eventually, it turns out that Eve is Jane, a stable and an amicable person who wants to mend ways with both of her alter egos, Eve White and Eve Black only to know that they don’t exist after a while. This film is a complete package with very interesting moments but is criticized for being too lengthy and literal.

#6 Waking Madison (2011):

Madison is a New Orleans resident who has various suicidal tendencies. In order to overcome her instability, she meets with Dr. Elizabethwho videotapes all of her patients. All the interviews are not only recorded but are also saved in her folder. During one of the interviews, Madison reveals to her shrink about her alter egos, while one of them is her and the rest are Alexis, Margaret, Grace, and a little girl. Madison meanders through the horrible past and realizes that she has done some really horrid things which are why she decides to lock herself up. In the apartment, she decides to videotape all the things that are happening inside. On the 30th day, it is realized that Madison goes out in order to meet the doctor and realizes it is her who has the DID and that she has been presenting herself as four different persons. Later it is revealed that Dr. Elizabeth is also one of the alter egos of Madison. Gritty and shocking towards the end, Waking Madison is an interesting watch.

#7 A Tale of Two Sisters (2003):

A Tale of Two Sisters is an interesting watch and the fact that it’s a Korean movie makes it even more interesting. The movie has the narrative of Su-mi, a psychosis patient. She goes back to her country home in order to meet her stepmother Eun-Joo and her younger sister Su-Yeon. Su-mi, after experiencing a nightmare discovers that Eun-Joo is nursing their mother during the last days and that her sister Su-Yeo is the subject of her torture. In an utter disbelief that Eun-Joo is not sharing a healthy relation with Su-Yeon, Su-mi has repetitive confrontations with Eun-Joo regarding her sister and it is revealed that only Su-mi and her father are living in the house. Both Su-Yeon and Eun-Joo are nothing but figments of her own imaginations that emerged from a dissociative identity disorder. After that Su-mi is transferred to the mental facility, we see many shocking details emerging that led her to the current situation. A Tale of Two Sisters has been remade in many languages. It is also regarded as one of the best South Korean films that are ever made!

#8 Frankie & Alice (2010):

This is a Canadian film with the outset and is entirely supposed to set around Frankie, a stripper at an LA club. On a girl’s night, Frankie agrees to go on a date with the bartender where they want to have sex but her alter ego takes the charge and attacks him violently. As a result, Frankie loses the job because of this extremely frantic episode. The same situation happens twice to Frankie’s dismay where she doesn’t realize what’s happening to her. As a result, she decides to visit the doctor for the therapy only to be revealed later that it is a part of her personality and that she has two personas out of which one is a 7-year-old kid while the other is a racist woman, called Alice. The entire movie is all about her phases of healing and her getting to know about her own personalities. While the flashback is set, it is revealed that Frankie is suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder and the major reason is her troubled childhood which has caused Frankie to heal slowly and become a normal person all over again. This might not be Halle Berry’s best movie but it is extremely praised for all of her efforts.

#9 Hide and Seek (2005):

David is a psychologist who lives with her daughter, Emily. Emily is only 9-year-old and both of them live in New York after the suicide of her mother. They try to cope up in their lives as father and daughter but David gets disturbed on knowing about Charlie, Emily’s friend whom she is playing with. After their cat dies in a mysterious way, David’s girlfriend also gets killed in the bathtub. His suspicion becomes strong when he becomes aggressive in knowing about Charlie’s whereabouts. It is revealed later that David has a multiple personality Disorder and that Charlie is his subconscious, violent self. The film is full of stellar cast, amazing storyline and the overall premise is silly, as claimed by critics.

#10 Me, Myself & Irene (2000):

Again Charlie is a police trooper who is extremely naïve in dealing with people. Most of the times, he’s bullied and taken advantage of, by the common people. On being ridiculed again and again because of the shyness, his wife leaves him saying that he’s of no worth. It is also revealed that she is having an affair with her ex-boyfriend and has given birth to three Afro-American boys. Charlie is respected by the sons but is ridiculed by the town. Because of the oppression, he gets under pressure and develops a split personality under the name, Hank. Hank is totally opposite to Charlie. He is violent, angry, he is furious and is extremely foul-mouthed. Charlie’s superior orders him to escort Irene, a hit-and-run convict to NYC from Rhode Island while being followed by Irene’s adversaries. They bond on the way while Charlie and Hank together take down the people who were following them. The film fared about average, only owing to Jim Carrey’s exceptional acting skills.

#11 Split (2016):

M Night Shyamalan can be tagged as one of the interesting directors of Hollywood because of his own taut and style. He has managed to amaze us with this tensed thriller which revolves around the kidnap of three teenage girls in the broad daylight. The movie’s focus is centralized on the protagonist. Kevin is a patient suffering from DID, and has around 23 personalities altogether. Each of the personality has something either dangerous or too peculiar for the captives. All of these personalities are majorly dominated by three, who connive to form the 24th personality, known as the Beast. His psychiatrist realized that there are now 24 personalities and the climax in which The Beast tries to kill everyone in the movie except for Casey makes the movie for me. This movie is a sequel to Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and is forming a context which gets revealed in the upcoming movie Glass. As an intense moviegoer, you will love this movie and can be put on the top of the list. This is one of James McAvoy’s brilliant performances as well in his whole life.

#12 Identity (2003):

At first, they are ten in people out of which one by one dies. And then there are no people at all. This film is a homage to Agatha Christie’s novel, ‘And then there were none’. If you’re a reader, you should also try reading this novel because it is not only interesting but pretty consuming as well. This movie manages to bring so many elements as a taut thriller with sizable subjects that want to dilute your narrative. The film succeeds in keeping the identity of the killer without revealing it until the end. It also features pretty impressive cast who has given inspiring performances. The strength of the movie lies in the eccentricity of it and is one of the greatest attempts with a treacherous climax.

#13 Mr Brooks (2007):

In this film, a bureaucrat is highly disguised as a serial killer. It all sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? It is because of the performance of Brooks’ that the movie has the cornerstone. Earl Brooks is a flourishing businessman who is adjudged as Man of the Year in Portland because of his immense achievements. He has an incredible fame in society and everyone loves him. However, behind those suits, wide grins, silk suits lies a violent serial killer who wants to target his next victim. Costner plays both the hero and as well as the anti-hero to perfect that you can clearly see the conflicted conscience in him. Earl Books is a tessellation full of bloodthirst and wicked charm. The mundane story, however, scares you as you pull back into the character.

#14 American Psycho (2000):

This movie can be said as a pagan of adaptability with Bale’s reversed roles playing towards the harrowing roles. Despite the few years, Patrick Bateman is a self-obsessed and successful investment banker hiding the psychopathic tendencies under the cloak of capitalism. The blithering serial killer kills and hangs the victims and is masqueraded with seasoned charm and dexterity by the lead through expensive restaurants, expensive suits, and dinners. His paranoia overcomes him and his descent into insanity starts at the point where he claims his cat’s life. The impending murders are bloody that it makes things uncomfortable yet exhilarating.

#15 Girl, Interrupted (1999):

Susana is one of the amazing roles that people will remember in the movies. Winona Ryder plays the lead role as a woman who is suffering from borderline personality disorder. She is joined in the mental facility. This movie is based on the real life of Susanna Kaysen, during her 18-month ordeal stay at the correction facility. The movie then progresses as Susanna meets several people at the institute, especially Lisa who is a sociopath. She keeps shunning her ways into the lives of other patients and leaves theirs without consuming any medicines. One day, Lisa and Susanna escapes from the mental institution and goes to Daisy, another patient who gets released from the facility. Lisa denigrates Daisy for her incestuous relationship with her father; Daisy commits suicide. Susanna and Lisa become adversaries over the period and maintains distance until she is released from the facility. This movie is commended for Jolie’s performance as Lisa, and this is one of the best book adaptions you can see.


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